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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: SON VER – The Atlas Tree (Disconnected Music)
3: FLAMING FIRE – Gun Through A Razor (Ex Gratia)
4: DEERHOOF – Buck And Judy (ATP/R)
5: UNDERGROUND RAILROAD – On The Radio (demo)
6: RUDE MECHANICALS – Etiquette (Ex Gratia)
7: ROSE KEMP – Bitter And Sweet (One Little Indian)
8: PAS CHIC CHIC – Vous Comprenez Porquoi (Seprini)
9: HANDSUM PETE – Mass Revolutionary Suicide  (Ex Gratia)
10: MARTIN ORFORD – Grand Designs (G.E.P)
11: SLEEPS IN OYSTERS - My Heart, A Hive For Bees (Seed)
12: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (Ex Gratia)
13: THE WELCOME WAGON – Half A Person (Asthmatic Kitty)
14: WHITE SHOES, BLACK HEART – Two Fast For Words (Hercules Ulysses)
15: THE DEIRDRES – Sir Michael Of Aspel (Cherryade)
16: THE WELCOME WAGON – Up On A Mountain (Asthmatic Kitty)


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: SON VER – The Atlas Tree (Disconnected Music) – A track from the band’s new album Luz Del Abyss that’s out somewhere around now. Beautifully whispered experimental instrumental post/avant/classical/whatever rock – cellos, restrained drums, pianos, refined guitars and all used in such a lush modern organic warm and rather inspiring way. The band play Barden’s Boudoir, Stoke Newington, London on December 3rd. Find out more via  or

3: FLAMING FIRE – Gun Through A Razor (Ex Gratia) – A new band to us, thanks to the Ex Gratia/Punkvert team and their fine new vinyl compilation album Specialisation Is For Insects. The album has loads of good stuff on it from bands like Batrider, Ten City Nation, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Rude Mechanicals, Anachistwood and more. Only just got our hands on it, the album came out this week, more on line on the Organ pages once we’ve had time to explore it. A quick search of the web tells us Flaming Fire are from Brooklyn and we need to go grab more – we heard bits of Residents in there, and the mighty Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Butthole Surfers, B-52s and yes, Cardiacs!  Aren’t compilation albums that alert you to things like this wonderful. I love the way the Ex Gratia/Punkvert people go about their creative way with their bands and records and films and events that are half gig half performance art things - or or

4: DEERHOOF – Buck And Judy (ATP/R) – A track from the new album Offend Maggie, played in anticipation of their London show at ULU this coming December 2nd. The album is Deerhoof sounding as creatively fine and different as ever, one of the more progressively restrained tracks from the sometimes frantic Japanese flavoured band from Oakland California. Surely one of the albums of the year as we start to think about these things –

5: UNDERGROUND RAILROAD – On The Radio (demo) – Well it is about time we played On The Radio on the radio. The London based French band will be opening for Deerhoof this coming Tuesday at ULU and then heading out on tour with Eskimo Joe. This is a 2006 demo track, the band have a new album called Sticks And Stones out on the One Little Indian label and indeed a new single out this week I do believe. Jagged guitar melodies and post punk flavoured no-wave grunge that has a little edge all to itself. I guess this track came out on their debut Twisted Trees album last year, we kind of lost touch with them after lots of Organ coverage during their early demo/London gig days  –

6:  RUDE MECHANICALS – Etiquette (Ex Gratia) – Now then, they are one of my favourite bands now, they’re as good as stomping in puddles in the rain and shared body fluids and golden wine and strange new wave other-jazz and angular Englishness and high tea and cream cakes made by (or maybe for) the alien mice who run the tube trains. London’s finest secret, those delicious Rude Mechanicals have a new single out as a download only. They’re guided by the voice of Miss Roberts, they’re in a world all of their own and they’re like watching ants farming aphids. The next Rude Mechanicals performance is at the Bull &Gate in London on December 6th  - or

