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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details... 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: HEADQUARTERS – The Priest (Unlabel) – A track from the new album Booker one Time. An album that’s brooding set of alt.math equations, Jesus Lizard/Big Black textures, smoldering twists, pointed darts of noise – jagged, fluid, abrasive, atmospheric, claustrophobic, experimental. Always easy to go with, hardboiled when they want to be, never uncomfortably so – well maybe a little uncomfortable when they want to suffocate a little and let this be warring to you, don’t get caught with your hand up again.  What is it with Gingerbread men? Take a couple if you wish, they’re on the dish - claustrophobic paranoia and slamming awkward twisted doors on hands and how long does it take before it becomes rude to not reply to one’s message? Cardiac arrests and ... They’re from Kent and they’re for those who appreciate the musical adventures of bands such as Cove and Charlottefield. There’s a twelve minute whisper toward the end of this rather fine album that gives you an idea of the ambition. Released on heavyweight vinyl as a limited edition of 200 and well worth you grabbing while you can (I guess they’ve released this somewhere on CD as well?) - or

3: GLASSGLUE – If I Were The Sky Right Now (Kaparte) – The delightfully different debut single from the mathy/new Wave-ish/art rock/who knows what band from London, next live show is at the 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street on 15th April  – or

4: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT – Varicose Jibes (Unlabel) – A track from the contradictory hardboiled rollercoaster math rock jazz-punk what-the-hell band from Kent that you’ll find on the excellent new two CD compilation set that you’ll find on the ever good Unlabel label – or or

5: DRESDEN DOLLS – The Sheep Song (Roadrunner) – The excellent Boston (U.S.A) band have a new album on the way in June, a collection of old songs never before recorded alongside b-sides and rare things, couldn’t resist a slice of their unique cabaret punk, they are after all unique and indeed on of the finest bands in the world right now.

6: JON ROSE – Paganini’s Last Testimony (download) – Who’s Jon Rose? Well check this out: Exhumed and Defrosted New Musical Explorations. Resonance104.4fm is proud to present a unique concert of new music featuring Australia's foremost improviser JON ROSE.  Friday 11th April 2008, St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Road, Kings Cross. This is a unique (for British audiences probably the very last) opportunity to hear the music of Jon Rose and two of his own very favourite acoustic settings: The Kryonics - Jon Rose, violins (including the Stroh cello); Aleks Kolkowski, violin (including the Stroh violin); Joe Williamson, contrabass violin + Temperament - Jon Rose, violins; Veryan Weston, resident Brindley & Foster wind organ with tracker action  “At last audiences in London can find out what this euro-star-music is all about as the wind organ at the oldest church in Britain - St. Pancras, London (founded 314 AD) – has been confirmed for a Weston-Rose concert on 11th April with Aleks Kolkowski's Kryonics Stroh Violin project on the same bill.    Not since the gothic horror of H P Lovecraft in his 'Music of Erich Zahn' has the art of music offered such an evening of candlelit weirdness and intrigue. The combination of Tenor violin, half stopped organ, Stroh violin, bass violin, and bowed saw will set the spine erect and tingling. The setting? None other than London's home of spook - St Pancras Old Church. Equipped with the notable stiffs of Johann Christian Bach, Mary Shelley, and Thomas Hardy to name but a few, the graveyard offers little comfort for those who would entertain an evening on the hard pew contemplating mortality and the ancient and modern of music. The crow awaits you at the door. Dress code: Black. Makeup: Black.” - (Go explore his Australian fence music!) 

7: MATTITHIAS – Made in China (Psychic Hamster) – They were fighting over Olympic torches and Tibetan flags at the end of our road this morning, this kind of (early) Beck flavoured song about where his American flag was made can be found of the excellent Help George Tabb compilation album that’s loaded with loads of good stuff – or find out about George and why he needs help over at find a copy of this excellent album over at

8: GREGG YETI & THE BEST LIGHTS – Deal With You Perfect (Eskimo Kiss) – A track from Gregg’s new album Heart Palpitations Of The Rich And Famous. The Best Lights are from Syracuse, New York and The Gregg Yeti has been sending us tapes and printed word and all kinds of things on and off for what seems like the entire life of Organ. Classic lo-fi alt.American creativity and such a pleasure to have this album arrive this week and find he’s sounding better than ever.

