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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: F*CKED UP – Son The Father (Matador )
3: WOMEN – Lawncare (Jagjaguwar)
4: BROKEN ARM – Double Dagger (Sea)
5: WILLIAM D. DRAKE – One Armed Bandits (Peppermill)
6: THE JELAS – Brad Gamma (Ingue)
7: AXIS OF PERDITION – The Great Unwashed Part IV (Code666)
8: KNIFE WORLD –  Singled Out For Battery (Unreleased)
9: SEELAND – Call The Incredible (Loaf)
10: MOHA – Karibcore (Rune Grammofon)
11: RUDE MECHANICALS – Etiquette (Ex Gratia)
12: HERZOGA –  Swetmore (unreleased)
14: CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS – Model 91 (Kranky)
15: THE LOVELY EGGS –  Tyrannosaurus Rex For Christmas (Cherryade)
16: RAW POO – Stop The Cavalry (Pumpkin)
17: FIGHT LIKE APES – Megameanie (Model Citizen)
18: LONG HAT PINS - Men Marching, Men Running (demo)


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: F*CKED UP – Son The Father (Matador ) – A last visit of the year to one of the vital bands and indeed albums of a very good year for music. Canada’s F’d Up are one of the most dangerously positive bands out there right now, why isn’r their recent album figuring high on all these best of end of year polls that magazines and websites are putting out right now (Organ best of readers poll and writers lists will be on line when the year is actually over), The Chemistry Of Modern Life is a genuine slice fast-forward looking thought provoking punk rock counter culture. F*cked Up play one last UK show this year at the Camden Underworld on December 17th, they’re back for a full UK tour in Feb with The Bronx and Rolo Tamassi –

3: WOMEN – Lawncare (Jagjaguwar) – Track off the Canadian band’s forthcoming self-titled album (out Jan 19th). All kinds of good things going on here, we only just got our hands on it, all kinds of textures and ideas going on – Swell Maps flavours, This Heat, other rhythms, Velvet Underground... more when we’ve had time to explore – or

4: BROKEN ARM – Double Dagger (Sea) – Track of the Leeds band’s new five track CD that’s just come out. Wired up garage noise punk with an awkwardly good edge, they rock! –

5: WILLIAM D. DRAKE – One Armed Bandits (Peppermill) - William D Drake does Dukes Of Hazard in a manner only Bill could. He plays Club at the Cross Kings in Kings Cross on December 19th (alongside Giant Paw) as well as the Zanzibar in Liverpool on December 21st with Wizards Of Twiddly. Find out more from or download this track legally and for free along with a whole double album worth of strange interpretations of TV theme tunes that can be found on an album called The Box via

6: THE JELAS – Brad Gamma (Ingue) – The very mathematical other rock outfit from Bristol have a new seven track CD out. Seems you can play the tracks in any combination you wish and they still flow together as one piece of music. All seven tracks are wonderful anyway, serious math-pop and alternative DIYism - hardboiled underground home-made spiky multi-vocal easy listening – or

7: AXIS OF PERDITION – The Great Unwashed Part IV (Code666) – Another taste of things to come in 2009 - the new Axis album just landed, an ambitious double CD album from the English band (from Middlesborough), that on first listen (it only just arrived here) appears to be a labyrinthine concept album. An album that takes us through all kinds of cinematic ambient shades of death metal and part-narrative, part-poetic slices of things that touch on bands like Swans, Godflesh, Celtic Frost, Throbbing Gristle – sounds like an immense album that’s going to take a lot of exploring before it comes out on January 16th – the album is called URFE (comes in some plush multi-gatefold packaging as well). This is the kind of challenging musical ambition we like to cover and play -

8: KNIFE WORLD –  Singled Out For Battery (Unreleased) – Kavus Torabi of Cardiacs, Guapo and such has a new solo project called Knife World and an album called Buried Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat. The album is an impressive mix of rather different sounding very accessible English other-prog rock adventure. No release details or anything yet, Kavus has just finished the album, release and label details are still being sorted, we’ll be back with more news, play and such in the New Year when plots and plans are hatched. Kavus has some older tracks and things on his My Space, nothing as good as this impressive new album though –

9: SEELAND – Call The Incredible (Loaf) - B-side of the new single from Seeland, here’s this week’s Organ review: . “Seeland were formed by Tim Felton (ex Broadcast) and Billy Bainbridge (ex Plone) in winter of 2004/05 amid the fallout from Birmingham’s ‘Retro Futurist Electronic Scene’ – a music scene inspired by space age pop, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Joe Meek and eccentric 60’s library music”, the two songs here are quiet delicate things, crisp things, fresh sounds, melodic pieces of beauty, vibrant  psychedelic folk songs, glowing things. The gentle electronic edges bring them to life,  more 60’s Scott Walker than Delia Derbyshire – all tingling light and slowly uncoiling  words, delicate field-frozen crisp church-quiet songs, beautiful space-creating songs” – The debut album is out in March - or

