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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: POINT JUNCTURE, WA – Stray Bear (Mt. Fuji)
3: YOUNG WIDOWS – The Guitar (Temporary Residence)
4: AMANDA PALMER -  Runs In The Family (Roadrunner)
5: THIS IS NOT A DEAD TRANSMISSION – The Chameleon Strike In The Dark (demo)
6: ONE  TRUE DOG -  The Head Is Cold (demo)
7: OUTSIDE ROYALTY – Voice Beneath The Rubble (Bloody Awful Poetry)
8: GIANT PAW – Alarm Clock (Feral Electronics)
9: MEN OF UNITUS -  He Thug The Gland  (No Lite)
10: KILLDOZER – Sweet Home Alabama (download)
11:  SERGEANT BUZFUZ – Names For Girls (Blang)
12: HYATARI – They Will Surface (Caustic Eye)
14: ROBERT JACOBS –  Marie Langlois
15: THE BUMBLEBEES –  My Kaleidoscope (demo)
16: MONO – Ashes (Temporary Residence)


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: POINT JUNCTURE, WA – Stray Bear (Mt. Fuji) – A track from their new album Heart To Elk, released next week in the U.S.A, here’s this week’s Organ magazine review -  They’re actually from Portland, OR  and I guess they kind of sound like it, they have that intelligent Portland beauty to them –  a sublime understated progressive beauty that embraces a Common North West United States D.I.Y Ethos. Not that this is some kind of lo-fi grunge-out, far from it – Point Juncture have the Portland/North West alternative feel, they have the vibe but this sounds meticulously crafted, cleverly thought out, every note considered, this sounds fresh and pin-sharp good.  Innovative, colourfully diverse, always focussed, always with a purpose. Artistic instrumentation – vibrophones, tingling melodies... Without really being that obvious about anything there’s little bits of Stereolab, bits of Yo La Tengo, Animal Collective – fuzzy, warm, always focused. Gorgeous sounds, delicate songs inviting vocal lines, organic, pure, engaging, recommended –

3: YOUNG WIDOWS – The Guitar (Temporary Residence) – They’re from Louisville, Kentucky and this is from their recently tightly wound Old Wounds album. The album came out last year, the London date of their tour on 24th February, has moved “due to sound limitations at The Lexington, we have had to move this show to The Fly, 36-38 New Oxford Street, WC1. Tickets are £5 in advance or £6 on the door” said the promoters. Here comes the full list of dates: Feb 18 @ The Angel, Brighton, Feb 19 @ Tiger Lounge, Manchester, Feb 20 @ Captains Rest, Glasgow, Feb 21 @ Cockpit, Leeds, Feb 22 @ Corporation, Sheffield, Feb 23 @ The Croft, Bristol,  Feb 24 @ The Fly, New Oxford St, London... You can find the album review we ran with Organ # 272 back last September here, go find out more over at

4: AMANDA PALMER -  Runs In The Family (Roadrunner) -  A revisit to the Dresden Dolls singer, keyboard player’s recent solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer, played this week, in anticipation of her London show this Wednesday 4th Feb in Camden at the Electric Ballroom – keep up with her via or her excellent My Space blog via

5: THIS IS NOT A DEAD TRANSMISSION – The Chameleon Strike In The Dark (demo) -  New band, first demo and an impressive first taste of their raw atmosphere, the demo landed here this week, not had much time to explore it yet, something good happening here though. Ambitious slabs of edgy guitar architecture and slow building crescendos. They play London’s Bull & Gate on Feb 7th, more from

6: ONE TRUE DOG - The Head Is Cold (demo) - This week’s Organ demo of the week, strange performance poetry and, well, here’s the demo review: Ah, we’ve been wanting to get our hands of some of this for  a long time -  “One True Dog perform some rather impressively way out there laptop driven  cut-up percussive beats, jazzy no-wave bass and rather compelling semi spoken word wired up buzz and noise and living without skin, further investigation very much needed, compelling indeed” is what we said last summer when we first encountered them at that very Klinker Club flavoured stage at the Bonkers Fest over in Camberwell (See Organ #272 for full review). Three new tracks just landed, three track that declare socks to be warm places and heads of army and heads of state and heads of religion and heads of persuasion all know this... Living without skin is, so they tell us, a difficult thing. There’s people here from Brain Of Morbius, Foul Geese, Chicken Sidecar, Leven Signs and such, performance poet Zolan Quobble fronts everything and everything is happening – rain is in the clouds, oil is in the tank, you’re living with your foot on the detonator, standing on a disintegrating crust, you’re living in an explosion, everything is happening, awake with a sleep depth, talking heads and mothers of invention and Cajon cut ups, funk and groove and oh put on your best socks and go and explore for yourself. It was worth the wait, three rather unique tracks from South London, one, called Locust, based on a Madagascan folksong, take our inky spittle and go see, you’ll thank us, no, you really will...
           One True Dog play a Shopping Trolley night at the Montague Arms, New Cross Rd, SE London, on Friday 6th Feb alongside Crackle and Mono

7: OUTSIDE ROYALTY – Voice Beneath The Rubble (Bloody Awful Poetry) – B-side of their Falling single, released back in May last year, they’re London based now, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with their lush orchestrated Roxy Music feel and their violins and cello, you can catch them at the Dublin Castle, Camden, London, this Tuesday Feb 3rd. More from

8: GIANT PAW – Alarm Clock (Feral Electronics) – The London band have their debut album ready go on March 2nd, the album is called The Stars Are Ours and they really are rather unique. Experimental electronica, alternative London psychedelia, keyboards, tapes, spoken word, giant cats heads, terminal cheesecakes, the album arrived here yesterday, more exploring in the coming weeks –

