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This week it was my turn - the Sean Organ show 

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Who got played? Where do you go to find out more? Here's the answers 

1/intro theme - TRANSISTOR SIX - Backyard Rocketship 

2: SION ORGON - Zena Gets The Viberation (Experimental Seafood) - Sion Orgon from Wales (and from the recently re-grouped Rocket Gold Star) with a solo track and more of his Stockhausen style found-sound and field noise (Sion is a regular collaborator with Thighpaulsandra - Coil, Julian Cope and such). No he's nothing to do with me, he spells his name the Welsh way, and I dim un sharrad Cymraeg anymore dioch, ble mae.... This is a track from his rather fine Orgonoised Chaos album, guess that was tempting fate and much Un-Organised chaos for tonights show... 

3: I LIKE TRAINS - The Beaching Report (Fierce Panda) - We had to follow the Sunday Play (Crazy Locomotive - all performed live in the RFM studio by the way, and as always a privilege to witness it. I'm sure most people think it's just a recording. No! Actors, musicians all in the studio and all very very live). Anyway we had to follow the play with a track about that evil branch cutting Doctor. The track can be found on the Leeds band's new mini album Progress Reform (out on July 3). There's something wonderful about a band who perform so gloriously and in full British Rail uniforms in front of films of trains - genius indeed. Catch then at the Dublin Castle in Camden on May 30 - / 

4: SUNS OF THE TUNDRA - Now The Flood Has Come (Shinny Mack) - New track from the London bandís forthcoming album TUNGSHA, released on their own label Shiny Mack. Suns Of The Tundra were formally knows as Peach, there's a long long history, some say this is where Tool got their sound from (Tool's Justin Chancellor was once in Peach and both bands toured together lots back in the early days of Tool). The next Suns gig is Sunday 4 June at the Camden Barfly, but hey that's your night to stay in and listen to the radio right? 

5: CARTRIDGE - Fooling Around (Cartridge Music) - Yes I know we played this last time it was my turn to pilot the Organ hour, but hey they're a London band releasing their own debut album on their own label with no formal distribution or support system. The whole album is wonderful, it just happens that this track captures the whole flavour of the fine album best in one wholesome track. You should also check out the other left-field post rock/pop/avant/classical projects that the various members are involved in Ė thereís some rather delicious discoveries to be made. 

6: WHIMWISE - Of Cogs And Coils - Another self released CD from the band led by one time Dagaband/Tamarisk member Nick May. The band are from Chichester, they play the Garage in London this coming Wednesday as special guests to cult Canadian pomp/prog band Saga - Find out more from Nick at 

7: SPITFIRE BOYS - British Refugee (Korovo) - A slice from the three CD compilation released on the recently born again late 70s early 80s North West indie label Korovo. The compilation in out on June 19, it's called NORTH BY NORTH WEST - MANCHESTER AND LIVERPOOL PUNK, NEW WAVE AND POST-PUNK MUSIC 1976-1984. Spitfire Boys are on the Liverpool Disc 

8: JOHN COOPER CLARK - Valley Of The Lost Women (Korovo), a Manchester slice from the above album - you get a Liverpool disc a Manchester disc and a disc of previously unreleased or hard to get treats like this John Cooper Clark track - a fine slice of 30 year old Northern English grime that leads us to some fresh grime from Florida 

9: DIRT - Shine Without The Bling - Download) From P.G (Florida) with some delicious low-slung cool as F hip-hop/grime or whatever we should be calling it, I don't really care what its called, we listened, we liked, we downloaded and we played and we hope you liked and we shall do it all again we hope (I kind of liked the way it fitted next to John Cooper Clark) - 

10: HUMAN TOYS - Different kind Of Tension (demo) - Another slice of Manchester only this time from Paris and three rather intense girls called Human Toys (who explained in very positive terms how women were not to be treated as mere human toys when I politely asked them about their name), they have some great self-penned songs as well as this Buzzcocks cover (see thats where Manchester came in and linked to that compilation we were talking about a minute ago - see there is an order to this organ-ised chaos). Check out Human Toys, they have some excellent videos as well (make sure you get the z on the end of their URL now - 

