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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: PARTS & LABOR – Satallites (Jagjaguwar)
3: GRAILS –  Reincarnation Blues  (Temporary Residence)
4: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Your Goose Is Cooked (self release)
5: AMANDA PALMER – Strength Through Music (Roadrunner)
6: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Butter Stinker (Self release)
7: SEA SICK – Octopus (demo)
8: TO THE BONES – Rex (Medici)
9: F**K BUTTONS –  Colours Move (ATP/R)
10: PRE – Scenes From a 1963 Los Angeles Love-In (Skingraft)
11: DIAGONAL – Semi Permeable Men-brain (Rise Above)
12: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Strange Technique (demo)
13: MISS VIOLETTA BEAUREGARDE – Try To Understand This One (Temporary Residence)
14: SON VER & ELEPHANT LEAF – Love Is Where You Make It (Line Out)
15: STEPHEN GREW  - track 3 (demo)


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: PARTS & LABOR – Satallites (Jagjaguwar) - Brooklyn’s majestic alternative “noisepunks” have their fourth album out in November, well they say noisepunks, we say they’re far far more than that – graceful drones, clever time signatures and massive moments, swelling colours and on this seven and a half minute album opener there may even be a hint of more recent Cardiacs (in a New York way rather than that English way of Cardiacs) in their built up of glorious noise (and those of you who know us Organs will know it takes a lot to get us to compare a band’s beauty with Cardiacs). or

3: GRAILS –  Reincarnation Blues  (Temporary Residence) – Now how good is this new album (out on Oct 7th), serious avant-metal and way beyond the limitations that that may suggest, a massive beast of a (mostly) instrumental album that will take you to so many unexpected places,  a “rewarding transcending piece of work and something to get lost in for hours and hours” we said in this week’s hyperbolic Organ album of the week review – yeah, I know, but music like this excites us, this is why we do this - or 

4: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Your Goose Is Cooked (self release) – The rather fine London band have their debut album ready for you at last, it ore than lives up to the promise of the demos we’ve played you before. Nine tracks of bendy pointy new wave tight and obtusely angular mathletics. The album landed here this week and you can expect lots more from it – this is Organ fuel! The urgently good album is called Buffalo, their next gig is at Catch in Shoreditch, East London on October 14th. Lots more from 

5: AMANDA PALMER – Strength Through Music (Roadrunner) – Another track from Amanda’s debut solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer. The Dresden Doll is on tour in the UK right now, playing live, meeting people in parks ahead of shows, cutting hair and generally doing the magically creative thing she does. More good things from the city of Boston over there Massachusetts. Catch her here in London at Koko in Camden in October 10th, check the tour dates and more over at or 

6: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Butter Stinker (Self release) – see track four, important underground London album this, thus two slices tonight... 

7: SEA SICK – Octopus (demo) – This week’s Organ magazine demo of the week, here’s what we said about it “This is good, darkly psychedelic and slightly sinister in an alternative Season Of The Witch kind of way. Seasick are from Brooklyn New York and they’ve got this edgy alternative hypnotic thing going down, a warm witchy brooding hand-pointed sound, another side of life. A brooding dark quietly menacing acid-rock thing – this is very good indeed. Female voiced and a touch of that haunting head-messing thing Huge Baby did back at the start when they were oh so vital  – nowhere near as intense as that, got that same dark-eyed candle-burning feeling though. Sea Sick cast alternative musical spells, fronted by the Nico-like Persian/Latvian voice of Jasmine Golestaneh, these seven tracks are really worthy of your investigation. Black cats and dark fires, radiant heat and hypnotic velvet undergrounds, divine dreams and moody twists. An alluring New York intensity, a SonicYouth gone all broken spells and turning skies upside-down” -

8: TO THE BONES – Rex (Medici) - The Bolton band’s debut album is out this coming Monday, we’ve been shouting about them around here since that demo that we put out as a single of our label Org sometime last year. They’re the missing link somewhere between early Motorhead and edgy challenging North American bands like Deerhunter or Liars or early Nirvana, they’re electric live and you really should see them before they become too slick and “professional”, the time to see them is now. Playing live lots and lots right now, next London show first on at the Metro on October 16th  – 

9: F**K BUTTONS –  Colours Move (ATP/R) – Bristol’s rather excellent F**k Buttons have a new single out on November 6th and the rather rewarding electronic confrontation of a band are up to things on tour with Mogwai somewhere around now so check websites and such. “Timeless and Neu-like, Fripp And Eno and no Pussyfooting. Delicate and disturbing, wired and fragile, robust and demanding. A storm of electronic white noise sculpted in to a coherent transcendent tribal drone, an emotional rumble, a swelling noise and a sweet determined love for this planet earth” is what we said when *we made it this week’s Organ single of the week –
10: PRE – Scenes From a 1963 Los Angeles Love-In (Skingraft) – A revisit to the hardboiled London no-wave noise band and the difficult shouty awkwardness of their much loved (around here anyway) album Epic Fits. You can catch the band in London next week, 3rd of October at the Luminaire in Kilburn, 7th at Madam JoJo’s in Soho, and Hoxton Bar & Grill on October 16th, then they’re off to the USA again soon to record their next album with Steve Albini - -

