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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details... 

1/Intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2:  LE GALAXIE – We Bleed The Blood Of Androids (demo)
3: FIGHT LIKE APES – Jake Simmers (Cool For Cats)
4: RUDE MECHANICALS –  Strange Times (RIM)
5: WIRE – All Fours (Pink Flag)
6: GUNSLINGER - If The Bombs Don’t Get Ya, The Bullets Will (Earthquake)
7: ALBERT KUVEZIN and YAT KHA – Orgasmatron (Yat Kha)
8: RUDE MECHANICALS – Rude Mechanicals (RIM)
9: INDIAN JEWELRY – Temporary Famine Ship (We Are Free)
10: VILE IMBECILES – Blind Truth (Tea Vee Eye)
11: AMEBIX – Battery Humans (Alternative Tentacles)
12: THE SANS PAREIL – No Joy (demo)
13: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL – Jane Doe Loves Me (Cochon)
14: THOR – Let The Blood Run Red – live (Ektro)
15: FREE KITTEN – Help Me (Ecstatic Peace)
16: BUTT TRUMPET – Flannel To Seattle (download)
17: LAYMAR – Swords (TV)

Here's the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: LE GALAXIE – We Bleed The Blood Of Androids (demo) – Caught this band supporting our current favourites Fight like Apes last Thursday down that the Metro in Oxford Street. New band to us, instantly impressive, they’re a defiantly geeky instrumental synth driven Star Trek t-shirt wearing experience from Ireland – large slices of John Carpenter, a touch of Zombie, a seasoning of new Order, some 65Days post rock and they just do ‘it’  -

3: FIGHT LIKE APES – Jake Simmers (Cool For Cats) - The Organ single of the year from last year and they’re re-issuing it up front of their debut album in September. Some of us around here think the Dublin band are just about the best thing out there right now, they played a couple of excellent London shows this week including that five band all Irish bill at the Metro as part of the week’s London Calling event. Fight Like Apes are playing Glastonbury this coming week along with dates supporting We Are Scientists. They have a new single out on a new single on July 28th - Lend Me Your Face/Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues – a Mclusky cover that they made their very own at the Metro last Thursday, haven’t heard the single yet, both songs are excellent live though and as soon as we do then... 

4: RUDE MECHANICALS –  Strange Times (RIM) - Now we have time to explore the album, it really is unique; bizarre, hard-boiled, awkward, horny, twisted, beautiful and all kinds of stage bendy pointy jazz and spiky hard boiled experimental noise and toe sucking and golden showers and post punk art rock performance and body fluid meditation and creatively absurd goodness and dark decadent moistness and strange people living in lofts of imagination. Led by the mysterious Miss Roberts, her band of “symbiotic slaves” are different and we love this album, seems you did as well judging by the listener response to the last show – Catch them this Monday at the Art Jam at the Mother Bar, London, entry is free and we’re hearing lots of good things about the Pollockesque chaos of Art Jam – go admire the band over at -, explore the art jam over at

5: WIRE –  All Fours (Pink Flag) - Wire have a new album, their first in five years, Object 47 is what the album is called and it would be stating the obvious to say it would far too obvious for Wire to come back in an obvious way. While everyone else is busy playing at being angular new wave Wire here come Wire, one step ahead of the same again. “Wire have expounded, reviewed, contracted, lain dormant, recovered, expanded and through all have shed an old skin and grown a new one. Wire is not the same as it was before, but then Wire is never the same as it was before” The very fluid album is out on July 7th, there’s a review with this week’ on line Organ -
6: GUNSLINGER -  If The Bombs Don’t Get Ya, The Bullets Will (Earthquake) – Alan Davey’s Gunslinger and a track from a new album called Earthquake in E Minor. Seems the album apparently started life at the end of the Seventies before he shelved it and became a significant part of the 80’s/90’s Hawkwind line-up. Seems Mr Davey has dusted off the masters, finished off the recordings and finally put the album (and a new line up) together. And yes, it sounds like classic ’79 Hawkhead overkill and thundering Rickenbacker leads from the “Bass Assassin Number Two” (so named by Bass Assassin Number One Lemmy). Earthquake is about seventy-five per cent classic late 70’s Motorhead – On Parole/Overkill period - the vocals and bass lines are very very Lemmy - the other twenty-five percent is early 80’s Hawkwind. You probably could just about be fooled in to thinking these actually were lost Motorwind recordings from those late 70’s Ladbrook Grove West London days. The band play a London show at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town, on June 27th -

7: ALBERT KUVEZIN and YAT KHA – Orgasmatron (Yat Kha) - And we couldn’t resist following Gunslinger with this Turvan folk/throat singing version of the Motorhead classic from the 2005 album Re-Covers (you’ll find Turvan throat singing versions of songs by New Oeder, Iron Butterfly, Led Zep and a whole lot more on the album) – 

8: RUDE MECHANICALS – Rude Mechanicals (RIM) – More Rude Mechanicals, this is them at their most erotically jazzy and drenched in golden champagne or something like, played as a birthday treat, but for who – links and such with track four.