11: 65DAYSOFSTATIC - Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here (Monotreme) - New single from the Sheffield bands recent album - there's also a downloadable video available free for one week - this week. The band play the Camden Barfly on May 25 - I'd get an advance ticket if I were you, it's probably close to being sold out already, this is probably the last time you'll catch them in London's small venues. / 

12: LOWER FORTY-EIGHT - Afterlife (Monotreme) - Track from the recently released album Apertures. Fine post-rock/hardcore from San Francisco as recently seen thrilling small packed-in crowds in various backrooms of north London pubs.- 

13: THE KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE - What Part of Thou Shalt Not Kill Don't You
Understand? (Alternative Tentacles) - A bunch of nameless Bay Area punk rock/Garage musicians taking the bible straight and literal and getting such a hostile reception from the American religious right for doing so - now why would that be? The album is called A Challenge To The Cowards of Christendom. They read their bibles, they took the words and they passed on the message they found in those words, where's the problem America? 

14: BLOSSOM - Sundays (demo) - From the edges of London (High Wycombe actually) with more than a hint of Cardiacs, not sure about the size of that hint actually, Cardiacs, Madness.... Was it too close for comfort? Fine slice of Cardipop but now Iím not sure - Cardiness? Madiacs? Where does one thing and another start? I donít know, I rather like them - cheeky bit of liberty taking but hey (seems from the e.mails some of you didn't like their liberty taking) 

15: THE KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE - Why Do You Want To Go To Hell? (Alternative
Tentacles) See above, well it was Sunday and the day after the Rockalypse and the day of rockening and those Satanic Finns invading our homes and the Eurovision - Lordi, what is happen with this world? Punk Rock Hallelujah - 

15: ANIMA - Pigs On The Wing - (demo) laid back one minute twenty eight seconds of lo-fi D.I.Y acoustic Animals from over there - yes they/he? Found me/us on My Space (doesnít everyone?). All I know is Anima comes from the North West of the USA - 

16: GLASSGLUE - You know The Name (demo) Time for another bite of the recent five track demo part of which was recorded live as a session for this very radio station, a band much loved by Resonance DJs and listeners alike judging by all the requests for more - 

17: JON REDFERN - Lost - Delicate track from London and Jon's rather experimental Nick Drake/John Martyn/Roy Harper flavoured breezy uplifting self released album that I think is called May Be Some Time (yes I got it from My Space after an slightly annoyed message from Jon about how the music press never take any notice of people without a big labels money behind them and how he would probably be wasting his time and money to even bother sending us his album - please do Jon, it's what Organ is about). He's playing the Vibe Bar in London tonight (22 May) and 

18: LUMINESCENT ORCHESTRA - Amaritsi (Lumii) - A track from the self proclaimed Brooklyn (New York) "Gypsy Tango Klezmer Punk" band's album Too Hot To Sleep. They have some UK dates booked for August, mostly in Scotland right now, they need a London show... More from us later on - someone book them some London shows and radio sessions and everything else - 

19: XEROX GIRLS - Keep Your Mouth Shut (demo) Ah now what can we say about teen(s)punk and Making History and the thing that was the London screaming punk and punk can be DIY riotgrrl/boy glory that was Xerox Girls. Just a bit of pissed-off 90s London underground fanzine powered rule breaking history that probably never ever got on the radio at the time and needed to be slipped in now just because. Where can you get it? Oh they're long gone now - try a websearch, be careful now.... 

20: WHIMWISE - Opening Books - Another small taste from self released CD (as an outro) from the band led by one time Dagaband/Tamarisk member Nick May. The band are from Chichester, they play the Garage in London this coming Wednesday as special guests to cult Canadian pomp/prog band Saga (but we told you that already) - Find out more from Nick at 

Next week itís Marina's turn again and her OTHER ROCK SHOW that explores rock played in other time signatures rather than limiting itself to the traditions of 4/4 time.... real prog... 

Sean O

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