Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW with Marina, Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday December 7th 2008

Intro: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  ENABLERS - Four Women (Exile On Mainstream)
2:  FANTOMAS MELVINS BIG BAND - Terpulative Guns and Drugs (Ipecac)
3:  MARVINS REVOLT - Deliberate Deeds (Richter Collective)
4:  THE CURSORS - 9/4 (demo)
5:  BOB DRAKE - Plinth Shriveller (download)
6:  WILLIAM D DRAKE - January Night (SheBear)
7:  THE LAKE SITUATION - The Trailer, The Boat and the Silver Fish  (And Then)
8:  NUB Trawler  (Jackass)
9:  THE JELAS - Frog/Or Not To Buy A Taxi (Ingue)
10: IMAGINATION SCHOOL - Riverwoman (Sonicjunction)
11:  RUINS Pallaschtom  (Skin Graft)
12:  ENABLERS - The Achievement (Exile On Mainstream)
13:  HELLA - Song From Uncle (download)
14: TERA MELOS - Party With Tina (Temporary Residence)
15: DARLING FREAKHEAD - Handicapped Moving Service (download)
16: TATTIE TOES - Taiko Lullaby (Stench Of Muscle)
17: UNIVERS ZERO - Carabosse (Cuneiform)
OUTRO:  TIME OF ORCHIDS - We Speak In Shardsp (Cuneiform)

Oooh, a burst of the forthcoming new album by San Francisco band the ENABLERS, to be released in the new year on Exile On Mainstream as a beautifully packaged limited edition - or

From the Millennium Monsterwork live album, FANTOMAS and MELVINS - Fantomas play the Astoria on the 8th, Melvins are in town this week too

Newish Copenhagen outfit MARVIN'S REVOLT combine math/prog detailing with, wait for it, tunes! This is from their album 'Killec' released in the UK this November on The Richter Collective

Just arrived, a demo from THE CURSORS who helpfully pointed out their suitability for the Other Rock Show: the clue's in the title of the track! They're from North London -

BOB DRAKE the completely wonderful multi-instrumentalist/composer from Thinking Plague has just had a birthday (according to so that's an excuse to play more of his solo work. 

WILLIAM D DRAKE the equally wonderful keyboardist/composer from Cardiacs has a gig coming up at Club Hell at Cross Kings, Kings Cross, so that's an excuse to play this piece from his 'Briny Hooves' album

THE LAKE SITUATION is a long-evolving project from Tim Ineson, main man of surprisingly ahead-of-their-time 90s London band NUB - this is from their just released self titled album on And Then Records - and why not follow it up with a 1994 Nub b-side.

Bristol band THE JELAS are releasing an EP on Ingue Records called 'Blood Smash' which is one long song split into seven shorter songs that can be re-arranged; 'be sure to set aside forty-two days to listen to all five thousand and forty combinations' its says here. Get it from ... 

From the South Downs of England, the IMAGINATION SCHOOL have a new album called 'To The Level Of Light', to be released on Sonic Junction records. 

A classic track from the seminal RUINS - Japanese duo, sing in invented language, this from the 2000 album Pallaschtom re-released by Skin Graft a couple of years ago for samples/shop 

Meanwhile in Sacramento, HELLA had gone a bit quiet (have they split or not?) and TERA MELOS were still auditioning new drummers... apparently one of the friends of Tera Melos got fed up of waiting for the obvious to happen and did some matchmaking, so (genius) drummer Zach Hill and Nick Reinhart from Tera Melos have been secretly doing stuff and it will be released in the new year under the name of Bygones, samples on the label web site sound great, like classic melodic-side Hella or

DARLING FREAKHEAD is Darling Freakhead, crazed genius of Oakland CA, this was from his album 'All Alone With Nothing To Do' -

This TATTIE TOES track is an exclusive from the Stench Of Muscle compilation put together by the fine Stench Of Muscle promotors in Leeds; lots of good stuff on this.

Another track from the essential UNIVERS ZERO album; released in 1977, the original, under-appreciated avant-garde orchestra from Belgium is still going strong and this is a beautifully remastered reissue from Cuneiform

Outro from TIME OF ORCHIDS - New York avant outfit, this from their 2007 album 'Namesake Caution' also on Cuneiform -

Happy huntin' - Marina Organ

Next week, Sean O with a bag load of who knows what... 

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