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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

9th March 2008
INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER "Bishop Hopping" (Ipecac)

1:  YOU SLUT! "Cut and Shut By You Slut!" (Stressed Sumo)
2:  AHLEUCHATISTAS "Imperceptability" (Tzadik)
3:  ENABLERS "Pauly's Days In Cinema" (Neurot)
4:  DARLING FREAKHEAD "I Don't Care (If You Don't Like Me) Part 5,000,002" WIP
5:  CATNAP "The Plague" (Snakes & Ladders)
6:  KAYO DOT "Gemini (excerpt)" download
7:  SINE STAR PROJECT "The Temptress" (Blood Light)
8:  TIME OF ORCHIDS  "Windswept Spectacle"  (Cuneiform)
9:  RUINS "Pallaschtom" (Skin Graft /God Mountain)
10: DR SLAGGLEBERRY "Scat" (Crash)
11: ATLAS "Catatonic"
12: ZACH HILL & HOLY SMOKES "Pretty Much None Of Us Know Anything" (Skingraft)
13: ENABLERS "On Monk"

Greetings from the stormy Isis... 

From Derby/Nottingham, YOU SLUT! release their first album, 'Critical Meat' and a single called Mybloodyjesusexploreronfire They play the Social Portland St 11th March with Das Wanderlust and Truckers Of Husk - more at

the AHLEUCHATISTAS are a three piece from Asheville, USA, playing warm, raw mega-complex avant roc; John Zorn's label Tzadik have just re-released AHLEUCHATISTAS' second album, 'The Same and the Other' on their Fullforce Composer Series imprint (other albums include Mick Barr, Kayo Dot and Time Of Orchids' earlier work). Originally out in 2004, it's co-produced by Zorn and features unreleased tracks. Superb recent album 'Even In The Midst...' is out now on Cuneiform.

the ENABLERS are a four-piece from San Francisco - do not miss their gig at the Monto Water Rats, King's Cross London on 14th March! These tracks were from 'Output Negative Space' and 'End Note'  - both albums available from Neurot records/dist by Southern

The rather post-watershed DARLING FREAKHEAD is a composer/musican from Oakland California; his somewhat mad often genius work can be obtained from but this new piece is, I believe, exclusive to the Other Rock Show!

DR SLAGGLEBERRY are an impressive four-piece from Oxford/Reading, currently gigging everywhere; this is from their EP available from - hear more of their Bungle/Fantomas Locust madness at ...

This mindblowing track by KAYO DOT is available as a nearly-full free download from - great web site to discover more about this astonishing outfit. They used to be called Maudlin Of The Well, they're from Brooklyn, as the site says, short excepts don't do them justice, (so they've put up tracks with just the beginnings and ends shortened), songs are usually ten minutes long and go from ecstatic raging to extreme delicacy, packed with imagination and emotion. 

Based in Southampton, SINE STAR PROJECT are a gigging five-piece plus a varying amount of strings, brass and wind, making gorgeous Queen/Muse/Sparks orchestral rock - this from their new album, just out, 'Building Humans' - ...

TIME OF ORCHIDS - a New York four-peice taking complex avant rock to yet another level. Bewildering, mind-blowing and often beautiful album 'Namesake Caution' out on Cuneiform - has sound clips of all, and more.

a blast of early-ish RUINS (from  Pallaschtom)  (Ruins many of you know, massively influential  Japanese duo who compose with lyrics in an invented language similar to but not quite the same as Kobaian, the invented language of Magma - yes the French 70s avant rock band... what a rich and strange world we live in).  Ruins samples at ....

ATLAS are from somewhere in the UK, just got this 3-track demo, try for info... 

HOLY SMOKES are Zach Hill, the world-renowned drummer/composer from avant super-duo Hella... 

Next Sunday, all being well, will be Sean O's  turn and the ORGAN HOUR  a round up of new demos, releases and the best new underground/alternative bands who are playing London in the coming days... 

GENE SERENE - "the next queen of perverted electronic pop" (
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