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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details... 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: MOGWAI – Batcat (Wall Of Sound)
3: DOSH -  Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop (Anticon)
4: SAY BOK GWAI – Trick Duck (Edgetone) 
5: SCUL HAZZARDS – Last Few Bucks (self release) 
6: HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW – Giant Mantis Vs Turtle Nip (New Weathermen) 
7: ARCS OF RED –  Tombs (demo)
8: Z’s – The Hard EP (Three.One.G) - 
9: FIGHT LIKE APES -  Accidental Wrong Hole (Fifa) 
10: Z’s – The Hard EP part 2 (Three.One.G) 
11: SHEARWATER –  On The Death Of The Water (Matador) 
12: Z’s – The Hard EP part 3 (Three.One.G) 
13: ZOMBIE ZOMBIE –  I’m Afraid Of What’s There (Versatile) 
14:  ONE DAY AS A LION – If You Fear Dying (Anti) 
15: SAY BOK GWAI – Chow Fun Chow Not Be Fun (Edgetone) 
16: TORCHE –  Pirana (Hydrahead) 
17: VILE IMBECILES –  Blind Truth (Tea Vee Eye)
18: SQUAREPUSHER – Cronecker King (Warp) 
19: Unknown New Orleans busker – Stairway To Heaven (download)
20: BE YOUR OWN PET – Stairway To Heaven (Beggars Banquet)
21: DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS – Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife (New West) - 
22: SAY BOK GWAI – Not All Chinese Are Good At Math (Edgetone) - 
23: HERZOGA – Satanic Verses (download) 
24: VESSELS -  Altered Beast (Cuckundoo) 


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: MOGWAI – Batcat (Wall Of Sound) – Hit the ground running this week with a surprisingly strong meaty instrumental prog-out from Scotland’s Mogwai in the shape of their new single (out on September 1st) from the forthcoming album The Hawk Is Howling. This week’s single of the week on the Organ website and Mogwai on top form (can’t say I’ve been a big supporter of everything they’ve done, love this track though) -

3: DOSH - Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop (Anticon) Open track from the forthcoming Wolves And Wishes album – Martin Dosh’s forth official album and a whole fresh can of clean cut free flowing tunes, a refreshing wonderment of an album. “re-imagined drums, Rhodes and everything but the kitchen sink”. Delicate tinkling  glistening constructions that glide and then skip and then float. No, it isn’t as simple as just calling it post rock, or electonica or anything else that easy or obvious – Wolves And Wishes just feels different. This week’s Organ album of the week over at, find out more from, available on the UK via

4: SAY BOK GWAI – Trick Duck (Edgetone) - They have an album our called Chink In The Armor, CantoCore is what they said, “the only CantoCore band in existence” is what they actually said, who are we to argue? They’re from San Francisco (of course), they sing in both Cantonese and English, they mix up fast American hardcore, slices of old school thrash metal, some straight down the line US punk, and now again a healthy experimental math-punk edge. They sound like they should be on Alternative Tentacles and touring with Jello’s latest band (no disrespect to Edgetone of course). They say they’re coming at it with a Chinese American perspective unique to San Francisco – they certainly sound like they could be from nowhere else but the Bay Area, this is classic front line top quality San Francisco punk rock. Thirty one short sharp right on the ball tracks played with colour and imagination. Lyrics that bait, lyrics that bite, slices of humour, slices of frozen pizza, slices of clever comment, anger, situation switching and don’t get all hung up just because you’re a whitey, its only a colour! They seem to be a drum and guitar two piece, their older stuff appears to come from a more of an avant area, seems we have a lot of exploring to do, isn't music great, is that a music stand on stage? Don't you just love You Tube  - or or and those You Tube things can be found via

5: SCUL HAZZARDS – Last Few Bucks (self release) - - Last time we were featuring Scul Hazzards they were an Australian based outfit and their singles were coming out on a local label from over there, now  they have a debut D.I.Y album ready to go and they’ve recently relocated to London – catch  them and their fine skin-peeling churning rusty-edged Big Black flavoured abrasive post-hardcore  down at London Bridge at The Miller on August 6th alongside Palehorse, Epideme and Pocus Whiteface. The album is called Let The Sink and you can find out more via

6: HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW – Giant Mantis Vs Turtle Nip (New Weathermen) – A track from the new album Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock  - Bad case of daydreams, I don’t mind, they’re not mine... heavy heavy low low, nothing like the smell of toxic shock on a hot summer morning over on the edge of someone else’s space. Nothing natural here but I do understand your logic. A tasty storm of twitching jerking screaming metal intensity and hey, this is rather good. Tales of on the road drunken chaos and pizza and an intense all over the dial explosion of awkwardly good hardcore metal splatter and punky Bungle tantrums from San Jose -

