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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details... 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: CURRENT 93 / SKITLIV – Who Will Deliver Us From Gold And Planets (Cold Spring) – So Skitliv have a new two track CD single, Skitliv in the noise/doom project from Maniac (ex Mayhem) featuring Kvarforth (Shining) and guest vocals from Attila – he of Sunn 0))). The CD comes with six bonus live tracks recorded at their show at the Camden Underworld in 2007 including this rather atmospheric intro music from that night in the shape of a Current 93 track complete with the crowd anticipation and who will deliver indeed... Find out more from or

3: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL – Shoko Can (Cochory) – A track from the forthcoming Portland Oregon band’s new album Jane Doe Loves Me (did they move there from Oakland? I thought they were from Oakland...). Seriously hardboiled new wave/no wave math-punk bendy banana melting goodness - or find some free downloads and tastes over at

4: FRANZ YUZEF – Big Noise In A Toyworld (demo) – A one man band from Israel and a guy called Yossi (yes he has been doing this long before Franz Ferdinand). And yes this is a cover of a rather obscure and very early Cardiacs track – and what a fine version, find it via

5: THE KINGSIZE FIVE – Capricorn (Little Genius) – B side of the debut single from the London swing/jazz/indie rock big band. A line up that numbers anything between ten and fifteen and great big lumps of swing and jazz and 50’s rock n’roll with just that little punky edge that’ll keep you hanging on a hook behind the bedroom door. The single is out this Monday –

6: FIGHT LIKE APES – Can Head (Fifo) – Any excuse for another play of one of the very best bands around at the moment. They’re from Dublin and this is a track from the David Carradine Is A Bounty Hunter Who’s Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch EP. Screamingly quiet and shouty-sweet new wave brilliance and they really are one of those rare bands who sound like no one else. Word is they just finished their debut album and they’ll be back here in London on May 22nd at the Proud Galleries in Camden ahead of a load of UK dates in May and June –

7: C.R AVERY – Birdcage (Bongo Beat) – Another track from the excellent new album (and recent Organ album of the week) Magic Hour Sailor Song – we got loads of positive feedback whe nwe palyed a track two weeks ago so here’s some more.  Excellent mix of beat box hip-hop spoken word poetry slamming and Americana and Neil Young via Hunter S Thompson and Allen Ginsburg for the hip-hop live poetry generation. – or or

8: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Trauma 7 (ugExplode) – The legendary 2001 Trauma album has finally been released on CD. Free-form complex no-wave noise jazz and the Luttenbachers functioning as a three piece this time around – pretty much anyone who is anyone in North American experimental avant rock has passed through Weasel Walter’s outfit. One of the most original, hardboiled, challenging and rewarding boundary pushing bands out there – Weasel has now retired the project, there’s albums out there on labels like Skingraft and ugExplode and every one of them worth your time and money -

9: MARY HALVORSON AND WEASEL WALTER – Lapsis Lazuli Nights  (ugExplode) – Now this is something good. Seriously hardboiled improvised free-form noise jazz. Mary on guitar, Weasel on drums, recorded live (with no rehearsal) in John Zorn’s club in New York. A whole album that hits the spot – it may be hard boiled and challenging, the whole album is very very easy to listen to and enjoy though, serious Resonance ear food -

10: KIMYA DAWSON –  Beer (download) – Kimya brings her DIY lo-fi folk/punk over from Olympia, Washington (USA) to play the 2008 London Ladyfest this coming weekend. You can have a beer and a mouldy clementine (or maybe a peach?) for breakfast and then download this song from her My Space page – London Ladyfest is three days of positive girl driven alternative art, music, film making and activist whatever, you can explore and find out more via

11: TRIBE 8 – Castration Song #22 (Alternative Tentacles) – Thirty six seconds of blasting raging queercore fem-powered confrontational punk rock from the Californian band’s Role Models For Amerika album released on A.T back in 1998, for everyone who’s getting ready for the aforementioned London Ladyfest weekend that’s coming up. Marina don’t take no shit! – now if there was only a little more cross-pollination, communication and Tribe 8 style punk rock attitude around that Ladyfest bill/thing (and people could afford the door price and get in!). Tribe 8, role models indeed, go take a bite –

12: SEAR BLISS – The Venomous Grace (Candlelight) – Extreme moody black metal hymns with anthemic brass, genuinely different ideas. This how we want our extreme metal - less obeying of rules, more boundary pushing  – trumpets, trombones and euphoniums and classical avant moods without losing the black metal edge. This is from their 2007 The Arcane Odyssey album, the Hungarian band’s sixth and, as most agree, best album – or

13: LEGION OF PARASITES – Condemned To Live In Fear (Overground) – The classic English d.i.y anarcho punk band from the beautiful activist days of the 80’s when punk rock meant a little more than a glossy Anti-Flag poster in Kerrang magazine. A collection of material, 26 slices, all gathered together and released this month on CD (with excellent sleeve notes/booklet)

