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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: : CHEER ACCIDENT – Blue Cheadle (Cuneiform)
3: CAPILLARY ACTION  - Gambit (Pangaea)
4: THE CONTORTIONISTS – Culting (demo)
5: CAPILLARY ACTION  - Placebo Or Panacea (Pangaea) 
6: GERTRUDE – Window Watching (Urban Misfits) 
7: UPSILON ACRUX – Landscape With Gun And Chandelier (Cuneiform)
8: NAAVY – Sticker (Angular) 
9: Y DIWYGIAD feat LEWIS TEWWS – All Mouth (Dockran)
10: JOE GIDEON AND THE SHARK – Civilisation (Bronzerat)
11: CONFLICT – The Ungovernable Force (Mortahate) 12: NFL3
12: NLF3 - Fuses, Apes & Doppler (Prohibited)
13: VLADIMIR BOZAR ‘n ZE SHERAF ORKESTRA –  Panzoni Pasta (Imago)
14: a.P.A.t.T – Avajier (Pickled Egg) 
15: LAMO – Edicotatop (Broken Branch) 
16: ART BRUT – The Passenger (Cooking Vinyl) 
17: THE LONG LOST – Cat Fancy (Ninja Tune)
18: SPEECH DEBELLE – The Key (Big Dada
19/Outro: MONO – Ashes In The Snow (Conspiracy)

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: CHEER ACCIDENT – Blue Cheadle (Cuneiform) – The long standing sometimes awkward cult legends that are America’s Cheer Accident have yet another new album out. Fear Draws Misfortune landed in our lives this week, they’re sounding better than ever, they’re the full on really progressive cutting edge challenging prog rock deal, serious other rock, serious outsider music, pure Organ fuel – or

3: CAPILLARY ACTION  - Gambit (Pangaea) - Those thrilling maximalists from New York are on their way to Europe, they hit the UK on March 18th for a show at the Old Blue Last, then at the Cross Kings on 19th in London, they take themselves all over the UK and end up back in London on April 4th before heading  to mainland Europe, dates are still being pull together, so best check out their My Space, you’ll find some seriously progressively bendy other rock adventure there, one of the finest bands out there right now, serious brain food, and serious getting out there and just doing it themselves... "Thrilling maximalism that has me rubbing my hands with glee straight away. A whole album's worth of perversely complex, er, pop... that has chunks of different genres popping up unexpectedly like the good bits in a stew made of gourmet leftovers." - Organ Magazine Album of the Week back sometime last year, the review is over at Organ#263, head over to and enjoy

4: THE CONTORTIONISTS – Culting (demo) - They’re from East London and this CD called Degenerate Music And The Evil Of Banality burst in here demanding instant attention. Four live tracks that fall up your stairs and dig pointy elbows in to your ribs. More things to say, more wrong pop churning and new wave pointed things and and and.... The Fall, Art Brut, all awkwardly catchy and full of different angles, something a little more to say and play if you know what I mean. Suckerpunch grammatical errors, hail gross saints of the protest scene they said. Pointed male/female vocals (they all sound like Mark E Smith), four fine tracks that demand we go out and find out more straight away, things that demand we have more things to say (and things). Excellent, we love it when unexpected things like this turn up, collaborations, wires, conversations, degenerates indeed, there’s always another antidote to the evils of banality, this is the function of art is it not? Excellent, love it to bits – or

5: CAPILLARY ACTION  - Placebo Or Panacea (Pangaea) – And because they made on of the very best albums of last year, put it out themselves then get out around the underground and did some communicating and some networking and doing in the way bands once did before My Space melted their brains, they got in touch with people and booked themselves a whole DIY world tour, because of all that, they for a second track played tonight. See track three for full details... This is how you do things, the real worldwide underground! 

6: GERTRUDE – Window Watching (Urban Misfits) – London’s Gertude have a new album ready to launch at the end of March. The proactive, pro D.I.Y girls might just have made their best album yet/ Colourful, different, feminist creativity and another slice of real London underground creative diversity, this is the kind of thing that fuels this ongoing Organ thing. Alternative colour with strings and new wave punk rock chamber bite...