7: ROSE KEMP – Bitter And Sweet (One Little Indian) – Rose played an absolutely brilliant live show (hosted by Resonance FM’s very own Dexter Bentley) yesterday just over the road from the studio in London Bridge in the rather good venue that is The Miller. All three bands were good yesterday, Plug and Hands On Heads were the other two bands on the bill – Nice of Dexter B. Rose Kemp and her fine band play wonderful folk flavoured heavy progressive rock. This is a track from her recent rather recommended album Unholy Majesty. She’s next in London opening for New Model Army at the Astoria on December 17th –

8: PAS CHIC CHIC – Vous Comprenez Porquoi (Seprini) – From the strange Canadian band’s Au Contraire album that came out earlier this year. Got an e.mail at about 6pm this evening just as we were heading out of the door over to London Bridge and the Resonance FM studio. The e.mail said that Pas Chic Chic were playing this coming Wednesday Dec 3rd at the Metro Club in London (Oxford Street, right by Tottenham Court Road), and that had us in a frantic search for the album s owe could pay it tonight...
          Who are Pas Chic Chic?  Never heard of ‘em? Well neither had we when the album landed here back in the Spring - here’s the Organ album of the week review from back in early April this year:
          PAS CHIC CHIC – Au Contraire (Semprini) – Never heard of Pas Chic Chic before, put it on without a clue, instant love! A beautiful blend of seductive 60’s French pop and Farfisa/Mellotron wonky psychedelic delight. Don’t know who they are or where they’re from and I’m deliberately not looking at the sleeve or the press release here until I’ve absorbed it all. Classic French pop with all that effervescent warmth and that fluttering hint of not so innocent naughtiness that can only come with delicious 60’s/70’s French art/film/pop. Male and female voices taking turns with lead vocal lines, both equally intriguing and seductive, confident and in control, occasionally laced with a darkside and a  hint of the sinister. Classic 60’s French art-pop delight that’s fused with a feel of now and hints of shoegazer flavoured post-rock adventure – this is not just some retro thing, feels very much something of the present rather than the past. Yes it figures that this is Roger Teller-Craig from Godspeed! You Black Emperor (as well as Fly Pam Am and Set Fire To Flames) and guitarist Radwen Moumnah is from celebrated hardcore band Cursed (a band who also featured Godspeed! And Silver Mt. Zion people), all five of them have pedigree. Marie-Douce sings and plays Farfisa, Maxo-korg and that glorious Mellotron (she also publishes her own zine called Amazine). The band are from Montreal and this is their very fine debut album and yes I have studied the sleeve and read the press release now and this really is a treat of an album that really doesn’t need too many words – open you hearts and fly to or or

9: HANDSUM PETE – Mass Revolutionary Suicide  (Ex Gratia) – Another track from the excellent Specialisation Is For Insects compilation, see track 3 for more details. Now some say Handsum Pete is the GG Allin of London town, and you know, those who say it just may have a point, what with all the naked blood splattered bondage and profanity and Foetus on the wheel and surprisingly this track was just about clean enough for us to play on the radio tonight!  - or

10: MARTIN ORFORD – Grand Designs (G.E.P) – Another play for the most honest piece of heartfelt music released this year, the almost ten minute opening track from Martin’s utter prog-out of a solo album called The Old Road. Now this is “prog”, and not progressive – no! As he says himself, this is that thing called Prog, that glorious Southern English 70’s flavoured Mellotron-dipped Genesis-ish full on unashamed Prog thing we love. Martin’s second solo album, and every bit of it wonderful. You may know if him via the twenty-five years plus service in cult UK band IQ. We love this album to bits, and make no apology for playing this ten minute track for a second time. Prog rock, the last great musical taboo and another one of the albums of the year...  Find out more from

11: SLEEPS IN OYSTERS -  My Heart, A Hive For Bees (Seed) – How glitchy was that? Track from this week’s Organ magazine album of the week. Where do we start with this treasure? Limited to 250 copies, I almost didn’t want to break in and open mine – it comes in a hand made fabric sleeve, flowery dress material, inside the CD is wrapped in a brown paper cover, tied up in string and sealed with a wax seal. There’s also a set of art cards wrapped in the same manner. And the music is a whole treasure cheat of choral glitch and delicate song-based electronica. Songs captured in the rays of sunshine like fine particles of dust, bits of bees and insects and clocks and touches of Efterklang’s beauty and Colt’s delicate whispers and so so much in there. Go read this week’s Organ for more or better still just hit the links – boxes to open, mysteries, old wind-up toys, exquisite musical boxes, pieces of coloured string, all kinds of mellow goodness. Animal Collective, Psapp, Devendra Banhart and maybe just a touch of that Sea Nymphs innocence in there with all the uplifting beauty... - or

12: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (Ex Gratia) – Well we can’t have them put out a new single on us without playing both sides in the same show! See track 6. 