9: INDIAN JEWELRY – Temporary Famine Ship (We Are Free) – From the forthcoming album, their second. The Chicago band are back with Free Gold (out in the UK on July 28th) – A find cross-pollinating blend of Eastern textures, rhythms and hazy psychedelic contradictions and sideways alt.rock post something or other glances – or 

10: VILE IMBECILES – Blind Truth (Tea Vee Eye) – From the brilliant Brighton band’s forthcoming album Queenie Was A Blonde (out on July 14th) – all kinds of re-assembled musical challenges and hardboiled blues that sound like, well, you have to let it breath and let it question you, question your ways of listening pop music (or alternative indie whatever you want to call it music - it is all pop isn’t it?). They’ve always been good, and this album is just right. Tom Waits flavours for these awkward jarring new new wave angular times – beautifully uneasy and rather unique, a band you must make the effort to see and hear - 

11: AMEBIX – Battery Humans (Alternative Tentacles) The long lost Amebix album No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings is finally getting a ‘proper’ release. The tapes have been trading around for years. 
           Amebix were a legendary underground anarcho punk band who were back there crossing  over well before everything really started to crossover. Amebix were fused with the anarcho spirit and the question throwing of the very best of the seriously real anarcho punk bands of the early 80’s, bands like Crass, Subhumans, Rudimentary Peni. Amebix were also laced with some of the darker more violent sides of things, a meeting of that paranoid confrontational aggression, skip diving survival instinct and the free festival spirit of the age. And these early recordings are where you’ll find all that suffocation and dark paranoia and everything that came with the walking it and not just talking anarcho activism/survival instinct that was the reality of life in Thatcher’s oppressive 80’s. Amebix really do sound like the soundtrack to things like the Battle of The Beanfield and riding with the Convoy trying to out run the other side, the sound of before the dawn squat busts and constantly looking over your shoulder and not trusting anyone or anything you didn’t intimately know. The sound of British anarcho punk rock with the heavy edge of Killing Joke and a hint of that raw primal Motorhead gutter-grime metal that was to emerge late on with classic album to come – these early tracks are thin on guitars and drenched in the Crass style dark atmospheric sludge and brooding twisted echo chamber doom. This release is straight from the original masters that have been locked away and out of reach of the band and anyone else pretty much since they were made – they’ve been bootlegged and tape-traded to hell, the recordings for this release, now that the tapes are finally back in the band’s hands, have been re-mastered with care and fine attention to detail by Jello Biafra and George Horn. Comes with artwork that looks and feels just right, excellent telling it like it really was sleeve notes – no punches pulled - good everything. If you were there then you know and you’ll want this album, if you weren’t and you don’t know, then go explore one of the most vital bands from a brilliant/dark/brutal period of cultural social defiance. Seems like a million years away now (especially this Solstice week), feels like it really did make some kind of difference, feels like there is some kind of evidence of some kind of legacy... Amebix were a punk rock band you could really believe in/fear/relate to/run from and this album will tell you why, a vital slice of 80’s British alternative underground culture – Available in the UK via

12: THE SANS PAREIL – No Joy (demo) A recent demo of the week on the Organ website, we have here some rather dark-edged slightly confrontational musically rich English garage-folk that bites from the off. I suppose the obvious signposts point towards New Model Army or a darker and far more wired Levellers (no clones, The Sans Pareil have their own sound and style). Driving urgency and no shortage of good attitude. Sorrowful violins, desperate rattling whisky drenched vocals and yes, they more than succeed in their self-declared mission to “reconcile the simplistic beauty of folk with the raw, cathartic energy of garage-punk”. They play the George Tavern in Shadwell, East London, on July 3rd –

13: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL – Jane Doe Loves Me (Cochon) – One more visit to the excellent new album called Jane Doe Loves Me. More microscope lab voices and obscene back porch floating from the most experimental dental school of them all. They’re from Portland USA - seriously bendy pointy pronky avant mathy jazzy new wave and complex Devo shapes and Casiotones and machines that are programmed for questions and get away from that door people mover. Album of the week on the Organ website a few weeks back and I think we love it even more than their last album  – or find it in the UK via

14: THOR – Let The Blood Run Red (Ektro) – A one minute taste of the comic book metal superhero from the preposterously over the top new album “Live In Detroit 1995” – This was sent in to someone else at Resonance, seems they despatched it with horrified haste to the unwanted reject pile where it fell in to our hands -–we couldn't resist, well how could we? -

15: FREE KITTEN – Help Me (Ecstatic Peace) – One of the more edgy punky (Julie Cafritz dominated?) tracks from the new Free Kitten album Inherit – their first album for eleven years, Free Kitten are mostly Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Pussy Galore’s Julie Cafritz and Yoshimi from The Boredoms on drums, the album is out on June 23rd – as always you can find a full review via a recent edition of the weekly on-line version of Organ here  -

16: BUTT TRUMPET – Flannel To Seattle (download) - A new version of the US cult punk band’s classic from the 90’s to celebrate the fact that they’re actually relocating to Seattle, oh the deliciously beautiful irony. You can’t download the track yourself from their My Space page - 

17: LAYMAR – Swords (TV) - The closing track from the excellent debut album In Strange Lines And Distances (out June 23rd). Swords in nineteen minutes of epic instrumental beauty, you got a twelve minute slice from the middle of the wonderful thing tonight. Laymar are from Manchester, we’re talking instrumental post-rock with an identity all of their own – well with this might track anyway, Swords is one of the best things we’ve heard all year (and judging by the instant reaction from listeners you were impressed as well. The three piece play a London show on June 30th at the 12 Bar in Denmark Street – or

– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved.... same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4...

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