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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: JULIE DOIRON – The Life Of Times (Jagjaguwar)
3: FUN MACHINE – Blok People (BNS Sessions)
4: THE JESUS LIZARD - Thumper (Capitol)
5: CHEER ACCIDENT – Blue Cheadle (Cuniform)
6: TWO FINGERS feat. SWAY – Jewels And Gems (Big Dada)
7: UNLEARN – Still Life With Actress (Noise/Order)
8: VLADIMIR BOZAR ‘n ZE SHERAF ORKESTRA – Super Mythoman (Imago)
9: DM STITH – Issac’s Song (Asthmatic Kitty)
10: RAVEN BEATS CROW – Raven Beats Crow (Demo)
11: PERHAPS CONTRAPTION –  Hard Cutlery (unreleased)
12: Y DIWYGIAD feat LEWIS TEWWS – All Mouth (Dockran)
13: INNER TERRESTRIALS – Burning Bridges (Katie B)
14: Y DIWYGIAD - Paineifiwen (Dockran)
15: COMMANDER KEEN –  Lying In The Dark (Only Pretend)
16: MI AMI – Freed From Sin (Touch And Go/Quarterstick)
17: ROBERT JACOBS – Marie Langlois


1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: JULIE DOIRON – The Life Of Times (Jagjaguwar) - Opening track from the one time Eric’s Trip member’s fine new solo album I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day  (out on 9th March, Organ magazine album of the week this week), sublime simple celebrations of life, delicate lo-fi songs that will make you smile - or

3: FUN MACHINE – Blok People (BNS Sessions) – The US band have a new album out called Sonnen Huhn, the album is a fizzing clash of busy new wave space rock and vintage synth driven prog for poisoned electrick heads everywhere. All jibber and twitch and little beasties pawing at your friend and the glorious theatre of absurdity, eye popping, ear tickling, goosebump making..... or

4: THE JESUS LIZARD - Thumper (Capitol) - A slice of prime 1996 Jesus Lizard and why? Do we need a why? The is Jesus Lizard, we don’t need a why! We got one though, we played this sliceof goodness from the Good album tonight so we could tell you The Jesus Lizard are to play an ATP gig at The Forum here in London on May 11th. Hot on the heels of their ATP Fans Strike Back festival, this will be their only other UK date and probably the only time you'll ever get to see the re-united but only for a short time line up of the legendary Chicago band here in the UK –

5: CHEER ACCIDENT – Blue Cheadle (Cuniform) – The long standing sometimes awkward cult legends that are America’s Cheer Accident have yet another new album out. Fear Draws Misfortune landed in our lives this week, they’re sounding better than ever, they’re the full on really progressive cutting edge challenging prog rock deal, serious other rock, serious outsider music, pure Organ fuel –

6: TWO FINGERS feat. SWAY – Jewels And Gems (Big Dada) - Hip-Hop with the power of Public Enemy, Two Fingers are Brazilian beat adventurer Amon Tobin and Joe ‘Doubleclick’ Chapman. The pair bonded when Tobin lived in Brighton. The new album (out on 30th March) is "the applied production techniques associated with the UK styles like drum ‘n bass to the templates of hip-hop". A whole load of rhymers and such adding vocals to tracks, Sway on this particular cut - or

7: UNLEARN – Still Life With Actress (Noise/Order) – Clever, different, filmoid, delicate considered post rock that goes to different places in different ways. They’re from Seattle. A track from their excellent new album Places - beautifully soothing and rather recommended - or

8: VLADIMIR BOZAR ‘n ZE SHERAF ORKESTRA – Super Mythoman (Imago) – Now this is good, debut album from a new French band who have evolved out of the excellently named Children Of Invention –  a Zappa tribute band so it seems. Vladimir Bozar is “just an imaginary entity of absurdity” so it would seem - all of this makes perfect sense as soon as you let their very colourful musical stew enter your life. More Mr Bungle than Zappa now, very much more actually, this gang of creative French people are clearly very influenced by all things Bungle, all things Secret Chiefs 3... all kinds of things gone wrong in the fairground and classical stabs and impressively right up there alongside all those names we just dropped. Real children of invention and a highly recommended roller coaster ride of an album that will have you hanging on and grinning like a bungled maniac from start to finish. Bon merde indeed! -

9: DM STITH – Issac’s Song (Asthmatic Kitty) -  David Stith is just a little bit different, something a little bit special, he has an assuring intriguing voice, angelic, a touch of Jeff Buckley in there with those dark violins, a hint of Antony And The Johnsons, maybe Sufjan Stevens... A whispered effervescence, otherworldly, quietly grandiose piano, breathing strings, dense, never cluttered, euphoric restrained crescendos, achingly beautiful, crafted, painted, rich otherly orchestration, quietly delivered with wonderfully creative flourish, narratives of self-discovery, brave ethereal embracing goodness, dark strings, angelic voices... A new album called Heavy Ghost that really is something a little bit special...  You’ll find lots of songs to explore on his website – or or

10: RAVEN BEATS CROW – Raven Beats Crow (Demo) – A taste of something the London four piece say will be part of a new EP later in the year, May hopefully so they say. They have a club night on the first Friday of every other month at The Enterprise in Camden, this month they’re playing it themselves, 6th March with the rather tasty Perhaps Contraction and Medical School...

