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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR – Interference Patterns (Virgin) – A track the new album Trisector... When Van Der Graaf made that comeback a couple of years ago with those unexpected shows and the Present album people refused to believe it was going to happen until they were actually stood there in front of us singing of black days at the bottom of the blackest sea. The euphoria, the disbelief and the celebration is behind us now, one of the finest bands ever are properly back and the second album from this new period of Van Der Graaf life is here.  Stripped down to a trio of original 1968 members now – Hugh Banton, Peter Hammill and Guy Evans - the first thing to say about Trisector is that there is material on here to stand up next the best from any period of the band’s many lives. Peter Hammill is on top form with his extremely personal lyrics - inward looking, unflinching as ever as age takes hold; the melancholy, that wonderfully distinctive voice, that clock that’s always ticking and a lifetime spent unlearning all that he knows. Van Der Graff are not the kind of band who you expect to just rehash things, they don’t here! There are moments on Trisector that are genuinely pushing at musical edges. Trisector is out March 17th – you can catch them on tour in early April, including the 3rd here in London at the Queen Elizabeth Hall – taste some classic VdGG downloads at all the news at

3: WHAT WOULD JESUS DRIVE? – I Think We Rushed Into This (Split) - Second track from the just released We Made This EP. We’d play the lead track Boomtown Twats but this is a radio station and we can only push the bad language envelope so far. Well f me, time to take offence! Around here we give a great big f about What Jesus Would Drive and we never did nuffin’. No let down here, no offence taken and far better than watching lots of TV and getting nothing done, They sound like Art Brut having an argument with Dustin’s Bhamitzvah outside the chippy over the Carter records they stole off their dad’s mate. What would Jesus drive anyway? He’d drive us all bleedin’ mad with his preaching and shouting and we wouldn’t give an f about his band and oi! You! Come back here and turn that bloody wine back in to water again and get off my fish and sharing it our with all them scrounging god-bothers, your dad means nothing to me and I don’t care what you drive – he’d be like bloody Bob Geldof, Boomtown bloody twat. Three tracks, two people, feisty shouty sweary girl/boy combination and wired and nuffin! Never again - round here all of us give an f about your band, well the first track anyway and the second song – the second song is a stressfully sweet new wave pop band with their heads lost in the clouds and rushing in to things – we like it, maybe even the Grease thing. – or . Catch the duo at the Dublin Castle in Camden (London) this Tuesday 18th March...

4: LOS CONIOS – Johnny Denime (download) - A band from Bristol who we had never heard of until today when they sent us a friendly e.mail and got us curious enough to go look – some kind of strange new wave doctors of something twisted or something other, if you liked the track we played then go have a further listen, there’s the link -

5: A.P.A.T.T – Avajier (Pickled Egg) – The Liverpool thing called A.P.A.T.T have an impressive new album, more of their twisted cut up scratch prog-jazz-jitter and Bungled noise and contradiction – they also have a gig here in London this week with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone at the Kilburn Luminaire on Wednesday 19th March –

6: B FOR BANG - (KML) – Another track from the just release album that got so much reaction  when we featured it on the last show. “Across The Universe of Language” is an album which B For Bang “rewire” The Beatles. B For Bang are a collective of respected avant music creators – people from Dimension X, Zu and such, and this album (out on March 10th) is laced with way left field interpretations of Fab Four classics along with assorted bits of sound collage and experimental electronica – this is basically Beatles reworked and rewired for Resonance! or

7: UNCLE PEDRO – Cats (self release) -  This band were excellent yesterday afternoon/late evening at the RoTa thing. RoTa takes place every Saturday at the Notting Hill Arts Centre – free late afternoon gigs every week. Each week a different DIY record label or zine or underground gig promoter  puts together a bill in the relaxed atmosphere of the arts centre. Always worth a stole down on the off chance there bands are good - they very rarely aren’t. This week it was Rachel and Andy from Silver Rocket selecting the bands and running things and Uncle Pedro and their wired-up personality-laced post-hardcore were one of the four bands on the bill – or  Best place to keep up with RoTa is via their My Space page at – next Uncle Pedro London show in at the Fly in New Oxford Street on March 21st at the A Badge Of Friendship/Southern night..

8: BILGE PUMP – There’s No Rules To Love (Gringo) – And talking of Silver Rocket (as we were with the last track), there’s a Silver Rocket afternoon/evening seven band Long Good Friday show at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury this coming Good Friday. This is a track from the awkwardly good Bilge Pump’s rather spiky 2002 album Let Me Breathe. Bilge Pump are from Leeds –

9: THE DIVINE BAZE ORCHESTRA – Dance (Record Heaven/Transubstans) – Self declared “heavy progressive rock” from Sweden and a track from their new Hammond/Mellotron drenched 70’s sounding monster of an album. Healthy self indulgence and a new band taking on the cool as f musical ambition of classic Uriah Heep/King Crimson – further investigation via or

10: HERZOGA -  Nice Car (We Like Danger) – Second single from the self-declared leaders of the Wrong Pop movement. Herzoga are from Stoke-On-Trent, this new single came out in February. Edgy new wave post-punk angular pop flavours and a rather new and rather healthy DIY record label from Staffordshire – Herzoga are also on the bill for Silver Rocket’s Long Good Friday show this very Friday at the Buffalo Bar, Highbury, London - or


11: EPIDEME – Ex-Crown (Silver Rocket) – And talking of Silver Rocket, here’s another band who played their RoTa show yesterday. Epideme are from Worthing and you can find this rather spiky post-harcore-ish track on the excellent Silver Rocket three CD box set. Epideme have a new single out right now on the ever excellent Johnson Family label. Find out about Silver Rocket and indeed buy the excellent 72 track box set for just 10.00 including P&P from meanwhile investigate Epideme via or

12: CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE – Nashville Parthenon (Tomlab) – A track from the Chicago band’s 2006 album “Etiquette”. And a perfectly name band with their inward looking Casiotone beauty and hints, on this track anyway, of lo-fi Casio-toned The band are on a small UK tour right now, catch them headline at the Kilburn Luminaire in London on Wednesday 19th March (with A.P.A.T.T on that same bill).