14: OUTSIDE ROYALTY – Falling (Bloody Awful Poetry) – Debut single from the Pittsburgh band who are now over here and based in London. Engaging early Roxy Music vibes and lush ambitious orchestration and what’s your name? Virginia who? Coffee or tea? They’ve been threatening something good for some time. He does have an impressive Steve Harley, Bryan Ferry quality – lush, rich, warm, dramatic, fine fine songsmithery and this is nothing short of a timeless classic single – lyrics to lose yourself in, penetrating lyrics, clever tunes – oh yes, proper clever real timeless English pop (from Pittsburgh), just how it should be – wonderful two track single, Organ single of the week this week - or

15: PASTORS OF MUPPETS – Master Of Puppets (demo) – Never mind Sear Bliss and their brass, if you’re going to do it then why bother with guitars and vocals? This is a full-on brass band, they perform (in full denim/leather type heavy metal wear) on the streets of France - versions of Iron Maiden,.Nirvana, System Of A Down songs all down with straight-faced full on big brass band pomp! This is a Metallica cover (but you knew that already) – Genius –

16: ZOMBIE ZOMBIE – I’m Afraid Of What’s There (Versatile) - – Dark keyboard drones and and a track from their new album (out this week) of forward moving krautrock cinematic tunes. Organic electronica and a more than healthy hint of Goblin, that and 70’s b-movie soundtracks. All very John Carpenter and sinister prog-kraut and don’t go out on those streets after dark instrumental Edgar Froese goodness. A fine collection of vintage synths, live real drums and a warm resonating sound. Zombie zombie indeed.

17: TURD OF HURDLES - Bugs Are Not Robots (Demo) - Well they send us an e.mail that said something about Dillinger Escape Plan and The Locust and experimental grindcore. They’re from Arizona and yes, a twenty second outburst of raw experimental DIY locust noise –

18: THE FLESH HAPPENING – Anal Joy (demo) – Ah yes, the extremely visual shouty punky queercore indie band from Brighton. Buzzcock-good wired up energy and they’re threatening that their London gig at the Buffalo Bar this coming May 8th may just be their farewell to the capital – if you like the idea of screaming singers in collars and heels and dresses or maybe gimp suits and angel wings and all kinds of confrontation then go catch a taste while you still can...

19: PROJECT SERENDIPITY – Hiding In Folders (Hollow Soul) – From the excellent Linear Lullabies album, and album that turned up here with a hand written note telling us it probably wasn’t our thing. Organ album of this week this week then, we love it – Pleasant soothing instrumental post-rock flavoured organic electronica and time and space and refined glitch, crackle, buzz and scratch. Relaxing energizing game arcades and sixtyfivedays of electronic warmth and creative glow. Now we can’t say that there’s an awful lot going on here in terms of ground breaking boundary pushing musical art but we can say this is rather rewardingly beautiful and uplifting and extremely enjoyable. Clever, rewarding, complex without ever becoming cluttered, a healthy example of less being more. Gentle guitars, bright glokenspiel, warm melodica and all flowing in such an easy to listen to manner. Inviting, glowing, welcoming, delightfully creative and just right – in fact, rather highly recommended – all 32 precise concise glitching twitching jumping slices of it. or oh and there might just be a free download of the 23rd track Passing Trains to be found via

20: LINUS – Choose Your Own Adventure (Elemental) – And in this week that leading up to the 2008 London Ladyfest an appropriate re-visit to one of the finest London bands of the 90’s and their 1994 album Yougli. The album still sounds fresh and stands up extremely well here in 2008 and Linus were a very healthy part of riot grrl and alternative punk rock here in London in the healthy days of bands like Huggy Bear and Blood Sausage. Lot of people have forgotten Linus and that’s nor right - not only were they a very fine band, they were really nice friendly active positive people, they played a big part in putting on a wonderful riotgrrl DIY punk all dayer that happened in Hammersmith in the mid 90’s. Andy Roberts, part of the two girl, two boy line up on this album, wrote an excellent Ladyfest piece of Organ back at the start of the Century, you’ll find it here. Andy sadly passed away a couple of years ago – it seems fitting, on this eve of London Ladyfest 2008, to take a moment remember Andy and to celebrate Linus. We have such brilliant memories of that Hammersmith event and Linus gigs and that positive friendly cross-pollinating zine driven DIY activist energy that was there then and no so much now... Thank you Linus – go find this album, it still sounds very fine – Meanwhile Jennifer from Linus is now playing is a band called Scarlet’s Well, they’re playing the Half Moon in Herne Hill (London) on May 9th – find out more about Scarlet’s Well via or

21: SKITLIV – Slow Pain Coming (Cold Spring) – See track one from tonight’s playlist for more details. One of the live slices of intense doom metal/experimental noise from Skitliv to end this week’s radio show... 

– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved.... same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4... 


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