11: PERHAPS CONTRAPTION –  Hard Cutlery (unreleased) – Another track from the rather fine London band’s so far unreleased album. Fresh prog/punk adventure and Rings and Gongs and going off and things and the Genesis of gongs and walking on egg shells and the stench of sweet bluebells, one of the most exciting new bands around London at the moment and they’ve just finished their rather impressive demo album. They’re playing around London lots right now, see out new gig guide on the Organ website at for full details, they play this Friday 6th March at The Enterprise in Camden on a bill put together by Raven Beats Crow  -

12: Y DIWYGIAD feat LEWIS TEWWS – All Mouth (Dockran) – Well it is St David’s Day, a slice of Welsh hip-hop from a new album from Y Diwygiad in in order. An album of multilingual rap and electronica from Y Diwyglad (The Reformation). The album is called Hymn 808  – Mr Formula and 9 Tonne with a whole load of different voices and collaborators and the hip hop/rap rule book ripped up the Welsh way... or

13: INNER TERRESTRIALS – Burning Bridges (Katie B) – a track from the London activist anarcho punk band’s 1997 IT! album because they up to, well...  psssst, keep this one under yer hat,  Inner Terrestrial, Babar Luck band and loads more tbc, Restarts, Autonomads...  OKUPATIONAL HAZARD!!!!!!!!! London’s best squat venue is being evicted! this will be the last party. It's going to be outside festie style,  best do of the year so far. 7th March at The Vic, Grove St, Deptford, all dayer, come early... so said someone, you didn’t read it here officer...

14: Y DIWYGIAD - Paineifiwen (Dockran) –  see track 12....

15: COMMANDER KEEN –  Lying In The Dark (Only Pretend) - Scottish Trio Commander Keen with a track from what they say is their own D.I.Y effort. Extremely classy do it yourself, all the recording budget in the world, you suspect, wouldn’t make that much difference, hard to see what they could improve. Recorded entirely at home, featuring cellos (provided by Stacey Seivright – The Moth & The Mirror, Arab Strap, The Reindeer Section), reed organs, thumb pianos, grand pianos, as well as what they describe as “a healthy dose of electronics and noise” – well if there is ‘noise’ then the noise is refined, soothing, delicately crafted, finely tuned and very easy on the ear. Inviting instrumental pieces, rich strings, dark edges, yet another set of beautiful pieces of music, vibrant ear-paintings, original creative thought for people who like the kind of things bands like Boards Of Canada do – or

16: MI AMI – Freed From Sin (Touch And Go/Quarterstick) – a track from The frantic new album Watersports, hyper-percussion, music as a transformative experience so they say. They claim authenticity as their mission, they’re clearly succeeding. Comprised of two key members of Dischord’s Black Eyes – Daniel Martin McCorick on vocals and guitar, Jacob Long on bass - as well as Damon Palermo on drums. They’re frenetically volatile, those high pitch banshee yells are more like her from Pre than anything – are you sure Daniel is handling those vocals? They’re a constant electric freak-out from deepest San Francisco via D.C and the whole wide world. Wailing yelps, wired new wave, American paranoia, claustrophobic musical energy. New wave punk rock that’s laced with thrilliant bites (yes, thrilliant, we can make words up if we want) – thrilliant bites of frantic free jazz, dub, controlled feedback, African drum patterns. Harnessed energy, focused, laser driven rhythms.... Siouxsie’s Creatures, exhilarating distortion, messy energy and somewhere underneath it all there’s this funk edge that’s full of havoc and bite and repetitive no wave drive. They succeed in their mission, this is authentic, frantic new wave and authentically good  Cranked, tribal, complex, evolving, rolling... highly recommended, album of the week last week on the Organ pages –

17: ROBERT JACOBS – Marie Langlois – A closing bit of Robert Jacobs because those Rain Emperor performances we already told you about on previous shows were so good. Avant classical music/performance and really something special, hopefully they’ll do it all again at some point soon – you’ll find a review with this week’s edition of Organ over at, you can discover lots more

Next week Marina will be in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW  and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

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