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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: THE HARDY TREE – Long Gone (demo)
3: THE CURSORS – 9/4 (demo) 
4: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL – Basement Fever (Download)
5: LAMO – Edicotatop (Broken Branch)
6: GNAW – Haven Fault (Conspiracy)
7: FEJD –  Offerok (Napalm)
8: JASON PEGG –  Everything Is Easy (demo)
9 AMON TOBIN – Home Of Fadeless Splendour (download)
10: TWO FINGERS –  High Life (Big Dada) 
11: CARDIACS – Home Of Fadeless Splendour (Alphabet)
12: GENESIS – The Knife (Charisma)
13: CRASS – Punk Is Dead (Crass)
14: CRASS – Sheep Farming In The Falklands (Crass)
15: EVERYTHING MUST GO –  I Hate Music (ORG)
16: ART BRUT – Slap Dash For Cash (Cooking Vinyl)
17: STUPIDS –  Feel The Suck (Boss Tuneage) 
18: MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND – Sinfonia Agridulce (Cooking Vinyl)

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: THE HARDY TREE – Long Gone (unreleased) - So Francis from Transistor Six has a new project, she announced it recently, the album is ready, nothing out yet though. The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath is the name of the album and this is an early taste, you’ll find three beautiful tracks over on her My Space page. The tracks she has put up are really rather beautifully special (as special as the tree itself in Old Saint Pancras Church Yard). Tales of ghost woods and the lost streams of London (and the tale of Jim The Elephant is true, he escaped from his zoo keeper in 1893, ran across Finsbury Park and damaged the bandstand). Go treat yourself and explore the world of Francis, lost London and secret things like The Hardy Tree, it really is a most beautiful world, find it over at

3: THE CURSORS – 9/4 (demo) – Another play of their fine demo, The Cursors are playing some kind of experimental new wave something or other - they’re different, they’re good, they’re four people from London, (one of them drives a red long distant lorry but that another tale). They’re playing The Betsy Trotwood here in London this Thursday 2nd April –

4: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL – Basement Fever (Download) – Portland’s rather fine Experimental Dental School’s last album got a lot of attention from us here on this show, they’ve sneaked another one out, almost without telling anyone. American experimental new wave other rock and well, find the details and download the album for free over at or at – they’re in Europe in May, including a show in London on May 9th with Black Dice at the Dome. 

5: LAMO – Edicotatop (Broken Branch) - Single of the week on the Organ website a couple of weeks back, here’s what we said if you weren’t paying attention – “A churning kind of falling down the stairs carrying a kitchen sink kind of duo. Brutal guitars, raw ripping filthy barbed riffs and dismantled drums and a churning churning cacophony of noise rock delight and getta job.... A sound engineer’s nightmare, a mountain of feedback fuelled by aggressive intent, a twin headed monster created by siblings Ais and Colm Clafferty. They’re from the Midlands of England, they deal in extreme noise terror, they are clearly not to be messed with and they sound like nothing you or I could easily pin down. Limited to just 200 CDs so move on it now, put all your eggs in their basket...”  –  They’re from Stoke (I think), they’re in London this Monday March 30th at the Bull&Gate - or

6: GNAW – Haven Fault (Conspiracy) – Gnaw have a new album called This Face, this is the opening, and rather typical of the whole thing, track. Here’s this week’s Organ review – “This is hardboiled, this is a seriously difficult chew, here to gnaw at your pretty little head indeed. Animalistic sonic torture and churning and machine manipulation way beyond the boundaries of mere ‘industrial’ life. Sound and boundary pushing music from a place where the crows be ripping at your flesh and you’ve got no control over the situation (as someone once said). History time, pull up a chair while that buzz flies at your head... What is that buzz? Animal? Machine? Just violent ambience hanging in the air? And what the hell is that? Did they just multiply? Gnaw formed  (symbiotically is my guess) in 2006, Alan Dubin (ex-Khanate, OLD), Jamie Sykes  (ex-Burning Witch, Thorr’s Hammer, Atalist), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (one time of 80s NYC industrial legends Ike Yard) and sound design/mix wizard  Brian Beatrice. Seems Dubin thought it would be wonderfully a healthy idea to collaborate with some of his respected musician/friends, bring together people from a diverse set of musical backgrounds and see just what would boil up. Did he tell them it would involved chains, cellars, and repellent putrefaction if limbs weren’t hacked off using jagged edges of  rusted guitars? All kinds of pained screaming and chants and rituals and who knows what’s going on here? That horror movie that could never be made, you couldn’t do this visually. Not so much songs as pieces, violent mood swings, blood churning otherly tribalistic rituals, hissing, whispered chanting, building up of tension after tension and things emerging from the quiet corners of the darkness, creatures who’s shapes are surely beyond imagination... Once sane, once human voices lost to the ritualistic horror of is all, unable to convey what they’ve seen... Day by day comes night again and one ungodly shitstorm of human pain and agnostic memory and post-industrial clanking and screaming and whispering and caged yelling and sculpted crafted clearly-made walls of surprisingly inviting musical beautifully wrapped in detailed crisp challenging disturbingly good noise – hypnotic, enchanting, seducing... we are here, shadow and bone, human beast forgotten... or

