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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details... 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: JO GABRIEL – Masque Of The Red Death (Dancing Goat) – She from New York, she recorded these two stunningly beautiful albums of four track in an empty theatre, both of them radiate with colourful warmth. Piano led instrumentals laced with wonderful textures and delicious detail – or 

3: NED – Bob Denard (Motive Sound) – B-side from the French band’s forthcoming 7” single (out in the UK on May 5th). A self confessed post-punk DIY band with a hint of math rock around the edges – “brutal anti-music concepts” that play with melody. They regularly share French stages with bands like Don Caballero, oxbow, Blonde Redhead and such... /

4: PRE – Greasers (Skingraft) – London’s Pre start a US tour tonight in LA, they’re in Oakland on Tuesday, they’re all over the West and hopefully their missing guitars tuned up in time. The rather extreme band are back in London for a gig in Kilburn on May 1st, this is a track from their album called Epic Fits – an album of short shape epic outbursts of structured twisted noise and screaming no-wave resonant violence – gloriously good, one of the most challenging rock bands out there, this is serious pushing at the edges from Flying Luttenbacher lovers everywhere – or

5: C.R. AVERY – The Boxer Who Just Returned From London (Bongo Beat) – One of those rare occasions when a piece of music really does have the ability to stop everyone. A track from the North American’s new album Magic Hour Sailor Blues – it really is a case of sex, drugs and spoken word. Poetry like you never heard it before - hip hop, blues, folk, country, Americana and words to really hang on to, this really has to be one of the albums of the year. Think Tom Waits or Neil Young in to poetry, hip hop and human beatbox action  – or

6: SIDEBLAST – Deep Scorn (Cyclone Empire) Extreme and complex progressive experimental death metal crunch from France and track from the new album Flight Of A Moth –

7: KOE – Kruh (Sacred Cow) – A track from the London band’s self-released album Stem The Tide. The cleverly progressive instrumental post rock album is released around about now, genuine boundary pushing for fans of bands like Godspeed, Isis, Red Sparowes...

8: TRICLOPS – Iraqi Curator (Alternative Tentacles) – San Francisco alt.punk supergroup? Members of  Lower Forty Eight, the legendary Victim’s Family, Fleshies and Bottles And Skulls with an album of gene-splicing twisted post-hardcore punk-pronk noisecore progressiveness. The album is called Out Of Africa and the beautiful thing is out in the UK on April 28th – or – Find the album in the UK via 

9: SPARKS – Lighten Up Morrissey (lil’Beethhoven) – Sparks have a new album out on May 19th called Exotic Creatures Of The Deep. Find out more at

10: VILE VILE CREATURES – City Lights (ORG) – Good news, the spiky new wave Manchester riot grrrl/queercore band are back with a new drummer and ready to go again, they’re about to head out and some dates with Sad Shields and they’ll be at the London Ladyfest that happens May 9-11 – a weekend of grrrl powered music, film making and activist positivity and... - or

11: JO GABRIEL – The Sun King (Dancing Goat) – See track two, this time a track from her Amber Sessions album... both the albums are reviewed in more detail with this week's Organ

12: ANSUR – Phobes Anomaly (Candlelight) – A six and a half minute roller-coaster ride from the complex and colourfully extreme progressive metal band’s new album Warring Factions. The three piece from Norway have their album out in the UK this Monday April 21st  - / / 

13: KAREN DALTON – Green Rocky Road (Megaphone) – Title track from an amazing album recorded live on a two track machine at her house in Colorado in 1963. Karen and a home made banjo and beautiful voice, the Billy Holiday of American folk with some tripped down folky bluegrass and blues. The album is released for the first time this month and a little more of the “greatest singer you never heard of is revealed”. The album is reviewed in more detail with this week's Organ  - KAREN DALTON LINKS: Guardian article “The Best Singer You Never Heard Of” - looks like a good article, not had time to read it yet...Illustrated discography with sounds. There's a My Space page, later material though, not these stripped back blues, a page set up to promote the equally intriguing In My Own Time album that I need to go find right now, 12 string guitars and a... oh go explore... treat yourself  - not much there though 

14: THE INDELICATES – New Art For The People (Weekender) – Opening 30 second epic from their excellent debut album American Demo. - Thirty seconds of delight and the instrumental introduction to their excellent album... see track 18

15: TRIBUTE TO NOTHING – Breathe How You Want To Breathe (Lockjaw) – Title track from the UK hardcore punk band’s new album, released on their own (rather busy) label, pushing themselves without ever losing that edgy grit and bite of reality, I guess we can call this post-hardcore? or

16: THE INDELICATES – Stars (Weekender) –They a London band, led by the twin girl/boy voices of former London poetry slam rivals Simon and Julia – this track featured the vocals of Julia some of the album features songs where Simon takes the lead. Album of the week this week on the Organ pages and a highly original mix of epic indie rock and think Dresden Dolls via Art Brut but nothing like that really – wonderful band, excellent album – or

17: WHITE HILLS – Spirit Of Exile (Self-release) Track from the band’s self released 2007 album Glitter, Glamour, Atrocity. The New York band hit the UK this week – Manchester Deaf And Dumb Institute on April 24th, Brighton Greenhouse Effect April 25th, London Cross Kings with The Heads and Notorious Hi-Fi Killers and loads more for a Rocket Records 10th Anniversary show on April 26th and in and out of mainland Europe and back to the UK with their fizzing Kraut favoured hawk noise of wind and space rock osculation until May 10th – or or
18/Outro: JO GABRIEL – Passing/Arriving (Dancing Goat) - See track two, another track from her Amber Sessions album, this time just a final taste to leave you with....

Next week, all being well, Marina and her Other Rock Show – where she explores rock that beyond the conventions of 4/4 time....


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