9: MEN OF UNITUS -  He Thug The Gland  (No Lite) – The abrasive noise outfit released a new album back in the second week of January, the album is called Gland Of Hope And Glory. They play a free gig at The Unicorn in Camden alongside Astrohenge and Art Of Burning Water on Friday Feb 20th – first band on 8.30, all three bands well worth seeing  - / /

10: KILLDOZER – Sweet Home Alabama (download) – A live radio session track recorded for those rather excellent people over at WFMU in New Jersey, a radio station we like lots here at Organ. Lynyrd Skynyd done the way only Killdozer could. The band recently reformed for thr Touch And Go Records 20th birthday show and went in to the radio station to record a session, some of which you can hear on their My Space page  Where are you going to find this? Well you’ll have to go surfing and see, or you could ask us nicely - or

11: SERGEANT BUZFUZ – Names For Girls (Blang) -  Sergeant Buzfuz have a new album out, album of the work on the Organ website this week, here’s the review 
           - English folk songs and fifteen rounds with the cockney rebel, inner city London folk music, tales of cab driving and the depraved ways of the power-mad popes, of the swearing on the bones of the Ramones. Dogfoxes, rats, roaches and lice... Joe Strummer, XTC, John Cooper Clark, The Kinks, Syd Barrett, Pogues,  tales of Camden and Holloway and traffic and life in the gutters and seed-planting while out cab driving and on the lash with the devil again. Celtic folk, mandolins, psychedelia, violins, England’s dreaming, dulcimer, cash machines at festivals? Would you like fries with you your rebellion? Life’s dreams and all those places you were going to go and see one day, and how you thought your paintings would let you be free and when you were older you’d live by the sea and why do English people wear baseball gear? Even John Lennon turned in to Ringo in the end... Moments of wit, moments of beauty – soothing Kisses From The Sickbed, songs that will make you smile, lines that will catch you ear again and again... Popes in bling, popes and whores, flesh eating babies, the popes and their mistresses, and the daughters of their mistresses and on and on and on and on, here come the popes...  God To Holloway has a touch of The  Baby Lemonades about it, songs full of spirit, an album full of them – storytelling songs, lyrics, beautiful moments of clarity, of delicate warmth, an album alive with string-driven colour, give a few spins and you’ll go with it all – 
        The band play a launch party for their album this Wednesday 4th Feb at the 12 Bar Club in London’s Denmark Street, more from /

12: HYATARI – They Will Surface (Caustic Eye) – Another new album, January has been a good month for new albums, here’s last week’s Organ album review - West Virginia drone merchants, epic dark-end drone and monolithic instrumental pieces (or is this just one long piece?).  No, not just drone merchants, far more than just that - the heavier more imaginative end of post-rock, not the formulaic sort that tells you where you’re going well before you get there, no no no... this is musical adventure in the dark droning fields out there on the edges of post-rock, the bit on the edge of the dark forest they tell you not to go near – the forest with the shafts of sunlight and all the inviting colours. Beautifully ploughing through the fertile richness with their big riffs, their brooding riffs - slowly turning things in a way that’s just a little different. Kind of Sigor Ros for Sleep devotes who like it dark and somewhere over on the heavy side where drums are hit rather than just touched, where baselines brood, where things are epic and never that obvious. Recommended –

Track 13/14 – A preview of THE RAIN EMPEROR

13: GERARD COUSINS – The Gift  - Track 13 and 14 tonight were played as part of our small radio preview of The Rain Emperor (as featured on the Organ pages last week). The Rain Emperor is “a multi sensor flight in East London”, the performances take place on 26th, 27th and 28th Feb in a rather good looking restored Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch. “Visual arts company Beggars Velvet introduces rare scores from composer Robert Jacobs – a night of experimental classical music, performance and visual arts”.   Find out lots more via

14: ROBERT JACOBS –  Marie Langlois – see track 13

15: THE BUMBLEBEES –  My Kaleidoscope (demo) – A track from the Bristol band’s rather excellent demo that arrived in the post last week. “Fluffy clouds of joy and happy songs (although we don’t really want to know what happened to the lambs) and don’t jump too early for the fence and.... The Bumblebees are three girls and boys from Bristol, they all sing, they play infectious new wave kaleidoscope synths, scratchy busy flitty guitars and clever bass. Infectious pop songs and they sound like a band that’s called The Bumblebees should sound – all flowers and sunshine and black and gold stripes and buzz buzz honey-good. Why is he doing this? Why is he doing this? Why is he doing this? Why is he doing this? Why is he doing this? Why is he doing this?  And their very existence is all part of the plan to pollinate your ears with the joy of their other-pop and their clever simplicity and innocent goodness. Kind of sharp-cut lo-fi new wave pop clarity and Vision On creativity and X and Y enjoyment and musical chemicals that will tell you that you chromosomes are happy. Four catchy songs for your brain and how it works, and nothing that will ever let you down, we like these Bumblebees” –

16: MONO – Ashes (Temporary Residence)  - Japanese post-rock prog outfit MONO have announced details of their new album Hymn To The Immortal Wind as well as making a rather grandiose eleven minute track called Ashes available to download from their website, we played you a slice of it tonight to close the show, here’s what they say -  “Now we can officially announce the release of our 5th album, Hymn to the Immortal Wind. It has been 3 years since the release of our last album and we are truly grateful to still be able to create our music today. Being together as a band for 10 years has brought forth some changes and has hopefully allowed us to grow. We have created a special site to give you a preview of what to expect from Hymn To The immortal Wind. Please check it out” The band have also announced a European tour that includes a number of British dates in late March, half a dozen or so dates in different states of confirmation on their website right now -

Next week Marina will be in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW  and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

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