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SUNDAY 8th JUNE 2008 – 9.00pm

INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER "Bishop Hopping" (Ipecac)
1:  DON CABALLERO  - Don Caballero 3
2:  FTSE100 - Unknown track from demo
3:  CARDIACS - Dirty Boy  )Alphabet)
4:  MIKROKOSMOS - Horsy Said (Ignatia)
5:  RUINS - Korromda Peim (Skin Graft)
6:  AHLECHATISTAS  - Good Question  (Tzadik)
7:  MAGMA Wurdah Itah (download  - 1992 Concert, Douarnenez)
8:  PHANTOMSMASHER  - Blackjack With Kraken (Ipecac)
9:  BOB DRAKE  - Skull Mailbox/ Tower (download)
10: UPSILON ACRUX  - Who's Running Shit (Son Of Destiny's Child) (Cuneiform)
11:  STUMP - Ice The Levant (Sanctuary)
12: KOENJIHYAKKEI - Ioss (Skin Graft)
13/outro:  APSE  - From The North (ATP)

June Is Finally Here!
A break with ORS tradition this June: this track also from what must be the truly seminal math rock album What Burns Never Returns, DON CABALLERO... main guitarist/composer Ian is now a big part of Battles, whilst the Don Cab sound continues in the revamped line up. 
FTSE100 are a mysterious outfit from Wales, kind of on hiatus at the moment, possibly the UK's finest avant/mathy instrumentalists and always worth a play... main guitarist/composer now a big part of the delightful Truckers Of Husk
CARDIACS just announced a UK tour, see for more info... still the biggest secret in music, still storming live - this was from the album Sing To God ...
MIKROKOSMOS is Christan Hayes, also known as Bic when he was in Cardiacs and Ring,, with Joanne Spratley as added vocals; this is from his newly released album 'The Seven Stars' - limited edition of 500 from
AHLEUCHATISTAS are a trio playing mega-complex but warm and gritty avant rock; this was from the Tzadik records re-release of 2004 album The Same And The Other (which I saw actually in stock at Foyles Jazz Cafe in London this week!)
This MAGMA live track was, I'm pretty sure, a legal download from a temporary website put up by a progressive rock festival last year. Any more info from Magma obsessive is welcome - all I know is that it's an accapella version of part of Wurdah Itah from a 1992 French gig. 
PHANTOMSMASHER are James Plotkin, DJ Speedranch and Dave Witte; a one-off project, album of the same name still available from Ipecac -
And if Magma got your attention, then I guess you might have been entertained by KOENJIHYAKKEI - from Japan, headed by Ruins man Tatsuya Yoshida, yup, the lyrics are in Kobaian... Skin Graft Records of Chicago has been making their back catalogue easier to find including their debut album Hundred Sights Of Koenji with re-recorded drums and remastering (the track played was from the most recent album 'Angherr Shisspa) - sample downloads at
A delicious bit of strange blues from BOB DRAKE - composer/producer of Thinking Plague, maker of several wonderful albums, listen to a nice selection of his absolutely brilliant work at ....Apparantly I've not been playing enough UPSILON ACRUX so here's even more from their most recent, stupendous album 'Galapagos  Momentum' -
STUMP here's a classic piece of Stump for you, all their long deleted material is coming out again on a three CD set called “The Complete Anthology”. Classic 80’s left field twisting turned post-punk uniqueness and a long overdue re-issue. Find out more about Stump at
Outro from APSE who have a new album 'Spirit' is out on 7th July on ATP Records

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