rgan show with MARINA on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday July 13th  2008, 9.00pm On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details... 

INTRO: PHANTOMSMASHER "Bishop Hopping" (Ipecac)
1:  KAYO DOT - The Awkward Wind Wheel (Hydrahead)
2:  CAPILLARY ACTION - Pocket Protection (Pangea)
3:  KOENJIHYAKKEI - Angherr Shisspa (Skin Graft)
4:  OXBOW - Skin (Neurot)
5:  SCORCH TRIO - 'Gaba (Excerpt) (Rune Grammofon)
6:  PERHAPS CONTRAPTION - Bluebells (demo) 
7:  NOUGHT  - All The Time Ha-Ha (Shifty Disco)
8:  HARVEY MILK - Skull Socks & Rope Shoes (Hydrahead)
9:  AGASKODO TELIVEREK - 30000 Light Years Old (AdAadAt)
10:  LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH - Are You Awake? (Tea House)
11:  HELLA - Biblical Violence (WNUR Radio session)
12: TIME OF ORCHIDS - We Speak In Shards (Excerpt) Cuneiform)
13: CARDIACS - Plane Plane Against The Grain (Alphabet)
14: KAYO DOT - Clelia Walking  (Hydrahead)
15/OUTRO: HARVEY MILK Roses (Hydrahead) 

Listening to these tracks in sequence as they went out blew me away.  Not so much a collection of music in unconventional times, or exercises in playing, but a coming together of creative freedom with the ecstatic and emotional. 

KAYO DOT can't be ignored any longer; discreetly making this huge music somewhere in the US, the childe of one Toby Driver (who was also behind Maudlin Of The Well), Kayo Dot's first two albums have been seeping out via the web and slowly getting under the skin of those with time to listen.  New album Blue Lambency Downward is out on Hydra Head on 21st July -

Thrilled by CAPILLARY ACTION, a Seattle band/project making tuneful/twisted/complex stuff that's like concentrated essence of contemporary avant rock - these tracks were from new album 'So Embarrassing' - available via /

Two from HARVEY MILK, have a splendid new album  -  'Life... The Best Game In Town' which came out July 7th on Hydrahead. Just when you think they're all about volume, righteous heaviness etc they come over all emotional, something that almost all the tracks tonight seem to do. Including  OXBOW who headline the Underworld with Harvey Milk and Part Chimp this coming Tuesday. or

SCORCH TRIO are a Norwegian er, trio playing blistering Ornette Coleman/Zorn improvised instrumentals - the first bit of improv in the history of Other Rock Show, but fitting in fine. New album 'Brolt!' out on 14th July more at

PERHAPS CONTRAPTION are a growing UK outfit who are just finishing their first album - this was a taster they kindly sent us. If you see a giant lobster made of sand on the South Bank at low tide, give the sculptors money, and that album might get finished quicker! They're looking for a second guitarist - if you're creative and into amongst other things Beefheart, Cardiacs, Hella, Henry Cow and Earlygenesis (or basically the contents of this show) then get in touch with Organ or me and I'll pass your details on 

from their Shifty Disco album, the best thing NOUGHT ever recorded, they're playing Bonkersfest on Saturday 19th July - a free festival for Mad Pride in Camberwell, London, with many other fine bands, performers, poets and

Not out until Sept, a glimpse of the forthcoming AGASKODO TELIVEREK album 'Psycho Goulash' - its a cracking album,

THE LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH are a genuinely underground collective from the North - this was from their newly released first proper album 'Electric Angel' ...recorded in a rundown dockside warehouse in Hull, its an oldschool psychedelic and rather moving pop opus... ...

this HELLA live session track is from a WNUR compilation, see Hella play Biblical Violence on Youtube and be awestruck. 

Talking of awe, this deliriously gorgeous TIME OF ORCHIDS track is off their recent album 'Namesake Caution' Kayo Dot, it takes ages to get into them but then you're hooked. 

I believe this timeless CARDIACS track is available for all to download for free at with a bunch of others.

Good hunting - Marina

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