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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: FIGHT LIKE APES – Canhead (Fifa) – An ode to fish and chips and a track from the brilliant Dublin band’s recent David Carradine Is A Bounty Hunter Who’s Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch EP  The band have just been confirmed as support on the Von Bondies UK tour that started yesterday and ends here in London at the Scala in Kings Cross – I think they’re just about the best band around right now –

3: DÄLEK – Heads (Ipecac) – Another slight return to a minute and bit long track from Dalek’s 2002 album of boundary pushing avant hip hop. You’ll find a new interview with the New Jersey MC up on the Organ web pages (and bites of it running with this month’s print version of Organ). Explore more Dälek here – or

4: DR SNAGGLEBERRY – Hitss (demo) - Another play from a brand new band from Oxfordshire and a demo that’s now been picked up by Crash Records and is set for download release on March 3rd – the band in deal in high octane Bungle-ised, Locust flavoured intense math metal – and now we’ve actually caught them live and oh yes, exciting new young band brewing up here, lots of small London shows coming up -

5: DIE DIE DENEUVE – The Wire (demo) – A new band to us, saw they were on a Noisestar bill (at the Buffalo Bar, Islington, 2nd March) and figured that was a good enough reason to go check them out. Three girls from deepest London with a rather tasty set of scratchy bite-size post-punkish songs – go explore and download it for yourself via

6: FOXY SHAZAM – Introducing Foxy Shazam (New Weathermen) – Track from the new album from the self proclaimed “Evil Knievel of Rock ‘n Roll” and some piano propelled chaos and screaming stunt-rock. Fractured garage soul and Turbonegro explosions and all face to face with a grizzly bear and Meat Loaf and various bats out of hell and give me friction baby – I like it! They’re a quartet from Cincinnati and there’s a bag load of screaming and piano abuse and jumping about and yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it is a messy job and someone’s got to do it. Tubes and Jerry Lee and big slices of soul and funk and cool looking artwork and yeeeeeeeesssssss again -

7: THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Storm Of Shit (Skin Graft) – A classic slice of chewy avant noise from one of the finest bands in the world. This is a piece of action from the Chicago free jazz sons of Satan’s 1996 album The Revenge of The Flying Luttenbachers – now that’s what we call radio friendly -

8: THE POP GROUP – We Are All Prostitutes (Mute) – For those of you who fell in to the BBC’s Ashes To Ashes time hole this week and were itching to hear this early 80’s slice of classic English Thatcher biting post punk properly.

9: STE McCABE – Huyton Scum (Cherryade) – Raging angry queercore punk from the North West of England and a track from Ste’s new Pink Bomb EP - his finest release to-date, his releases are always good – right back to the very home-made raw-as-hell Stephen Nancy demo days. “Manchester’s Queen of queer punk” heralded the Manchester Evening News – and how right they are – infectiously catchy ranting riot-boy punk pop and no hint of any compromise yet (we didn’t expect there would be!). Snarling sarcastic biting and homophobe baiting angry bite bite bite - “Pro-feminist, anti-church”. Angry pop music, not so angry that it isn’t fun though. He’s actually a Scouser, bit of a Holly Johnson voice (he’ll probably rage at us for saying that!), he’s got a missive chip on his shoulder – and we wouldn’t want it any other way, he’s a positive hero... and he’s got the sound and production nailed down just right now – a fine balance somewhere between raw lo-fi and  studio polish. – a one man ranting DIY queercore punk rock riot with a drum machine and a hint of Morrissey and a large slice of Buzzcocks or maybe a bit of Carter USM along with some Bikini kill/Vile Vile Creatures attitude and songs that just get inside your head and make you smile (well OK, they may not actually make you smile that much if you’re a Daily Express reading Tory homophobe or your name is Tommo). or

10: HERZOGA – Nice Car (We Like Danger) – Second single from the self-declared leaders of the Wrong Pop movement. Herzoga are from Stoke-On-Trent, this new single is due out tomorrow (Monday 18th). Edgy new wave post-punk angular pop flavours and a rather new and rather healthy DIY record label from Staffordshire - or

