Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday August 31st 2008, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via Well 8.30 this week and a little unexpected extra...

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: SPRATLEY’S JAPS – Cabinet (ORG)
3: RUDE MECHANICALS – Aliens (Rim)
4: LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS –  Moustache Man (download) 
5: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS –  The Critic Stomp (Skin Graft)
6: CARDIACS – Eden On The Air (ORG)
7: CHEER ACCIDENT –  Day I Never Met You (Download)
8/intro part two: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
9: SLIPKNOT – Execute (Roadrunner) 
10: YOUNG WIDOWS – Old Skin (Temporary Residence)
11: LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS –  Grotesque Fleet Of Garbage (download)
12: FIGHT LIKE APES – Canhead (Fifo)
13: ROSE KEMP – Nanny’s World (One Little Indian) 
14: GRAILS –  Reincarnation Blues (Temporary Residence)
15: MISS VIOLETTA BEAUREGARDE – The Unbearable Lightness Of Tractors (Temporary Residence)
16: SHEARWATER – On The Death Of The Waters (Matador)
17: THE LADIES – Empathy On A Stick (Temporary Residence)
18: JOY OF SEX – December, Month Of Plenty (demo)
19: F**K BUTTONS – Colours Move (ATP)
20: GNOMES OF ZURICH –Stone The Crows (demo)
21: WILD DOGS IN WINTER –  Good Ol’ Burnt Eyes (demo)
22: ENABLERS – Tundra (Lancashire And Somerset)
23: RYE RYE – Shake It To The Ground (white label)
24: RUBY THROAT – Swan And The Menotaur (Sleep Like Wolves)
25: RUDE MECHANICALS – Strange Times (Rim)
26: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Demonic Velocities/20,000,000 Volts (Skin Graft)
27: AMANDA PALMER –  Runs In The Family (Roadrunner)
28: RE-RENAISSANCE OF THE CELTIC HARP – track two (High Quality Recordings) 


An unexpected last minute unprepared extra half hour this week, on air thirty minutes early at 8.30pm with about two minutes warning so you got bonus bites from the spare tracks we had with us...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: SPRATLEY’S JAPS – Cabinet (ORG) – An offshoot from one of the Cardiacs family of bands and one of Tim Smith’s creations, you can find this track on the compilation Tim put together called Cardiacs And Affectionate Friends. Fine out more about Cardiacs and Spratley’s Japs over at, find details of this album over on the ORG Records pages at

3: RUDE MECHANICALS – Aliens (Rim) – One of the most rewardingly unique albums of the year, London’s Rude Mechanicals really are Avantly different with their Glass Eye album and all kinds of stage bendy pointy jazz and spiky hard boiled experimental noise and toe sucking and golden showers and post punk art rock performance and body fluid meditation and creatively absurd goodness and dark decadent moistness. Led by the mysterious Miss Roberts, her band of ‘symbiotic slaves’ really are are different. Played again tonight because they playing a free Punkvert gig as part of the Portobello Film Festival at the Inn On The Green (under the Westway just up from Ladbrook Grove tube station) on September 10th Go admire them over at - or or

4: LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS –  Moustache Man (download) – They started in August of 2001 as a one-off performance piece by artist/performer Gregory Jacobsen. The performance was an attempt to convert his sound and noise based absurdist performance group Ritualistic School Of Errors into a dissonant minimalist rock band of synths and drums that would leave a wide open space for his syllable-stuffed cut-and-paste prose and confrontational contortionist interpretive dancing. Since then the group has gone through many changes with Jacobsen providing the aesthetic thread that runs through all stages of the group's history. Using Jacobsen's grotesque paintings as a basis for ideas, Lovely Little Girls craft songs of ridiculous simplicity that morph into nose-fornicating forays of dissonance and odd stumble-down-the-stairs-timing. Performance and concept has always been a large part of the group- either by staging horrendous fanfares or writing musical parts that depend on a theatrical playing.  The current incarnation of Lovely Little Girls features Mike Kendrick (Rope), Monika Bukowksa (Brilliant Pebbles), Doug Abram (Black Bear Combo), Zack Weil and Alex Perkolup (Flying Luttenbachers, Cheer-Accident, Bobby Conn). The line-up culls many influences from No-Wave, Rock-In-Opposition, Zeuhl, 80s Thrash Metal, Childrens' Music, Punk, Kurt Weill, 20th Century Classical and the art-damaged theatrics of The Residents -

