Sean Organ Radio show playlist, APRIL 23 - RESONANCE 104.4FM / 

Intro TRANSISTOR SIX - that Sean Organ show intro tune 

1: I LIKE TRAINS - Fram (Fierce Panda) - b side of the forthcoming third single Terra Nova out  as a 7" and download on 29 May, more from 

2: SONIC YOUTH - Jams Run Free (Geffen) From the forthcoming Rather Ripped album that’s out in June. 

3: DEATH SET - Snap (RabbitFoot/VLXO) - From the album To - 

4: DEATH SET - Boys/Girls (RabbitFoot/VLXO) - From the album To - 

5: JAZKAMMER - The Worms Will Get In part 1 (Smalltown Supernoise) - A Sixteen minute sludged out slowcore beast from their new Metal Music Machine album, I mean hey, we’d love to have a show long enough to just play the whole thing, but then with them playing about four notes a minute we had plenty of time to dip in and out - - they’re from Norway and you can get the vinyl version on Asspiss records. 

6: THE STRANGLERS - Ice (EMI) Because sometimes we just have to dive in to the box and pull out some classic proper prog rock, you’ll find this track on the excellent Raven album won’t you Rip? The Stranglers are a proper punk rock band - punk rock is about diversity and imagination said a man called Jello in an Organ interview a few years ago.. 

7: JAZKAMMER - The Worms Will Get In part 2 (Smalltown Supernoise) 

8: EVERY TIME I DIE - Bored Stiff (Roadrunner) Track from the Gutter Phenomenon album from the US band heading this way and releasing a new single very soon. Recently been impressing people on tour with Dillenger Escape Plan..... 

9: JAZKAMMER - The Worms Will Get In part 3 (Smalltown Supernoise) 

10: BEATALLICA - The Sandman (demo) yes you heard that one right - James OhNo Lennonfield and his band welding Beatles together with Metallica - they’re over from the USA and playing the Camden Underworld here in London on 26 April. 

11: JAZKAMMER - The Worms Will Get In part 4 (Smalltown Supernoise) 

12: HERESY - Cornered Rat (Boss Tuneage) From the soon to be released new album best off everything collected on one CD thing from the 80’s hardcore/crust-blasting UK punk legends - is where you go to find more 

13: TEMPER TANTRUM - What Do You Want From Me (demo download from My Space) Punk rock kid power from Glendora California, fronted by a smart as can be ten year old girl called Missy Fit - she rules, go learn from her! 

14: SONIC YOUTH - Rats (Geffen) From the forthcoming Rather Ripped album that’s out in June, don’t be telling anyone we’re playing it before everyone else now. We got told off by the label last week... 

15: QUACK QUACK - Bravo150 (Run Of The Mill) Find out more from,
Qauck Quack are from Leeds, we caught them playing with Lords and Lower 48 over at a Silver Rocket gig in Highbury last Friday. Lots more from Quack Quack in the May issue of Organ 

16: STABBED IN THE FACE - Dagger In The Eye (Demo) - Just found this one when they said hello via My Space earlier today - see we do listen and check things out and if we like we act - 

17: WASTELAND - All Versus All (Transparent Records) From the forthcoming album All Versus All, due out July4th - they’re a New York/London duo much loved by the chin strokers but don’t hold that against them . 

18: JAZKAMMER - Abomination (Smalltown Supernoise) - See they can blast it fast and mathy and get it done in two and a half minutes as well. 

19: BEATALLICA - Garage Days Night (demo - find it via – see you down the Underworld, you owe me a beer for this) 

20: IMMUNE - Monkey (Gizgh) - From their extremely good forthcoming album 

21: DURAN DURAN DURAN - Hairmetal  (Cock Rock Disco - download thing from - We love them as much as Donna Summer himself. 

Next week it’s Marina’s turn and her OTHER ROCK SHOW - exploring rock from beyond the convention of 4/4. 10.30pm Sunday nights - resonance 104.4fm London or

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