13: BURMESE – No Blood No Cum (Heart And Crossbone) - A track from the BURMESE / CADAVER EYES split CD (album of the week this week on the Organ pages) – An album from Israel, an album of hardboiled noise, extreme beyond extreme, bathing in fuzz and barbed wire and violent feedback and grunting and screaming and somewhere in there there just might be some conventional musical instruments (maybe?). A split album, “demented twins in musical crime”, just where one band ends and the next begins is beyond my ears – does it matter anyway? Apparently there are three vocalists in Burmese, who knows? Could just be a herd of wild boars loose in a studio stomping on equipment and making some kind of artistic sense as the half eaten engineer screams for his life – glorious stuff, love it! Grindcore, slices of doom, electronics and “agonizing mechanism”. Extreme noise terror for disciples of Lustmord and endless short circuit buzz and electo shock treatment that ascends to a higher level of cognitive surge. Manic artistry and the sound of your crumbling life being tortured by leach women and love it, love it, love it! Yes!  - or

14: FOOT VILLAGE – Urination (Tome) – From the new album Friendship Nation and released last week on Tome Records, some kind of gloriously hardboiled acoustic hardcore and rhythmic histrionics. Heavyweights from the LA alternative/avant scene including members of Gang Wizard and Friends Forever  - or – Tome is run by a man called Kevin, Kevin is also in Pre (how slick are these links tonight?!)

15: PRE -  Ace Cock (Skingraft) – Another play from Pre’s excellent Epic Fits album that came out last year. Pre are supporting The Gossip at Shepherds Bush Empire, London, this Friday 21st March. Here’s what we said about the album last year “London’s Pre coming at us via Skingraft (the best label in the world), love it! They found their perfect home. This is a hissy fit of high pitched screeching hardboiled pronkoid song noise, this is awkwardly difficult listening and pointy stabby twitches of new wave pink paint on pale flesh. Screaming yelling yelping relentless girl voice and erase all errata and have Karen O make the tea before they bring on a Cardiac Arrest - yes in capitals, we were namedropping and going off and things! The early bird catches the worm and that’s the way we all go, more vile vile creature locust noise, love it! love it! Epic fits indeed, meticulously slicing and shriek shriek – clever tight crafted razor sharp noise tantrums and everything is just so right – beautifully unawkward and very easy to listen to. Yes! Pre do make the noise jump – Scratching Crawling Scrawling Gibber and Twitch. or

16: F**K BUTTONS – Sweet Love For Planet Earth (ATP/R) – A five minute slice of the nine minute opening track from the new album Street Horrrsing that’s released this Monday 17th March – Debut six track album, debut album proper from Bristol’s finely named F*** Buttons. Comforting drones and tingling circuits of progressive hard-wired buzz – a lazy person would talk of a post post-rock sound built of a love of Krautism and tribal beats and Neu (and maybe Oroonies?). We’re never lazy though and those refined restrained screams and things that bubble up from underneath can’t be ignored for long. Fuck Buttons are both gorgeously relaxing and disturbingly harrowing both at the same time – takes a special band to combine the two, gorgeously harrowing and disturbingly relaxing, a sound to really wash in, a sound that wraps around you and cocoons you in a strangling claustrophobic instrumental beauty. Ribs Out is wonderfully tribal and alive like the woods with the smell of his coming, electronically pagan and caught in the shadow of an iron age. OK, Let’s Talk About Magic, for that is what the duo have conjured up here  (that was lazy of me), hey look, dancing and architecture yet again. Fuck Buttons are challengingly unique, rewarding musical scapegrace and wireless fiery pyres and just when you’re thinking you have them worked out they swipe you off your feet and demand you go somewhere else with them and their sweet love for planet earth and their transmissions of confrontation and their violent contradictions and their racing spirit rise... fine fine album...

16: BLACK BONZO –  Thorns Upon A Crown (Laser’s Edge) – Massive 70’s sound progressive rock in all total over the top glory you could ever want. The album came out in 2007, they’re from Sweden (as well) and the prog networks are twitching – more self indulgent over the top overdriven Hammonds and heavenly Mellotrons and the last great musical taboo. Black Bonzo got it touch yesterday to let us know they’re heading over to the UK in June (yes!!!) – watch this space or go explore or

17: THEY CAME FROM THE STARS I SAW THEM – Monkey Typewriter (Thisisnotanexit) – An early taste from the new album that should be out at the end of April and their unique tropicalia and psychedelic incandescent pop left-field otherness. We’re playing this early because we want to and also because they’re playing the Buffalo Bar in Islington this Thursday 20th of March on a Big City Redneck bill that also features White Man Kamikaze, Shimmy Rivers And And Canal (no that isn’t a typo), and Bow Mods – more from or

18/outro: TIME.SPACE.REPEAT – Joy (download) – And finally tonight as we run out of time a quick taste of the lush musical warmth that is the alternative/shoegazing/post-whatever excellence that is London’s Time.Space.Repeat – catch them at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury this Wednesday 19th on a good looking Goonite Bill alongside Koolaid Electric Company, Eat Lights Become lights and Arthur & or


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