5: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS –  The Critic Stomp (Skin Graft) – The ultimate no-wave free-jazz hard-boiled band and a real challenge to your musical endurance, this is our idea of radio friendly. A track from one of their many classic albums, you really should check them out and indeed check out everything leader Weasel Walter is involved in with his other bands, projects and label, he’s always worth your time and effort. Find more at or

6: CARDIACS – Eden On The Air (ORG) – Another track from the compilation Cardiacs leader Tim put together called Cardiacs And Affectionate Friends – the mellow relaxing side of Cardiacs and family. Fine out more about Cardiacs over at, find details of this album over on the ORG Records pages at

7: CHEER ACCIDENT – Day I Never Met You (Download) - Cheer Accident are a hard-to-pin-down very underground art-rock/post something or other prog band legend from Chicago; find samples at or

8/intro part two: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) – Our familiar theme tune for those tuning in at 9.00pm and expecting to hear it in the right place and the right time. This is where the Organ hour really started...

9: SLIPKNOT – Execute (Roadrunner) – Yes, Slipknot, and why not? The opening track from the new album All Hope Is Gone (out this week). Slipknot on Resonance? One minute of boiling experimental noise, tension and one of the finest openings to an album for a long long time, rest of the album is rather more conventional of course.... –

10: YOUNG WIDOWS – Old Skin (Temporary Residence) - Young Widows are from Louisville Kentucky and their second album Old Wounds is out on September 9th (well in the US anyway, not sure about the rest of the planet). Front line creative alternative US new wave post rock challenge and you can find out more via

11: LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS –  Grotesque Fleet Of Garbage (download) – See track four...

12: FIGHT LIKE APES – Canhead (Fifo)  - We have another excuse to play the best pop band of 2008! This time the excuse is a London appearance on Friday 5th September at Last Days Of Decadence (Shoreditch High Street). This is from the punky synthy Dublin band’s David Carradine Is A Bounty Hunter Who’s Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch EP, not long until the debut album now -

13: ROSE KEMP – Nanny’s World (One Little Indian) - Rose is actually the daughter of Steeleye Span’s Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp, you can hear it right there in her DNA and in the warmth of this rather fine new album of hers. Unholy Majesty is an accomplished impressive body of work, songs that take in her British folk heritage and blend that legacy effortlessly with a more than healthy and gloriously ambitious 70’s hard/prog rock outlook. The new album Unholy Majesty is out this week, she’s off on a UK tour this coming week including dates in London at the Dublin Castle on Sept 13th and The Water Rats Sept 15th - – or

14: GRAILS – Reincarnation Blues (Temporary Residence) – A first taste of the forthcoming album from the US band, Doomsdayer’s Holiday is the Portland band’s seventh album – “Acclaimed psych-metal group bore deeper into the darkness to ride the razor-thin line between morbidly terrifying and transcendently beautiful”  - only just got our hands on it, sound rather special on first listen, out on October 7th, expect more from us –

15: MISS VIOLETTA BEAUREGARDE – The Unbearable Lightness Of Tractors (Temporary Residence) – Whooooooo, instant must play this rush! A track from a rather good compilation album we got out hands on this week called Destroy Independent Music – Temporary Residence Ltd 06/07. She’s from... well nothing is that clear really, frothing gabber flavoured bouncy noise from... well maybe Italy, we need more!