11: DIAGONAL – Semi Permeable Men-brain (Rise Above) – Now how good did this sound on the radio? Eleven gloriously massive minutes of full on real deal no messing prog as f*** adventure from a new young band from Brighton with a brilliant debut self-titled album (out this coming November) and something so good we can talk of classic full on 70’s Van Der Graaf or the dangerous side of King Crimson or, oh look, total utter prog rock, the full-on forward looking fresh and new real deal  - brilliant! The last musical taboo, and the punkest thing we’ve heard or played on the radio in an age – or

12: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Strange Technique (demo) – Now we only got to this one this weekend, the package looked so good, hand-painted stencilled card cover, hand pained CD disc, we knew the music was going to be good. Now if i have this right, they’re a London based Japanese band and they sound like nothing we’ve heard before. Strange otherness and thankfully we have a radio show to bring you things like this rather than having to merely write about them - heaven knows how I;m going to get a review of this done for next week’s edition of Organ. Next gig is at the Legion in Shoreditch on October 22nd –

13: MISS VIOLETTA BEAUREGARDE – Try To Understand This One (Temporary Residence)  - From her excellent 2006 album Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo, her music is apparently based on the theory that everything is already so messed up that messing it up even more can only make it better. She’s from Italy and she carefully constructs loops, beats and violent gabber flavoured other rock goodness and once she gets in ot your head she’ll stay there messing things up in the most rewarding of ways (and now that she’s in mine you’re going to be hearing a lot more around these parts) . Oh and she said the other day she was recording a George Tabb song for her next album, not sure if that was a secret so don’t tell her I told you... or

14: SON VER & ELEPHANT LEAF – Love Is Where You Make It, Love Is Where You Are (Line Out) – A revisit to Son Ver’s recent beautifully delicate three track collaboration with Elephant leaf, played again this week in anticipation of their Moose Factory Presents night on October 9, 2008 @ The Good Ship in Kilburn, London with Rocket Number Nine, Metamorphic, and Juice. Find out more from or

 Moose Factory Presents! is a new semi-regular series of music nights in London. It started off as a reviews and listings website for the leftfield music community and is now branching out into music promotion and releasing mini-albums. Moose Factory has made an effort to include artists of all genres, as long as there is an attempt to push beyond the normal boundaries of any chosen style”. The Moose Factory team’s first night is on October 1st at Cross Kings, Kings Cross, London “This, the first Moose Factory night, is the first time that these three improvisers have shared the same stage. Grew and Clark often perform as a duo and they will do so tonight for one set. Prevost will play a solo set, and the evening will finish with a trio set. Not to be missed!”. Moose Factory Presents! Stephen Grew, Graham Clark and Eddie Prevost at The Cross Kings, London, October 1. 
 All giants on the British improv scene, Stephen Grew, Graham Clark and Eddie Prevost will be performing together at the very first Moose Factory Presents! in the Jester Bar at Cross Kings, 126 York Way, Kings Cross, N1 0AX on October 1, 2008. Doors at 7.00, Performances at 8.00, £6 (£4 concessions). Stream of consciousness Grew has notably performed with many  great improvisers such as Mick Beck, Evan Parker, Keith Tippett and Paul Hession. He has performed at festivals around the world from London and Manchester to Latvia and Austria, and most recently at AIM in Toronto. Violinist Clark has a hugely varied CV including everything from Gong, No Neck Blues Band, David Gray, Graham Massey (of 808 State), Lamb, Elbow, and Mark Feldman. Prevost is the revered and legendary co-founding percussionist of AMM. Prevost helped put English free improv on the map. Over the years he has been known to play with countless  top improvisers and contemporary composers, from Cornelius Cardew and Christian Wolf to Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford and Derek Bailey -

15: STEPHEN GREW - track 3 (demo) - And to finish tonight’s some what chaotic show (hey, live radio, this is how we like it) a slice of Stephen Grew’s 16 minute rather relaxing rather different experimental improv track from a disc that turned up here this week with very little information besides the word “Grutronic” written on it in blue felt tip. Not a lot of information with the disc, but you can explore more over at and see above for the for details of his Moose Factory Presents show. 

– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved... it is an absolute pleasure to play these tracks on the radio for you, even on days when we get soaked to the skin in a rainstorm and a half on the way in! Same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4.. 

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