Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday July 20th  2008, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details... 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2:  FIGHT LIKE APES – Canhead (Fifa)
3:  SAY BOK GWAI – Haam Sup Gwai (Edgetone)
4: RUDE MECHANICALS – Aliens (Rim)
5: SCUL HAZZARDS –  Man Up (Valve)
6: SAY BOK GWAI – Return Of The Monkey King (Edgetone)
7: THE KINGSIZE FIVE – A Very Serious Artist (Little Genius)
8: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Rise Of The Indecent Behmoth (Download)
9: SAY BOK GWAI - $40 Dollar T-Shirt (Edgetone)
10: Mt. SIMS – Melting The Ice (Hungry Eye)
11: FIGHT LIKE APES –Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues (Model Citizen)
12: SON VAIL & ELEPHANT TALK – Love Is Where You Make It... (Line Out)
13: SAY BOK GWAI – Not All Chinese Are Good At Math (Edgetone)
14: DOOM – National Lobotomy (Violent Change)
15: JULIE TOLENTINO – Stain Sparkles (download)
16: BO-PEEP - Track 1 off the album (Flightpath)
17: KONG – A Hint Of Rennit Innit (Brew)
18: 28 DEGREES TAURUS – Endless Sea (Self Release)
19: VESSELS – An Idle Brain And The Devil’s Workshop (Cuckundoo)


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: FIGHT LIKE APES – Canhead (Fifa) – Goodness me, its fish and chips! The Dublin four are just about the best new(ish) band out there, they’re brilliant live, they pulled it off completely at Somerset House this week. MayKay and her gang with their new wave junk TV fixations and their synths and driving bass and drums and her butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth screams. This is from their “David Carradine Is A Bounty Hunter who’s Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch” EP. They have different new singles out in both Ireland and the UK this and next week and MayKay got her silver hotpants back (or did she buy news ones?), oh they just rule! They’re playing Irish festivals right now, next London show is at the Hoxton Bar & Grill on August 7th. Perfect pop and lots lots more  -

3: SAY BOK GWAI – Haam Sup Gwai (Edgetone) – They have an album our called Chink In The Armor, CantoCore is what they said, “the only CantoCore band in existence” is what they actually said, who are we to argue? They’re from San Francisco (of course), they sing in both Cantonese and English, they mix up fast American hardcore, slices of old school thrash metal, some straight down the line US punk, and now again a healthy experimental math-punk edge. They sound like they should be on Alternative Tentacles and touring with Jello’s latest band (no disrespect to Edgetone of course). They say they’re coming at it with a Chinese American perspective unique to San Francisco – they certainly sound like they could be from nowhere else but the Bay Area, this is classic front line top quality San Francisco punk rock. Thirty one short sharp right on the ball tracks played with colour and imagination. Lyrics that bait, lyrics that bite, slices of humour, slices of frozen pizza, slices of clever comment, anger, situation switching and don’t get all hung up just because you’re a whitey, its only a colour! We’re talking a more than healthy mix of Minor Threat, Dead Kens, DRI, a touch of Slayer, some mathcore awkwardness, that occasional experimental edge and that extra thing that could only come from, well, could only come from a Chinese punk band slamming out of San Francisco. They seem to be a drum and guitar two piece, their older stuff appears to come from a more of an avant area, seems we have a lot of exploring to do, isn't music great, is that a music stand on stage? Don't you just love You Tube   - highly recommended.- or or and those You Tube things can be found via

4: RUDE MECHANICALS – Aliens (Rim) – Another taste of the very (very) experimental, very (very) left Field London band’s debut album. Ms Roberts and her slaves with some strange art-jazz-lounge contradictions and performance art and post punk and lessons in toe sucking and this one is about the mice of the underground being aliens (or something like that). The whole album is addictive amazing and really like nothing else you’ve heard, they play The Cross Kings in Kings Cross on August 7th and the Dry Bar on August 8th – or

5: SCUL HAZZARDS –  Man Up (Valve) - Last time we featured Scul Hazzards they were an Australian based outfit and their singles were coming out on a local label from over there, now they have a debut D.I.Y album ready to go and they’ve recently relocated to London – catch them and their fine skin-peeling churning rusty-edged Big Black flavoured abrasive post-hardcore  down at London Bridge at The Miller on August 6th alongside Palehorse, Epideme and Pocus Whiteface. The album is called Let The Sink and you can find out more via

6: SAY BOK GWAI – Return Of The Monkey King (Edgetone) – See track 3, their songs are all short and sharp (and rather packed) and their album is album of the week on the Organ website this week and why not play more than one slice here on Resonance FM tonight, I mean, is any other station in the UK likely to play them? 

7: THE KINGSIZE FIVE – A Very Serious Artist (Little Genius) – The big nine/ten/eleven/who knows how many depends of which night you see them outfit have their debut album out any moment now. They play caustic jump-jiving swing/jazz flavoured 50’s blues’d-up rock ‘n roll delivered with a punk rock attitude and they’re various people on the run from time done skinny white boy indie guitar bands. They play the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho on July 29th -

8: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Rise Of The Indecent Behmoth (Download) – Ah the ultimate radio friendly pop band – well as far as we’re concerned here on the Organ hour of your easy listening Resonance 104.4fm – Legendary US Noise-jazz musical violence and hardboiled no-wave progression from Weasel Walter and his collaborators – Skingraft records is where you can find albums and free downloads and more – or check out what Weasel Walter is up to via, he’s busy releasing lots of stuff via ugExplore at the moment, his collaboration with Mary Halvorason (as featured on this show in recent weeks) is well worth checking out if your idea of free-jazz in NOT to be found in Ronnie Scott’s... 