13: THE WELCOME WAGON – Half A Person (Asthmatic Kitty) – Oh, I know it was wrong of me to play their Smiths cover first, but it is a rather wonderful version. From the debut album from Brooklyn based two piece couple – a Pastor and wife no less. The debut album is out on December 1st, goes by the name of Welcome To The Welcome Wagon. Album of the week recently on the Organ pages, a beautifully uplifting set of mostly American folk songs, traditional hymns and the occasional bits of Smiths or Velvet Underground. And produced by and released on Sufjan Stevens’ label. A beautiful celebration of Old Testament psalms, Presbyterian Psalters and sunny uplifting alternative pop moments that you really have to hear – such a breath of fresh air - or

14: WHITE SHOES BLACK HEART – Two Fast For Words (Hercules Ulysses Recording Co.) – Now I haven’t got to the bottom of this album yet, that’s another thing for me to get done before next week’s Organ goes on line (so much good music around at the moment!). A fast raging punk rock track about Alice through the looking glass and naughty bunny rabbits “ripped to the tits on crack”, loved it from the off but the album isn’t all fast nihilistic rabbits of crack and Elmer Fudd hunting Wabbits, no no, there’s loads more to unwrap here. Strange experiments that need to resonate these airwaves or noise rock things that taste of Sonic Youth’s experiments, or Unwound things, oh come back next week when I’ve got my head at least part way around it . The band proclaim themselves to be “Marxist pirate cowboy revolutionaries on supersonic boat trip into the sunrise...”  Another wonderful home made package that looks a feels good well before you even get to the music – something in a air, DIY creativity, music is art once more – the label declare that their intention is “to release groundbreaking and original new music at low cost, in high quality artistically striking formats, with an environmentally and socially responsible ethos and an intimate personal touch. All our releases are packages in high quality handmade sleeves made from 100% recycled paper, printed with vegetable based inks, and assembled atop a small round kitchen table....”  - for the label or for the band 

15: THE DEIRDRES – Sir Michael Of Aspel (Cherryade) – Off their recent two track single, here’s the Organ review from a couple of weeks ago for those who weren’t paying full attention: All eggy worry and sky falling in on culture and lips touching lips and sit with me, listen to this, and they promise the sky won’t fall in and all politics will be good and no balloons will be tied down. I am, he is, they are, she is, he, she, it, is...An enchantingly shambolic seven piece shouty indie-pop riot from Derby. The soundtrack for when it all goes wrong on Sesame Street and vile vile creatures invade those Bobby McGees. Nothing vile here though, happy happy creatures with flying paint to colour the insides of your very best dreams. And you can’t count your chickens what with eggs with double yokes an’ all. All kinds of hedonistic DIY pop goodness and strange instruments and joyous tunes that do sound dangerously addictive, and full of all the best verbs and balloons and home made DIY goodness. They’re fun like the Go Team are fun, or the way The Bobby McGees are fun. Spontaneous fun fun fun and shouty musical interludes to soothe the fevered brow, love it love it love it... or or

16: THE WELCOME WAGON – Up On A Mountain (Asthmatic Kitty) – Oh it really would be wrong to jut play their Smiths cover, here’s something else from their brilliant album to end tonight’s show on a positive uplifting note, see track twelve for more details... 

Thanks for listening (if indeed you did, if you didn’t explore the links and tune in next week). Next Sunday is Marina’s turn again with her Other Rock Show – an exploring of the finest slices of rock music beyond the confines of 4/4 convention.... 

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