9: RADIOHEAD – Videotape – Live at the BBC (download) – Recorded live at Maida Vale studios and made available for a short while as a free download from the BBC so why not play it, public service broadcasting and they did give out Resonance show a nice plug on late night Radio One the other day.. You can get the download at but it's there for a limited time - always good to pass on news of the  beeb making good use of our license fees.

10: BLACK BONZO – Ageless Door (Laser’s Edge) – Another track from the Swedish band’s excellently self indulgent slab of over the top old school Hammond-drenched 70’s sounding hard rock/prog that is their Sound Of Apocalypse album -  the band have just announced a small tour of intimate UK venues for June –

11: VESSELS – Happy Accident (Cuckundoo) – The refined post-rock band from Leeds with a delicate slice of whispered glitch. The band are on tour right now, including a London show with PURE REASON REVOLUTION at the Water Rats (Monto) in Kings Cross on Sat April 12th. They’ve just finished recording their debut album after a couple of well received underground singles and a word of mouth momentum that’s been building for about a year now – – you can also find this track and one of the bonus hidden twelve tracks from twelve bands you find hidden on the recent Herzoga/To The Bones split CD single on ORG – find it via - 17 tracks on one CD for just two pound including postage, yes that was blatant plug for one of our releases. 

12: WEEZER – Dukes Of Hazard (download) – A one minute, ten second field recording of The US band sitting around the campfire singing an impromptu acoustic version of the classic 80’s TV show theme tune – go search if you want it, don;t ask me where it came from - straighten those curves, fight the system like a modern day Robin Hood... 

13: 1000 HOMO DJs – Supernaut (13th Planet) A track from the Ministry alter-ego band and their classic cover of the Black Sabbath goody  Just made available again on a new album from MINISTRY AND CO-CONSPIRATORS  called Cover Up  – Parting shot from the Ministry team. Currently on a farewell tour (yeah, sure, expect the surviving members to announce a comeback tour in ooooohhhh, about three years then – does anyone believe any band who say they’re on a farewell tour these days?) -

14: TO THE BONES – Sharkie’s Bone Symphony (ORG) – Forthcoming release from the Bolton band. Catch them in London on April 16th on a Goonite bill at the Buffalo Bar in Highbury (London). Bradford Cox from Deerhunter reckons they remind him of US punk legends Flipper, I reckon they’re Motorhead for Liars fans – one thing we all know is they’re one of the best new live bands out there right now – is where you find more... or

15: SQUAREPUSHER – Welcome To Europe (Warp) A track from the 2006 album Hello Everything - Tom Jenkinson, who you might know better as Squarepusher has just announced that he will perform a show with "French multi-instrumentalist and mechanical genius" Pierre Bastien at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall on 24 May. It's being staged by the people behind the Liverpool Music Week festival – or

16: SKIZZ P. CYZYK – My Boyfriend Is In Killdozer (download) – no idea who or what this is, but we’ve all been there... Go Google... 

17: LAKES – Capt. Fidanza (Unlabel) Another track from excellent new two CD compilation set that you’ll find on the ever good Unlabel label, Lakes are from the South of England and they deal out edgy, slightly unhinged hardboiled post-something or other rock, playing lots of shows all over the land right now - or or

18: THE HIGH WIRE –  Hit A Low (Impatio) – London band with a beautifully delicate album that’s just come out - dreamy creamy hazy pop and another chance to use all the lazy words that delightful albums and fine new bands like this require – breezy, dreamy, shoegazing bliss and glorious soft-focus delight, warm, lush, delicately orchestral, effortless (although I’m sure it wasn’t), beautifully girl-voiced bitter sweet melancholia and just so adorably good. T is their perfect debut album Catch them playing a Sonic Cathedral bill at the Social in London tomorrow (Monday 7th April with Kyte and Surrounded - orfind out more about that show at

19/OUTRO - TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) – See track one.

Next week, all being well, Marina and her Other Rock Show – where she explores rock that beyond the conventions of 4/4 time....


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