7: UPSILON ACRUX – Landscape With Gun And Chandelier (Cuneiform) – First fruits of the much anticipated new album from one of the finest forward looking prog/other rock bands in the World right now – see, real prog is about just that, challenging exciting musical progression.  The album is called Radian Futura, due for release in May, the Los Angeles band are threatening to get over at last and you can find this track (and download it) on or go explore

8: NAAVY – Sticker (Angular) - A track from the Sheffield angular new wave pop band’s rather fine new album Idyll Intangible. Reviewed this week via the Organ pages and out on March 23rd. They’re a band who observe a little more than most, songs that paint different pictures. “Real life makes perfect sense, they’ll take you to a special place, they’ll send your flowers back, they’ll give your cheeks some vital colour. Fractured bouncy angular vintage synth driven new wave pop, recommended... or

9: Y DIWYGIAD feat LEWIS TEWWS – All Mouth (Dockran) – another slice of Welsh hip-hop and another track from the new album. An album of multilingual  rap and electronica from Y Diwyglad (The Reformation). The album is called Hymn 808  – Mr Formula and 9 Tonne with a whole load of different voices and collaborators and the hip hop/rap rule book ripped up the Welsh way, one of the best slices of hip-hop and rhyming bite we’ve heard in ages ... or

10: JOE GIDEON AND THE SHARK – Civilisation (Bronzerat) – The London based brother/sister duo have a new album out this week, the album is called Harum Scarum – an album full of wordy adventures and they’ve recently been seen touring with both Seasick Steve and Nick Cave – that combination tells you quite a bit. Nine slices of low sling edgy blues and a whole lot more... Blues drenched in delicate feedback and tales of flat pancake worlds, painters, arsonists and seeds of doubt that get hold of things and grow in to trees. The world isn’t flat, whatever you may have been told the world is not flat. A writer, a singer (a fishmonger, a dogmatic film maker), learning the ways, meeting queens late night over at Clapham, wasting a morning selling another man’s shoes....

11: CONFLICT – The Ungovernable Force (Mortahate) – A slice of prime raw thrashing confrontational anarcho punk goodness, this kind of thing shouldn’t be on the radio should it? Don’t ask us officer. Conflict may just be putting together another of their Gathering of The thousands festival things on Friday April 10th at the Coronet over in Elephant And Castle, shed load of good bands, a whole variety of sounds flying there under a big black flag and some proper punk rock activism.... And don’t it do our hearts good to be playing this on an FM radio station in London and telling you about it, small personal victory and a touch of payback for Brixton that time, you can’t kill the spirit – /

12: NLF3 - Fuses, Apes & Doppler (Prohibited) – A track from the French band’s new album Ride On A Brand New Time, Organ album of the week this week, here’s what we said – “Well now there’s lots of hints and flavours in here, nothing anywhere obvious though. Vibrant instrumental rock that tastes of things somewhere near Pierre Henry, Fela Kuti, 70’s Genesis, Steve Reich, Battles, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Mike Oldfield, Fantomas, Yes, Sonic Youth, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Don Cabellero, that tastes of all kinds of exotic post/prog/other rock without ever really being obvious about any of it. NLF3 sound like no one, their rhythms are their own , they sculpt their tunes their own way – very much tunes, always tunes – the indication is that there’s improvisation going on here, they never lose the tunes though. .Some of it is in to Can territory, they clearly have a need to discover new things, that kinship shared with Battles and Animal Collection (both of whom they’ve toured with). A diligently crafted heart, a thoughtful musical soul, this gets better and better with every play, with every new bit discovered – a feeling of a journey of discovery for both us a listeners and them as creators. The French trio have quite a history now, both as NLF3 and in previous bands, they’re musical travelers, they’ve put on gigs for Don Cab, they’ve been supported by Polar Bear, they’re very much of this time, of this rich musical generation and this new album is just a very fine rewarding caressing set of musical treats from start to finish –

