Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW with Marina Organ - Resonance 104.4FM (London) 

Sunday May 14th 2006 (10.30pm) 

INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER 'Bishop Hopping' (Ipecac) 

1: THINKING PLAGUE - Run Amok (Cuneiform) 
2: HELLA - Ghost Dance (5RC, Suicide Squeeze or Frenetic) 
3: LORDS - Pint Of Wine (Gringo) 
4: KAZAK - What Kind 
5: TOOL - Vicarious (Sony) 
6: LAPSUS LINGUAE - Sub City (Live) 
7: DEERHOOF - Spirit Ditties Of No Tone (ATP Recordings) 
8: TOUGH GUY FANTASY - Thank Gods It's Friday (Frenetic) 
9: MAGMA - The Last Seven Minutes (Snapper) 
10: ZACH HILL AND MICK BARR - Note Swarm Hive Builders (from 'Shred Earthship') 
11: MICHAEL MELLENDER - Talking Villain 
12: THE CURTAINS - Fletcher's Favorite (from Vehicles Of Travel) 
13: NEXT LIFE - More Than One (CockRockDisco) 
14: THE FUCKING CHAMPS - Some Swords 
15: RUINS - Jallamjikko - from Pallaschtom (Skingraft) 
16: GUANOMAN - Randolph A (demo) 

This week's Other Rock Show playlist, roughly as played.... 

THINKING PLAGUE are a US based band who've been around for a long time. Unique, way ahead of their time, too dark and edgy for much of the prog scene, unfortunately not very prolific, but they did release a new album a couple of years ago. One of the finest bands on the planet, though. This was from 'In This Life' which you can get from ReR or Cuneiform Records. 

HELLA you can reach on - check out the video of 'Biblical Violence': simply shot, its just a hold of the two Hella musicians (Spencer Seim and Zack Hill) playing together, and it's phenomenal. Show it to your annoying drummer friend to shut him/her up for the rest of the day. 

LORDS are a glorious avanty-blues band from Leeds - huge fun live, and 'It Aint A Hate Thing, Itís A Love Thing' is a flawless album. From Gringo Records 

KAZAK is a trans-Atlantic collaboration between the mysterious Gringoman and someone else. More info at 

TOOL are one of the biggest bands in the world now, but 'Vicarious' is in 7/8, so this slice off the new album gets in 

LAPSUS LINGUAE - This (unannounced!) downloaded Lapsus Linguae track begins with a dialogue about the Queen Mother eating a corgi, possibly recorded at their jaw-dropping Bull & Gate gig a couple of months back. for more info or download it while is still up on their page at 

DEERHOOF - No apologies for playing 'Spirit Ditties Of No Tone' again... everyone has to have Deerhoof in their life on a regular basis, and the lyrics* could be a hymn to the Resonance spirit... 

TOUGH GUY FANTASY is a collaboration of Zach Hill from Hella and most of Generic. This line-up also play as the Arctic Boys, but much more quietly. 

MAGMA are an incredible, legendary, bizarre and a glorious force of nature/seventies rock band from France. All their lyrics are in an invented language, Kobaian, complete with alphabet and grammar, and composed by stupendous drummer Christian Vander. Occasionally still play awesome gigs. 'The Last Seven Minutes' is on their superb 1978 album, Attahk.  - 

ZACH HILL AND MICK BARR - More Hella-based collaboration, this time Zach Hill with Mick
Barr from Orthrelm! From 'Shred Earthship' on Kill Rock Stars. 

MICHAEL MELLENDER is now in Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, but this is one of his shamefully unreleased solo works. SGM have a new album out, which I'd play you if I could get hold of it - samples on 

THE CURTAINS are gently strange and on the excellent Frenetic Records, more info from 

NEXT LIFE are reportedly gobsmacking live. Downloads on 

FUCKING CHAMPS - 'Some Swords' is from the recent Fucking Champs album "III"... on Kill Rock Stars? 

RUINS are a Japanese duo who like Magma a lot and sing an invented language (possibly a dialect of Kobaian, or a different planet entirely. Does anyone know? The Magaibutsu web site is a little difficult to navigate). Drummer Tatsuya Yoshida is the composer, last I heard he was looking for a new bassist as he's worn out the old one (I'm guessing). 

GUANOMAN - Someone called Guanoman said he liked The Other Rock Show on the ResonanceFM forum, I did a bit of surfing and found very good stuff, especially the Bungle/Locust/Fantomas/Cardiacs/Ruinsness of "15 Deaths Of". Crikey. 

QUACK QUACK are lovely, theyre from Leeds, sound like Neu! and Don Caballero and are must-see live.

Marina Organ

GENE SERENE - "the next queen of perverted electronic pop" (
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