16: SHEARWATER – On The Death Of The Waters (Matador) – Another visit to Shearwater’s beautiful album Rook. You know how it works, word slowly seeps around but there’s too many bands and you can’t possibly hear them all and the language of birds so often floats on by - lost on the wind and in the tree tops and yes, this album has been out for getting on for two months now and we’re late. You stash the name somewhere there in the file you keep in your head marked bands I must make a point of checking out when I get a moment - put this album at the front of the file and mark it urgent. Played this week in anticipation of the band’s UK tour that includes a show at London’s Bush Hall on Sept 17th and a free instore appearance at Rough Trade East on Sept 18th -

17: THE LADIES – Empathy On A Stick (Temporary Residence) – Another track from a rather good compilation album we got out hands on this week called Destroy Independent Music – Temporary Residence Ltd 06/07, and yet another band that features Rob Crow and Zach Hill (he of Hella and such). This dates from 2006, hey, 2006, 2008 what’s a couple of years – find out more from or

18: JOY OF SEX – December, Month Of Plenty (demo) - Is it something in the air, is scratchy wrong pop time? More things to say? “We agree on several things” they say, “short songs, rhythm, repetition, noise, form meeting function...” and yes they have all that nailed down and in place along with their scrape and bang and their joy of sex. A threesome, two boy one girl action and a fresh perspective, don’t got expecting any kind of mere novelty – “equality, newness...” and tunes of plenty buried underneath the furs, put of the lights tonight is it December already? I guess we should talk of Art Brut and The Fall and Wire and jagged smiles and thought we had all worked out... everything is good, nothing ruined, a fine fine demo. Catch them live at the Good Ship in Kilburn on September 11th -

19: F**K BUTTONS – Colours Move (ATP) – The rather challengingly experimental English electronic band have a new single out in October. Andrew Weatherall tells it rather well when he says they’re “like listening to Fripp and Eno in 1973 through a pair of massive speakers that have been slashed with a carving knife”. This new single is out on October 6th and you can catch them playing at the Rough Trade East shop this Monday night (Sept 1st) at 6.30pm with Mr Weatherall, before they head off to the USA to tour with Mogwai, back here touring the UK with the very same Mogwai in october – or

20: GNOMES OF ZURICH – Stone The Crows (demo) – Well they sent in a demo and they’re clearly not from Zurich and they’re probably not gnomes. They sound like a full on electric band, apparently they’re actually two (sometimes angry) men with a minimal drum kit and a acoustic guitar they put through a whole pile of fractured peddles. Two guys holed up on a warehouse in south London where by day they pack and move fine art and by night they make scratchy shouty feisty angry music – well they say angry, they certainly have frantic energy and there’s lots of shouting and clanking and banging going on and it clearly is cathartic – it clearly isn’t just cathartic noise and a blustery anger though - there’s restrain and craft and considered space here as well. GOZ have something rather different and something rather good. They get in to moody wired restrained shoegazing space now and again – in a delicately fragile lo-fi kind of way - especially with a fine reflective piece of beauty called Again. Five tracks, five challenging rewarding tracks, five different tracks and something well worth checking out –

21: WILD DOGS IN WINTER –  Good Ol’ Burnt Eyes (demo) - This looked good from the off, I do like a demo wrapped in good artwork – satisfying hand made cover with a stencil silhouette of a a wild dog, worth having just for the art of the tactile cover and the stitched together card that makes that cover. You kind of know when something like this turns up with so much simple crafted care that the music inside is going to be equally as good, equally as considered and cared about. And it is. Three simple, clever, complex, quiet tracks. Three whispered pieces of fine art, three pieces of sleepy languid thoughtful beauty. Wild Dogs In Winter are from Maidstone, Southern England, their letter came with a line drawing of a stag. The opening track on this demo was played tonight, it hums in a delicate post-rock way, very much a song though, a beautifully textured whispered structured unassumingly delicately beautiful song called Good ‘ol Burnt Eyes...  Can’t quite get that title but everything else makes perfectly beautiful sense. Every sound considered, every brush stroke, every pen mark, every delicate glitch and string plucked... everything. Simple art, simple music, beautifully clever -