10: MOHA – Karibcore (Rune Grammofon) -  Another play from another one of the best albums of the year – One Way Ticket To Candyland came out this November. I see The Wire were a little sniffy about it, come of Wire, get your ears on and stop stroking those chins! This is seriously thrilling avant rock! Hyperactive improv-math and structured complexity from the experimental Norwegian outfit – an utter musical joy – or

11: RUDE MECHANICALS – Etiquette (Ex Gratia) – B-side of the London band’s new single and yes I know we played it last time but it is rather good (and very Resonance) and all jazzy and new wave and Zappa taking English high tea with Beefheart and alien tube mice and big wigs and beautiful red dresses and jerky bits of other rock (and with no dirty words) and they are one of the very best bands in London right now – and Ms Robert did announce (just before we went on air) that they’re playing a free Christmas party at the Flea Pit, Columbia Rd, London E2 on December 18th alongside post-rock band Fractured Waves and improv outfit Burning Zoo. Ms Roberts demanded toe-sucking and said something about body fluid exchange – a Recluse night apparently, bring holly – or

12: HERZOGA –  Swetmore (unreleased) – Track from a recent recording session from the Stoke-On-Trent self-proclaimed Wrong Pop band. They have another new track coming out on the Unlabel compilation that’s apparently due out before the end of the year and this track will be released sometime in the new year. You can hear it on their My Space page right now –

13: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL –  Shoko Can (Cochon) – A final track of the year from yet another one of the year’s finest albums – Jane Doe Loves Me came out back in May. The experimental band from Portland (via Oakland and Japan), with some seriously frantic bendy new wave pointy math pop and Deerhoof/Devo style manic rushes – or – they’re threatening a European tour in April, oh and they were singing about Christmas lights, how festive 

14: CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS – Model 91 (Kranky) – Title track of Brooklyn band’s 2002 album. No idea why they’re called Christmas Decorations? They call it ambient punk and I guess they make intricate melodic tingly modern electronic compositions that sparkle like lights on a tree and this is my last show before Christmas and, I guess it is Christmas Decorations in terms of sound...

15: THE LOVELY EGGS – Tyrannosaurus Rex For Christmas (Cherryade) – Track from the Cherryade Records forth annual Christmas compilation album – their best one yet, all kinds of interesting lo-fi DIY indie punk pop stuff on there. Lovely Eggs yelling and screaming about all kinds of dinosaurs – Lovely Eggs are from Lancaster – or

16: RAW POO – Stop The Cavalry (Pumpkin) – Christmasspirit flowing now, South London self-confessed “alcho-punks” and “the best punk band in South London according” to some drunk bloke (quoting their press release there). Four slices of shouty street-punk rock Xmas mayhem, a new EP called Raw Poo Sings Christmas! Violating Jona Lewie in a Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects shout-along manner, Lovely stuff, pass the eggnog – or or – well it was my last show before Christmas, no apologies here... Happy end of year everyone!

17: FIGHT LIKE APES – Megameanie (Model Citizen) – Another one of the bands of the year, and yes I know I’ve probably played them far too much in 2008, this is one was only eight seconds long though! And we did manage to play it with no mishap! Track off the Irish band’s forthcoming self-released debut album (forthcoming in the UK, out in Jan, already out in Ireland). Unique spiky new wave something or other style synth pop music. Oh look, I love this band, they were excellent once more opening for the Prodigy this last weekend here in London, they’ll be back at Koko in Camden on January 23rd, you’ll find an interview on line on the Organ pages and their next single is called Tie Me Up In Jackets – or

18: LONG HAT PINS - Men Marching, Men Running (demo) – Found this one on a communal pile of unloved demos that piled up in the Resonance loo, checked it out and loved it (seems it dates from February of this year). Long Hat Pins is someone called Tim Kelly, he’s from Salford, just over the river from Manchester and he has a delightful eight track CD that mixes delicate singer songwriter material with found sound and gentle guitar tunes. On this particular track the voice of the BBC’s Frank Gillard is describing the build up to D-Day in 1944 accompanied by some rather fine, rather delicate guitar textures and a rather beautifully simple tune, a rather poetic combination –

Thanks for listening (if indeed you did, if you didn’t explore the links, see what you missed and tune in next week). Next Sunday is Marina’s turn again with her Other Rock Show. Last live show of 2008 – an exploring of the finest slices of rock music beyond the confines of 4/4 convention.... 

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