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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – In The Flowers (Domino)
3: LOST ROBOTS – Stop Train (Orchestra Pit)
4: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (Ex Gratia)
5: ENABLERS – Kosovo (Exile on Mainstream)
6: AWESOME SWELLS – Maplethorpe (Red Dear Club)
7: YOUNG WIDOWS – Lucky And Hardheaded (Temporary Residence)
8: THE REAL McKENZIES – Chip (Fat Wreck)
9: AWESOME WELLS – The Bearophone (Red Dear Club)
10: BONNIE PRINCE BILLY – Minor Place (Domino)
11: THE JELAS – GCI In French (Ingue)
12: PERHAPS CONTRAPTION – Bluebells (self release)
13: FILTH – The List (Alternative Tentacles)
14: BLATZ – Homemade Speed (Alternative Tentacles)
15: CHRIS SQUIRE – Hold Out Your Hand (Atlantic)
16:  THE CURSORS – 9/4 (demo)
17: FIGHT LIKE APES – Telephone The Real Ham Jackson (Model Citizen)
18: IMAGINATION SCHOOL – Winter Constellations (Sonic Junction)


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – In The Flowers (Domino) – Released this week to big noise all over the alternative music globe and yes it is rather experimental and good and worth some of the fuss with those Mercury Rev/Beach Boys/Yes flavours and the genuine need to take music somewhere new – read this week’s Organ if you really want to know what we think -

3: LOST ROBOTS – Stop Train (Orchestra Pit) – London band with some rather different post-something or other new wave alt.rock ideas, a rather interesting blend of songs and avant ideas that takes those songs to different places. Lots to discover here on this just released album - no dull aches, everything to explore. Fine songs and the recommended art of otherness – or

4: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (Ex Gratia) – Body Fluids? We like Miss Roberts and her body fluids and this is the a-side of their new single, hey, we haven’t played the a-side before, and they are the perfect Resonance band aren’t they – what with their very English very experimental new wave jazz and there high tea vocals and toe sucking and insect obsessions and their theories about tube mice and how they’re all aliens and all that twitch and jerky time-jumping otherrockness – and Ex Gratia have a night for you, with RUDE MECHANICALS, ANARCHISTWOOD, THE ELECTRIC BRAINS and lots more over at the Inn On The Green, Ladbrook Grove, right under the Westway in deepest Clash land on 31st January. Look, just go and see them! The show is a second launch party for the highly recommended Specialisation Is For Insects compilation that Ex Gratia have jut released -

5: ENABLERS – Kosovo (Exile on Mainstream) – The rather unique San Francisco band have a new album - more of their lush poetry and atmospheric almost spoken word over post-rock otherness. Album of the week this week over on the Organ pages and this track should have told you why - Tundra is released in Europe on January 26th 2009 as a limited edition of 1200, in a silk-screened, handmade wooden box 'containing some special surprises'.  – or or

6: AWESOME WELLS – Maplethorpe (Red Deer Club) – from an album that’s one piece of work split in to twelve parts, the album is called The Highs And Lows Of De Witt A Stanton, released on January 26th – a beautiful journey through field sound, bedroom lo-fi, compelling uplifting composition, refined post rock journeys, and something rather different and more importantly really enjoyable – or

7: YOUNG WIDOWS – Lucky And Hardheaded (Temporary Residence) – A track from the Louisville Kentucky band’s recent album Old Wounds. Played tonight because the rather fine Melvins,  Jesus Lizard, Fugazi flavoured band have just announced some UK dates for February including a London show at the Lexicon on Feb 24th - or

8: THE REAL McKENZIES – Chip (Fat Wreck) – And a most suitable track from the Canadian kilt-wearing pipe-swinging Scottish flavoured punks from Vancouver. A song about working on the River Thames, played by us down at London Bridge. A track from their 2008 album Off The leash. The band are in town this January 22nd for a one of English show at the Camden Underworld here in London, before they head for some dates in Scotland. We talking wild street punk and anarchic chaos with bagpipes, a full on punk rock ceilidh  - or

9: AWESOME WELLS – The Bearophone (Red Dear Club) – See track six.

10: BONNIE PRINCE BILLY – Minor Place (Domino) – A track from the Bonnie Prince’s recent live album Is It The Sea? Played in anticipation of his appearance on Resonance FM this coming Tuesday on the London Ear Show. Bonnie Prince Billy (AKA Will Oldham) will be is session, performing exclusive tracks and hear the show Tuesday 22nd at 2pm on 104.4FM in London or worldwide via, find out more via

11: THE JELAS – GCI In French (Ingue) – Another play of their very experimental Blood Smash CD. The very mathematical other rock outfit from Bristol have a new seven track CD out. Seems you can play the tracks in any combination you wish and they still flow together as one piece of music. All seven tracks are wonderful anyway, serious math-pop and alternative DIYism - hardboiled underground home-made spiky multi-vocal easy listening – or

12: PERHAPS CONTRAPTION – Bluebells (self release) – The experimentally progressive London band have finally finished their very English sounding debut album – think Ring, Cardiacs, Gong, Genesis, Zappa, Henry Cow with a prog-punk attitude and a desire to be different (and a nice line in giant lobster shaped sandcastles down on the banks of the Thames). We’ve been playing their demos and early recordings lots, this album is a whole giant D.I.Y step forward. No idea in terms of release date yet –

13: FILTH – The List (Alternative Tentacles) – The bat team at A.T are re-issuing the classic slice of Californian hardcore punk rock that was (and now is again) the Filth/Blatz split album knows as Shit Split. East Bay punk rock out of the legendary scene that evolves around 924 Gilman Street and the two disc CD set is re-issued next week... proper obnoxious raw throated destructive in your face punk rock as it were... go ask the bat if you want to know more –

14: BLATZ – Homemade Speed (Alternative Tentacles) – see above, well we could play one and not the other, Blatz were/are slightly more melodic, with their screaming razorblade scuzz and their nose-burning lyrics –

15: CHRIS SQUIRE – Hold Out Your Hand (Atlantic) – now there really should be more attention paid to 1975 solo albums from Yes bass players on the radio don’t you think, especially this week when everyone is celebrating the release of the new Animal Collective album and telling us how original and ground breaking it is. The massive keyboards on this album were played on the Organ at Saint Paul’s, just over the river there, now that’s what we call prog! 

16:  THE CURSORS – 9/4 (demo) – Another play of the spiky feisty female fronted post punk band from North West London, they have a show coming up at Barden’s Boudoir on January 27th, they’re kind of menacing, they use the same late night tube line as us...

17: FIGHT LIKE APES – Telephone The Real Ham Jackson (Model Citizen) – We’ve been championing them lots over the last eighteen months, the Dublin band have their debut album out in the UK this week, they have a new single as well, this six minute track can be found on the b-side of the new single. They bring their butter wouldn’t melt poppy new wave synth punk pro-profanity coat tying to Camden’s Koko for their biggest headline show yet this 23rd January – you’ll find interviews, album, single and live reviews all over the pages of Organ over at, go explore more via

18: IMAGINATION SCHOOL – Winter Constellations (Sonic Junction) – A track from the beautiful new Imagination School album, as reviewed via the pages of this week’s Organ magazine. Think restrained Cardiacs/Sea Nymphs meets gentle heart-felt Mike Oldfield-ish instrumental warrnth – classical instrumentation from the South of England -

Next week Marina will be in the chair with her first OTHER ROCK SHOW of 2009 and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

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