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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

This week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the new two CD set called A Retrospective that’s to be released on Mute Records on November 3rd.... 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: F*CKED UP – Crooked Head (Matador)
4: DEERHOOF –  The Tears And Music Of Love (ATP/R)
5: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Your Goose Is Cooked (Self Release)
6: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Kiru Za Hatsu (demo)
8: GERIATRIC UNIT – Second Hand Ideas (Boss Tuneage)
9: STE McCABE –  Hate Mail (Cherryade)
11: TO THE BONES – Rex (Medici)
12: SPEECH DEBELLE – Searching (Big Dada)
14: SUSAN GEORGE BOOTH – Boston Triffic (demo)
16: MARTIN ORFORD – Grand Design (GEP)
17: DIAGONAL – Semi Permeable Men-Brain (Rise Above)
18: SHELLAC – Squirrel Song (Touch & Go)
19: SHRAG – Mark E. Smith (Where It’s At Is Where You Are)


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: F*CKED UP – Crooked Head (Matador) – Another track from the recent slice of punk rock excellence that is the Canadian band’s The Chemistry Of Modern Life album. The forward looking band are back in the UK for a full tour that kicks off in London at 93ft East on November 7th where they share a stage with Don Caballero. Full details, a free and legal download and lors more can be found over at

3: BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP / PADDY KINGSLAND  – The Whale (Mute) – A track from 1976 made for Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. See notes at the end of this list 

4: DEERHOOF –  The Tears And Music Of Love (ATP/R) – The much anticipated new Deerhoof album Offend Maggie is out on November 17th in the UK, a lot more than just another Deerhoof album, album of the week this week with this week’s edition of Organ over at – one of the very best/most unique bands in the world right now and another one of the albums of the year - or

5: MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Your Goose Is Cooked (Self Release) – Another taste of the London based band’s excellent debut album and their spiky punchy post punk new wave high wire angular precision. The album is called Buffalo, catch them next at the Montague Arms, New Cross, London, on November 20th –, the Organ review of the album can be found here at this week.

6: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Kiru Za Hatsu (demo) – it isn’t punk, it isn’t rock, it isn’t Radio One so go the lyrics, and they mysterious London based Japanese band really don’t fit anywhere with their way left field other rock. This week’s Organ demo of the week, go explore via - the Organ review of the demo can be found here at

7: BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP / DESMOND BRISCOE – TV March (Mute) – Seems that for many years, back at the start the television service started each day with a march. This 1960 Radiophonic Workshop version apparently resulted in letters of outrage to the Radio Times 

8: GERIATRIC UNIT – Second Hand Ideas (Boss Tuneage) – The no messing middle age hardcore punk rock band from Nottingham who feature one time members of legendary bands such as Heresy, Hard To Swallow and Iron Monkey. A track from their third album, released this month. Just classic no messing just right old school fast raw hardcore punk rock –

9: STE McCABE –  Hate Mail (Cherryade) – Tittle track from the Ste’s debut album. Scratchy ranty wired and angry lo-fi shouty no-messing confrontational scratching kicking queercore punk rock from Manchester. He don’t like Middle England values or the Daily Mail much does he? You can Catch Ste at the Dublin Castle on Camden, London this Monday 27th October, he’s also palying the Homotopia unity festival in Liverpool in November  -

10: BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP / MADDALENA FAGANDINI – Time Beat (Mute) – A television interval signal from 1961 that was latter used in a single produced George Martin under the name of Ray Cathode. 

11: TO THE BONES – Rex (Medici) – A track from the Bolton bands extremely well received debut album, you can catch them in London tomorrow (Monday October 27th) playing the best of the In The City night at Camden’s Barfly. The grungey punky scuzzy Motorhead crunching on Liars kind of band can be explored via and  now that the rest of the music media are catching up shall we remind you who put out their debut single last year? 

12: SPEECH DEBELLE – Searching (Big Dada) – This week’s Organ single of the week, here’s the review: Sublime London hip hop flavours over a chilled out inner city acoustic folky tune and some beautifully delicate guitar that skips over some clever drum ‘n bass flavoured rhythm. All quiet and restrained and powerfully delicate and they say misery loves company. And she throws up such delicate soothing sounds, such a youthful voice and you kind of think things are all good in her world until you focus in on what she’s actually saying and what she’s gone through and how she’s quietly lashing out at everything and how grim everything really is. Even the cats were (are?) filthy in her world and the bleak outlook really does contrast with that beautiful music, gets right in to your head and stops you - find yourself worrying about her. Is this her positive response? Is this too bleak? Dirty needles and all hope gone, but then it can’t be? Not when the music is so full of uplifting positive hope? Damn there’s some serious mind-messing depth here, and she sounds so young and how can she come out with all this? What the hell has gone on (still goes on?) in her world? Want to go out now find her now and make sure she’s OK!  Searching searching, this is powerful London hip hop, this is something really powerfully different - the contrasts, the beauty and the bleak, the warmth, the depth (and the soothing instrumental second track that really is needed). Catch twenty two at two a.m in the hostel and whooooooosh! This debut single certainly is something – Acoustic soulful emotive hip hop and she calls it speech therapy – that and a whole whole lot more -

13: BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP / MADDALENA FAGANDINI – Ideal Home Exhibition (Mute) – A piece made in 1962 for use on the BBC stand at the Ideal Home Exhibition 

14: SUSAN GEORGE BOOTH – Boston Triffic (demo) – A track from the London band’s rather raw rather fine four song demo. The choppy alt.metal band’s song about beautiful eyes and such was palyed again tonight because we think it to be rather good and because they play a Slash night at the Legion in London’s Old Street on November 6th, the gig is a free one and the bill also features HANDS OF HEADS and MUCKY SAILOR. More from or

15: BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP / KEITH SALMON – Westminster At Work (Mute) – 1964 opening sequence for a television programme produced from the edited sounds of Big Ben’s mechanism. 