9: SAY BOK GWAI - $40 Dollar T-Shirt (Edgetone) – See track three and six.... 

10: Mt. SIMS – Melting The Ice (Hungry Eye) – A track from the outfit/band/art collective fronted by Matt Sims (AKA DJ Hell) released on fine New York label (as a limited edition of 1000) and some rather fine, rather dark, rather stark post-punk electro crossover. Explore via

11: FIGHT LIKE APES – Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues (Model Citizen) – Two minute blast of new b-side action and a cover of Mclusky’s song that pretty much makes it a Flight Light Apes song – they really can take anything they want, yes gushing some more. There’s 500 copies released in the UK at the end of this month, grab one, they’re going to be gold dust. They’re playing everywhere right now and they more than back it up live. Their debut single was the Organ single of the year last year, they get better by the day, oh I’m a gushing fan now and I make no apology for playing them twice this week -

12: SON VAIL & ELEPHANT TALKLove Is Where You Make It, Love Is Where You Are (Line Out) – Now this ep called “3 Songs” is something rather special, came out back at the end of May, a three track seventeen and a half minute  collaboration between the usually instrumental sound art/post rock band from the UK called Son Ver and the glowing minimalist experimental outfit from Belgium known as Elephant Leaf. Three extremely beautiful, minimal, simple yet deliciously complex pieces that glow in to life via Lucie Dehli’s vivid vibrant voice. Lucie really does bring it all to life, her voice is radiant, a lazy comparison would be somewhere near a far more soothing  silky Bjork. The three tracks and the sounds therein fit together so so well; pulsing ambience, quiet minimal strength, glowing tension, wondering resonance, beautifully  precise detail, hypnotic warmth, radiant colour – a comforting dramatic, quiet, soothing and powerfully naked experimental masterpiece, safety in the rewarding drama of the numbness, beautiful - / /

13: SAY BOK GWAI – Not All Chinese Are Good At Math (Edgetone) – See track three and six....

14: DOOM – National Lobotomy (Violent Change) – They were a big part of the ever evolving UK the musically violent politically charged crust-punk underground of the 80’s/90’s and their long since deleted 1996 album Rush Hour Of The Gods is re-released, re-mastered and packed with extra tracks on August 11th – and it is a pure pleasure to get to blast some Doom over the airwaves.

15: JULIE TOLENTINO – Stain Sparkles (download) – Julie is an avant performance art/opera voice, amongst her many other things she is a collaborator of live artist Ron Athey and the two of them are joined by Franko B and Julianna Snapper for an event called Resonate/Obliterate on July 24th in LA – yeah, I know , other side of the world but anything Julie, Julianna, Ron and Franko are up to is worth checking out and this is a global village and they have this high desert performance art boot camp coming up and well, Ron Athey is at and full details of the bootcamp can be found on line with this week’s Organ at

16: BO-PEEP - Track 1 off the album (Flightpath) – Can’t tell you the tittle of the song, they sing (and yell and scream) in Japanese. Three girls from Fukuoka with some raging punky grungy indie j-rock screaming. The debut album is called Is It Good For You? The album cane out back in June in the UK – or or

17: KONG – A Hint Of Rennit Innit (Brew) – A new band from Manchester (and not to be confused with any of the previous Kongs), this is the b-side of their debut single (limited edition of 500) out on July 28th – excellent heavy monster loud large-animal progressive hard rock. /

18: 28 DEGREES TAURUS – Endless Sea (Self Release) - All kinds of delicate alt.psychedelia and creamy fuzzy shoegazing going on here. A three piece from Boston (USA) and some genuinely different flavours. A kind of female voiced Chapterhouse meets a mellow Siouxsie for Sonic Youth/Kim Gordon disciples – melodic drones, hints of Eastern spice, horny warmth, seductive waves and endless seas. Energetic textures, ambient analogue cleverness and sounds that never let go of the fact that they’re there for the songs. Karina has a beautiful voice, just right, not quite a whisper, something to feel, crashing when she needs to. Jinsen plays guitar, Kyle handles drums while guests add Moogs, Cellos and Thermin. The texture is lo-fi, one suspects not deliberately so, the production values add rather than distract – the whole album is delicately seductive – the moments, phases, phrasing and timing, a whole fuzzy warm feeling, rather good... –

19: VESSELS – An Idle Brain And The Devil’s Workshop (Cuckundoo) – A track from the Leeds band’s forthcoming debut album (out August 18th). Fine fine post-prog-rock, warm and clever, textured and taut, wonderfully different. Beautifully considered mostly instrumental delicateness that knows when to build to drama and create those explosions in the sky. Godspeed your drama and yes, they’ve more than made the album we all hoped they would – or

– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved.... same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4..

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