11: GALLHAMMER – Beyond The Hate Red (Peaceville) – A taste of one of the finest extreme death metal bands in the world right now, they have a dark moody avant-rock edge, they make for really hard-boiled listening, they’re from Japan, there’s three of them and they’ll be in the UK for a tour in March that kicks off on the 12th at the Water Rats in London. Fine out more about the three girls via or

12: AIRBOURNE – Hellfire (Roadrunner) – a two minute blast of Australia’s finest up front of their debut London show tomorrow night Monday Feb 18th  - thousands will claim they were there in the coming years, like those people who claim they were at AC/DC’s first London gig at the Hammersmith Red Cow – or

13: THE DEATH SET – Intermission  (Counter) – The Baltimore new wave punk rock riot of a band blew through London this week and blew up a storm – this is a raging slice of beautifully shouty chaos off their UK single on Ninja Tune offshoot label Counter –

14: DOLLY PARTON – Stairway To Heaven (download)  - Country version of the Zeppelin song,  so search the web and find it yourself....

15: DAS WANDERLUST – The Orange Shop (Don’t Tell Clare) – A revisit to the Middlesborough band’s rather fine 2006 single and more of that new wave shouty angular wrong pop and played because they’re on their way down to London for a show at The Fly (New Oxford Street) on Feb 26th  -

16: PICTURES – Cross, Cross Eyed (Tangle Talk) – Another fine new band on another fine new DIY record label – this time both parties are from Brighton. Pictures sound rather like a whole mix of things in there amongst the very busy rather angular twists and the high-pitch vocal yelps and the frantic mathematical high-wire indie cut and thrust and the bits that taste of Rolo Tomassi and Cutting Pink With Knives and Colossamite and These Arms Are Snakes and Meet Me In St. Louie - and their more restrained gulps of air that are more Vessels or I Was A Cub Scout flavoured (very small gulps of air mind you, far too frantic to stand still for more than a second or two). They sound like they threw everything in there, they sound like they’re striving for a little more than just being part of the pack, they sound like they’re bursting with ideas and we want more from this band. Limited edition pressing of just 200 so jump quick before you have to pay thirty quid on ebay. Excellent single, excellent band, fine intent – and loads of gigs coming up as well including a show with Rolo Tomassi at the Camden Underworld on Feb 27th - or

17: SURROUNDED –  21st Century Paradise Traveler (One Little Indian) – A track from the forthcoming album The Nautilus Years – released in the UK on March 10th – “Sweden’s answer to The Flaming lips” according to All Music Guide – sound like a lot more than just that to these ears. This week’s Organ magazine album of the week, the band play London this Tuesday 19th Feb, on at 8.15 at the Water Rats in King’s Cross -

18: YOU FANTASTIC – Track 1 (Skin Graft) – Another slice of classic Skin Graft and one minute fifty seconds from the Riddler album and the slightly mysterious You Fantastic – people from Cheer Accident, Dazzling Killmen and such -

19: NEW ORLEANS BUSKER – Glass Stairway To Heaven (download) – a busker with a glass barrel organ and two minutes of obscure found sound beauty 

20: CURRENT 93 -  Moonlight You Will Say (Durtro) – 1994’s rather beautiful Of Ruine Or Blazing Starre album has just been re-issued. David Tibet and Current 93 at their most experimentally folk-based most English of English phases. More of those most healthy of obsessions with life, death, Christ, Christian ritual, runes, the spirit of Albion, of trees, of rivers, of wicker men - and the words of Crowley, of Ligotti, the land of Blake, and root systems, popular willows, great fire gods and... Current 93 are a quite remarkable band/project and this is probably one of their most remarkably intriguing works. More details from or – find this re-issue via - oh look, the alternative one liner: Comus in thee temple ov William Blake 


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