7: ARCS OF RED –  Tombs (demo) - They’re from Dorking in Surrey and they plain and simple rock. That vocalist, the neat little two track demo Paul Colto, reminds me of someone, really bugging me. They’ve got this swaggering indie attitude, they just lock on, run up through the gears and rawk! Shaun Ryder mainlining Red Bull rather than bad drugs?  Bugging me! Tow galloping tracks, bit of a 90’s Manchester vibe, but of a Charlatans meets Interpol feel maybe? Whatever it is, they rock big time and if they’ve got a few more songs like these two then.... They’re playing the Redfest this coming weekend, that’s in Redhill, Surrey, find out more via

8: Z’s – The Hard EP (Three.One.G) – It doesn’t get more hardboiled and challengingly avant than Z’s, they play “loud and or/soft angular repetitive music with saxophone, guitar and drums”, they exist somewhere between the worlds of DIY punk and “academic experimental music”. This is their idea of a single, 15 minutes of noise that dares you to stick with it to the end. We only have an hour on the air and so much to fit in and share with you so we gave you the first five or so minutes then faded in and out of it a couple of times to see how the Americans were getting on with their beautiful noise – this is indeed how to make a single - one whole holy cacophony of flowing jarring instrumental noise – gloriously awkward!  Love it!

9: FIGHT LIKE APES -  Accidental Wrong Hole (Fifa) – This week’s excuse for playing the Dublin band is the fact that they’re supporting Black Cherry at the Hoxton Bar And Grill this coming 7th August. They are jut about the finest band about right now with their tales of careless lovers and this is from their “David Carradine Is A Bounty Hunter who’s Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch” EP. They have different new singles out in both Ireland and the UK around about now and they jsut recorded their debut album and you really should try and catch them, they are rather special with their uniquely Dublin flavoured contradictions that are so so many things. The essential thing is their songs, nothing else would matter if they didn’t have such powerfully strong songs laced with such strident personality. Fight Like Apes are as essential as goodness me. Let me see; silver glitter hot pants, fish, chips and cans of fizzy pop, low budget kung fu b-movies -

10: Z’s – The Hard EP (Three.One.G) – back for a little more, see track 8 and the art of resonating radio unfriendly resonance...

11: SHEARWATER –  On The Death Of The Water (Matador) – Opening track from the recent album Rook and you know how it works, word slowly seeps around but there’s too many bands and you can’t possibly hear them all and the language of birds so often floats on by - lost on the wind and in the tree tops and yes, this album has been out for getting on for two months now and we’re late. You stash the name somewhere there in the file you keep in your head marked bands I must make a point of checking out when I get a moment - put this album at the front of file and mark it urgent.  Rook is one of those wonderful things that once in a while sneaks up and you suddenly fine yourself consumed by the all encompassing simple majesty and the need for telling and sharing and you must hear this, you really must. Rook is the kind of album you want to call people about, Rook is a beautiful spiritual album, a powerfully quiet album, a wonderfully considered album and everything you may of heard about Shearwater will be confirmed as right with the first minute of the album opener and those wistful notes across the water.  A real gem, a quite piece of wistful crafted beauty alone in solitude and worded so right and rolling eyes and “themes within meditate on man’s intersection with the natural world: the hunter, and the prey; the extinction of species; the world after human beings are gone...”. Metaphor for human relationships; “a dark fairy tale encased in a cycle of songs”.  That soaring almost falsetto voice and the fading arc light and the gentle wind and the quiet prophecy and the sings from ancient times and the things the moon is tell you. Lush and gorgeous and worth every bit of praise you already heard 
from elsewhere. A beautiful album you need to make time to check out (fine artwork as well) -

12: Z’s – The Hard EP (Three.One.G) – back for one more minute of their excellent new single, see track 8...

13: ZOMBIE ZOMBIE –  I’m Afraid Of What’s There (Versatile) – A revisit to their album released earlier this year, A Land For Renegades is all dark keyboard drones and forward moving krautrock cinematic tunes. Organic electronica and a more than healthy hint of Goblin, that and 70’s b-movie soundtracks. All very John Carpenter and sinister prog-kraut and don’t go out on those streets after dark instrumental Edgar Froese goodness. A fine collection of vintage synths, live real drums and a warm resonating sound. Zombie zombie indeed. And palyed again on the show this week because they’re playing The Macbeth in Hoxton on August 7th (same night as Fight Like Apes are up the road and Rude Mechanicals are over at the Klinker at Cross Kings in Kings Cross – where to go, what to do!?) -