13: VLADIMIR BOZAR ‘n ZE SHERAF ORKESTRA –  Panzoni Pasta (Imago) – Now this is good, debut album from a new French band who have evolved out of the excellently named Children Of Invention –  a Zappa tribute band so it seems. Vladimir Bozar is “just an imaginary entity of absurdity” so it would seem - all of this makes perfect sense as soon as you let their very colourful musical stew enter your life. More Mr Bungle than Zappa now, very much more actually, this gang of creative French people are clearly very influenced by all things Bungle, all things Secret Chiefs 3... all kinds of things gone wrong in the fairground and classical stabs and impressively right up there alongside all those names we just dropped. Real children of invention and a highly recommended roller coaster ride of an album that will have you hanging on and grinning like a bungled maniac from start to finish. Bon merde indeed! -  -

14: a.P.A.t.T – Avajier (Pickled Egg) – A track from the Liverpool band’s most recent album Black And White Mass. They really are experimentally unique and there really is no way to explain them on paper, go click and see. Played tonight as we lick our lips about the forthcoming Yes Way festival, I see they have a gig at the Liverpool Tate coming up in Late March, as well as Pickled Egg night here in London at the Betsey Trotwood on March 28th. Explore them via or

15: LAMO – Edicotatop (Broken Branch) – Single of the week on the Organ website this week, here’s what we said if you weren’t paying attention – “A churning kind of falling down the stairs carrying a kitchen sink kind of duo. Brutal guitars, raw ripping filthy barbed riffs and dismantled drums and a churning churning cacophony of noise rock delight and getta job.... A sound engineer’s nightmare, a mountain of feedback fuelled by aggressive intent, a twin headed monster created by siblings Ais and Colm Clafferty. They’re from the Midlands of England, they deal in extreme noise terror, they are clearly not to be messed with and they sound like nothing you or I could easily pin down. Limited to just 200 CDs so move on it now, put all your eggs in their basket...”  –  They’re from Stoke (I think), they’re in London on March 30th at the Bull&Gate - or

16: ART BRUT – The Passenger (Cooking Vinyl) – They have a new album out on April 20th. This is a first taste from us, no not Iggy and his isolation, this is a celebration of public transport and riding on buses and trains and people and views out of windows and, Art Brut’s new album is sounding like a good one, lots more from us I expect. You know, if you draw on the tube or the bus people suddenly start talking and art goes none brut and... –

17: THE LONG LOST – Cat Fancy (Ninja Tune) – A track from their new self-titled album, here’s what we said about that new album recently via the pages of Organ. “This is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, especially ‘Cat Fancy’. The whole thing is gorgeous. Whispered silk and stroked strings, thistle-soft tunes, brushed toy pianos, an omnichord, clarinets, alto-flute, paws on piano strings. The Long Lost are a duo from Los Angeles (although they van number anything up to five live). A treasure chest of delicate trinkets and lucky charms, gorgeous gorgeous whisper china-delicate beauty. Alfred and Laura Darlington and their fragile acoustic project, a collection of porcelain love songs, careful tunes, crafted vocals, perfect in every way. Playing with delicate polyrhythms and turntable delicateness that you almost don’t notice. Genuine, sweet, just perfect cliché-free love songs, perfection –

The Long Lost and Speech Debelle both share a stage with Organ show regulars To Arms Etc over at Barden's Boudoir on Thursday 19th March... 

18: SPEECH DEBELLE – The Key (Big Dada) - Her debut single was a single of the week around here at Organ, played lots on our radio show, she’s been turning a lot of heads since that debut, word spreading, healthy responses from the alternative media, she’s starting to make sense of it. She seems to be flowing now, confident, a growing belief, a feeling of “hey, yeah, people get it, I can do this...”. She’s from London, this time she’s peppered her streetwise hip hop with a touch of refined jazz. Her last single “Searching” was inward looking, fragile, this has a confident swagger, a healthy optimism. The Key is a clever song, different hip hop, she rather unique. Rooted in the real world, lyrics that mean something, all done with such style, youthful and wise beyond her years, Speech Debelle is emerging as a rather important artist, alive with honest emotion, the same inspiration that came from early days M.I.A, this is good, we love to see her smiling like this. The second single has lived up to everything the first promised, go find out, her hip hop is different, her hip hop is good...

19: MONO – Ashes In The Snow (Conspiracy) – A track from the forthcoming fifth album ‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind’, released on Match 24th, majestically epic post rock, more dark to light rather than quiet to loud this time around – /

Next week Marina will be in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW  and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 


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