16: MARTIN ORFORD – Grand Design (GEP) – Opening track from Mr Orford’s very fine new solo album that’s out this week. The longstanding IQ keyboard player and writer. This, as Martin himself explains, is not a progressive rock album, it is not pushing back the boundaries of music. It is however a full on glorious proper prog rock album, all the golden English glow of classic 70’s Genesis/Yes and all those IQ keyboard runs that could only be Martin Orford. Martin set out to make an album that fits like an old jumper, he’s more than done it. Read the full album review with this week’s Organ here at This ten minute opening track more than sets the mood for the whole wonderful prog treat of an album, find out more from the label Martin runs with the IQ collective over at

17: DIAGONAL – Semi Permeable Men-Brain (Rise Above) – Another play from the full blown psychedelic favoured prog-out space-jazz retro fest that is the debut Diagonal album. The young Brighton progheads have learnt a chord and another and a third and a mellotron riff and formed a band. Real punk, the last taboo, playing them last time got us a load of complaints, bring it on we say!  Here’s another ten minute track for you to suck on, and a perfect way to follow Mr Orford tonight. They play the Tapestry night on October 31st at St Alyosius Social Club in central London – more from or or

18: SHELLAC –  Squirrel Song (Touch & Go) - A track from Albini and co and their excellently hard-boiled awkwardly good 1000 Hurts album (from the year 2000). Played tonight in lip-smacking anticipation of their ATP Release The Bats shows in London and Birmingham - October 30th at London’s Kentish Town Forum and The Custard Factory in Birmingham on November 1st. The unmissable lineup reads like this: SHELLAC / LES SAVY FAV (London Dates Only) / OM . WOODEN SHJIPS / PISSED JEANS  / LIGHTNING BOLT + DJ ANDY WEATHERALL For more information, full stage times and news updates on these shows see

19: SHRAG – Mark E. Smith (Where It’s At Is Where You Are) – First dip in to the first great album of 2009, we’ve been resisting the temptation for weeks, this particular track got a load of attention from us when it originally came out as a single back last year or maybe even the year before. Expect to be hearing a lot more about and from the feisty Brighton band’s self titled debut in the lead up to the release. Yelping girl fronted DIY punk. We played it this week because the band ar up in Manchester for that city’s Ladyfest on November 8th. Ladyfest Manchester takes place between 7th and 9th November, loads of riot grrl style fem-positive DIY creativity and getting up and doing it the right way, find our more via and interact with Shrag via or

20: BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP / PETER HOWELL – Greenwich Chorus (Mute) – A track that dates from 1978 and a programme called The Body In Question, made from recordings of the clock in Greenwich Observatory and a then groundbreaking vocoder. 

– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved... it is an absolute pleasure to play these tracks on the radio for you, even on days when we get soaked to the skin in a rainstorm and a half on the way in! Same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4.. 


MUTE Records are to release a double CD set on NOVEMBER 3rd in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP. The two CD set features classics, rare and previously unreleased sounds and tracks. Presented in chronological order, the 107 track two CD set includes works from stalwarts such as JOHN BAKER, DELIA DERBYSHIRE, DAPHNE ORAM, ELIZABETH PARKER, DESMOND BRISCOE, PADDY KINGSLAND, PETER HOWELL, MALCOLM CLARK and more.... Bits of Quakermass, The Goon Show, Secret War, The Demon Headmaster, and of course the original Dr Who theme. All kinds of primitive groundbreaking electronic noise and tape cut up experimentation from the much loved workshop with the Heath Robinson reputation. Probably the greatest influence on UK (and probably world) electronic music, we all grew up with this stuff, even those of us who weren’t Dr Who fans, we’ve all been stopped by that Radio Blackburn jingle or that theme to Good Morning Wales haven’t we? Well the Greenwich Chorus  must have stopped you? 

Here's Marina's thoughts that accompanied her radio show playlist last week when she played a couple of tracks on her show....

"Now, whoops of joy accompanied the arrival of the lovely double cd album BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP retrospective. Out on the 3rd November, it contains over 100 pieces of music recorded between 1958 and 1997 that will either make you gasp in wonder at the sheer raw audacity of  the early synth and tape constructions, or shiver in Proustian suppressed memory reflex, or both.  Makes much electronic music sound like a backward step (and don't get me started on the current Dr Who soundtrack...ever). The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was a department within the Beeb soley for the purpose of making soundtracks, incidental music and idents in the most cutting edge way possible. I was lucky enough to visit the workshops themselves just after their closure, and was given the choice of watching CARDIACS (or at least an important chunk of them, in the guise of the Sea Nymphs) recording their John Peel Session, or playing with lots of glowing-valve-scented whirring things and mellotrons all day upstairs.  The Sea Nymphs won in the end... much of the BRW equipment ended up in the care of fellow Cardiac enthusiast Mr. Ridley, who happened to be technical chap that day - get in touch if you're reading.... where was I? Yes, hopefully this lovingly compiled retrospective will give more deserved exposure to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop composers"

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