14: ONE DAY AS A LION – If You Fear Dying (Anti) - Hey now, there’s nothing better than raging against that machine and those first Rage records still sound good fresh where so many others have lost that shine. This is from the debut EP from One Day As A Lion, and this is a heart pumping slice of adrenaline junkie earfood from the off – that voice, that attitude, that questioning political/social bite and that call to arms, good to see that some evolve and still manage to stick to their guns. One Day As A Lion are the barbed voice of Rage Zack De La Rocha on vocals and filthy sounding keyboards alongside Jon Theodore (formerly of Mars Volta) on drums and they sound like they might roar for more than one day here. They say this is a stripped down attempt to capture in the sound that sentiment that read on a wall (back in 1970) that “it’s better to live one day as a lion than a thousand days as a lamb”. The big guitar riffs of Rage ATM aren’t here but those keyboards have bite and those vocal lines could be no one else. No one else says it quite like Zack De La Rocha, this is a defiantly good exploration of the possibilities that exist in the space between the kick and snare – or

15: SAY BOK GWAI – Chow Fun Chow Not Be Fun (Edgetone) – See track four, most of their songs are about a minute long, there’s 31 of them on the album, they do have a couple that are a little longer and this indeed clocked in at just over four!

16: TORCHE – Pirana (Hydrahead) – Torche are on their way over for a UK tour with Pelican and Other Rock Show band of the moment Kayo Dot. This is a track from the recent Meanderthral album – One of them there slightly alternative, slightly stoner, rather out there bands who touch on good things that taste of the finest Melvins and plumpest Jesus Lizards. There we were letting it ferment and stew and cook and brew and we were somewhere around Amnesian on the edge of desert when the music began to take hold. I remember saying something like “I feel a little lightheaded; maybe you should type...” And suddenly there was a beautiful roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge riffs, all swooping and screeching and diving around the room, which at the time was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down to Pirana. And a voice was screaming: “Holy Jesus! What are these goddamn songs?” Then it was quiet again. My attorney had taken his shirt off and was hitting the repeat button “what the hell are you yelling about? Play it again” he muttered, staring up at the light bulb.... /

17: VILE IMBECILES –  Blind Truth (Tea Vee Eye) – A track from the awkwardly good Brighton band’s new album, a recent Organ album of the week Queenie Was A Blonde and some deconstructed reconstructed put back together so everything works in a slightly different way new wave blues and jarring fluid awkward pointed-shoe punk.- -

18: SQUAREPUSHER – Cronecker King (Warp) – A short track from the 2006 album and that uncompromisingly unique take on beats and bites/ Played in celebration of the fact that Squarepusher just got added to the MIKE PATTON - MELVINS party that is ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas weekender - scheduled for December 5-7 at Minehead's Butlins holiday camp. I see Jim Thirwell and those Butthole Surfers just got added as well – full details over on the Organ newspages or head to Latest Squarepusher news is probably over at

19: Unknown New Orleans busker – Stairway To Heaven (download) - Some found sound field art  street sound and a busker playing a bit of Led Zep on a delicate glass organ 

20: BE YOUR OWN PET – Stairway To Heaven (Beggars Banquet) – And a song that has nothing to do with the Led Zeppelin song of the same name. This is from the 2006 debut album, looks like the Texan band are only ever going to make two albums, they announced via their My Space blog this week that they’re intend to split after their show at London Dingwalls on August 26th. Read their brief statement over at

21: DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS – Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife (New West) – They bring their rather excellent focused-on-now Southern country rock and Americana with a social concious to the UK this week, including Monday August 4th at the Camden Electric Ballroom. We loved the latest album when it came out in February. Here’s what others have been saying: “The best new-school Southern rock you can buy.” (Rolling Stone), “The most poetic and insightful Southern rockers in existence today…” Pitchfork, “Southern Gothic as social realism” (Village Voice), “A hard-rocking testament to the intelligence, sensitivity, and soul of a people often discredited for lacking all three.” Slant. Find out more via

22: SAY BOK GWAI – Not All Chinese Are Good At Math (Edgetone) – One more minute, our contribution to the media overkill that is the Chinese Olympics, one more track from their Chink In Armor album – see track four. 

23: HERZOGA – Satanic Verses (download) - The Stoke on Trent outfit have a new track available as a free download, the track is called Satanic Verses and it will have adventures in your head. Herzoga at their most poppy and maybe at their most accessible and easy yet. Following on from their split single with To The Bones and their fully fledged Nice Car, their self proclaimed new wave angular Wrong Pop is sounding a little more refined this time. You can download it for free via or you can e.mail them and bug them to send you a higher quality version. They’re heading out on a full UK tour this week with Who Owns Death TV. Tour starts on Wednesday 6th August at the Retro Bar in Manchester and includes a date at the Silver Rocket @ The Buffalo Bar, London, on the 15th 

24: VESSELS -  Altered Beast (Cuckundoo) – Final track tonight and another track from the forthcoming debut album from the refined Leeds band. Clever progressive post rock delicacy and intricate warmth. The album is out on August 18th and no doubt we’ll be back with more before the release date – they’re made the album the demos and singles suggested they would - or

– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved.... same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4..

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