22: ENABLERS – Tundra (Lancashire And Somerset) – New single from the exceptional band from San Francisco. Think poetic license and almost spoken word from post-rock fans and Slint lovers and they're’so so much more than that. One of the vital bands of now. And they land here for a UK tour this week that includes a date in London at Sazerac (formally Clockwork), Pentoville St, on September 6th –

23: RYE RYE – Shake It To The Ground (white label) - She’s got this bonkers electro dance hip-hop bratty brat sugar-sweet thing going down, no messing with her, fly as a pie or something near. Electro jam US hip-hop (from Baltimore), seems she’s just seventeen and the toast of the damn interweb and faceTube and you’ve got to keep it moving – and why not, this is damn good! She has her own style, her on take on it all, bit of a M.I.A. vibe in there, this is innovation and as zinging as stewed blackberries with no sugar –

24: RUBY THROAT – Swan And The Menotaur (Sleep Like Wolves) – A track from the new album called The Ventriloquist  – Ruby Throat is Katie Jane Garside and Chris Whittingham. Seems they met on a dark and rainy night on the London underground, Katie Jane bewitched by the sound of Chris’s Lapsteel slide guitar, they decided to share worlds and forged Ruby Throat. The Ventriloquist is twelve very fragile almost whispered songs, twelve pieces of minimal warmth and hushed words, a whole set of colliding realities and naked whimsical dreamstates. Twelve pieces of quiet gothic folk and little things that matter so much. Quietly snarling black cats, swans, rain, tension – delicate fragile tension, beautifully whispered words and delicately fragile jagged edges, brushed guitar strings that do indeed bewitch, easy to see why Katie stopped in that underground tunnel. They make a beautiful sound together – beguiling, melancholic and that cooing dove of a voice that could only be Katie Jane. Delicate pin-drops and one careful foot in front of the other under dark skies past quiet streams and secret worlds - hushed blues, other-folk. The Ventriloquist has been out for a little while now as an underground mailorder word of mouth thing, September 1st sees the official worldwide go-buy-it-in-a-record-shop style release. They play a rather intimate show down in Denmark Street this Wednesday Sept 3rd at London’s 12-Bar club -

25: RUDE MECHANICALS – Strange Times (Rim) – See track three....

26: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Demonic Velocities/20,000,000 Volts (Skin Graft) – See track five...

27: AMANDA PALMER –  Runs In The Family (Roadrunner) – She of the wonderful Dresden Dolls has a solo album out on September 15th, the album is as diverse and rewarding as you’d rightly expect. She sets out on a UK tour at the end of September – or

28: RE-RENAISSANCE OF THE CELTIC HARP – track two (High Quality Recordings) - – here’s what the label say, they tell us in a rather succinct way:  “Alan Stivell's 'Renaissance De La Harpe Celtique', released in 1971, was responsible for a phenomenal worldwide surge of interest in the Celtic harp, a small to medium-sized instrument usually designed for traditional music and prominent in Welsh, Bretton, Irish, Scottish and other Celtic cultures. Some of the artists on 'Rerenaissance Of The Celtic Harp' share a love of Stivell's original album, having either grown up listening to it or picked it up while digging charity shop crates for sample material. Others had never heard of it until a dusty CDR was thrust in their direction one day. The result is fourteen weird and wonderful tracks stretching and reshaping elements of Stivell's masterpiece. This album is meant to be experienced as a coherent whole - this is not a 'compilation'. Individual tracks have purposely not been attributed to specific artists, and none of the tracks have titles. The artists involved in the project are: The Foul Papers, High Quality Recordings, Listen With Sarah, Mank, Operator, Orcop, Pappy and Recall” 
                          Well we certainly discovered Alan Stivell via charity shops and word of mouth, and yes Renaissance is a masterpiece. Re-Renaissance meanwhile is a fine interpretation via the mediums of electronic warmth and sampled texture. Refined delicate samples and mellow electronic loops, clever additions that blend rather than blur the original – and yes it does work as one beautifully coherent whole   .  Download it all for free from

– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved... it is an absolute pleasure to play these tracks on the radio for you, even on days when we get soaked to the skin in a rainstorm and a half on the way in! Same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4.. 

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