7: FEJD –  Offerok (Napalm) - Now we have no idea what these Swedish medieval folk types are singing about, hope it isn’t anything too dodgy, no reason to suspect it should be. They’re singing and stomping away in their own language on this new album Storm (out this coming Monday)  –  all authentically rousing and full of stirring passion. Organic percussion, fiddles, bouzouki, Jew’s harp, Swedish bagpipes, cow antler (?), willow pipes along with more conventional guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. Apparently they’re a fusion of folk music duo Rimmerfors and a couple of members of metal band Pathos – “the weight of heavy metal in symbiosis with the typical language and sadness of Nordic folk music” so they say. Actually there isn’t that much metal to be found here, more a folk rock thing fusing with the more colourfully traditional side of things. This is excellent actually – really don’t know that much about traditional Nordic folk, know enough to sense that this sounds right though, sounds authentically good, apparently alive with the myths and legends of their lands, check it out, sounds and feels really good – or

8: JASON PEGG –  Everything Is Easy (demo) – Jason is from a band called Clearlake, this is something he’s done by himself, well him with a keyboard. A rather beautifully perfectly stripped down and rather emotionally intimate cover of a rather special Cardiacs song. Well all Cardiacs songs are special to though of us who know and with Cardiacs leader Tim Smith still being rather unwell this really is something... well, just something very special. You can hear it over at  

9: AMON TOBIN – Home Of Fadeless Splendour (download) – and talking of special things, this is a ‘live’  Foley Room recording of an Amon Tobin DJ somewhere in Belgium and him mixing in a version of the Cardiacs hymn Heaven Born in which he does all kinds of magical spine-tingling things with – you can find the whole seventy seven minute set and download it for free from - hit the get it for free button and 

10: TWO FINGERS –  High Life (Big Dada) – and talking of Amon Tobin, his has a new album out this coming Monday. He and Doubleclick and a whole load of guests vocalists/rap voices or whatever you want to call the voices, this particular track featured the voice of Sway... The album is called Two Fingers and it finds Amon and Doubleclick exploring English grime and hip-hop and using rhythms in a rather different rather inviting rather boundary pushing experimental kind of way – 

11: CARDIACS – Home Of Fadeless Splendour (Alphabet) – How else could we follow those tingling pieces of Amon Tobin stardust sprinkling? Well with the original version of Fadeless Splendour from the Heaven Born And Ever Bright album that came out in 1992. Discover Cardiacs and see why they really matter so much over at or

12: GENESIS – The Knife (Charisma) – And seeing as we’re in to classic Organ fuel and quietly celebrating 300 issues of Organ, here’s almost nine minutes of classic driving filthy dangerous challenging full on prog rock from 1970 and the Trespass album, the kind that really isn’t allowed on the radio... 

13: CRASS – Punk Is Dead (Crass) – is punk dead? Surely not? Needs to be taken back though, it is still a way of thinking isn’t it? A little bit more than a marketing term for those who like to dress things and put them in pigeonholes... And a bit of Crass and a rant about marketing of our culture and all mixed in to a classic bit of 1970 (pre Evil Phil) Genesis, had to be done on the radio just once did it not?  Genesis mixed in to Crass is what Organ is about, we’re on the 300th edition of Organ this week, did we say that already... and have you listened to some of those Genesis lyrics from back there? Ranting punks or what!

14: CRASS – Sheep Farming In The Falklands (Crass) – You can never have too much Crass on the radio can you? No! Especially when there’s a G20 summit on this week in our city and there’s April 1st streets to reclaim and many questions to be asked and black flags to fly and.. Go download it from some illegal site or something, anarchy and living by the sword and all that, Southern Records are threatening to releasing it all again but they're such unfriendly people over there and they lost the spirit ages ago, punk really is smelling rather like it just maybe dead over there... 

15: EVERYTHING MUST GO –  I Hate Music (ORG) – And sometimes I really do, or more I hate bands and their apathy and especially those who think that a band starts and ends with a My Space page and how many hits they can get, all those dumb spam message and even dumber comments they leave on pages they never actually bother to read. My Space is killing music, no, the way you dumb bands use is is killing music. I love music, Everything Must Go are from Oakland California, this is from an EP we put out here on ORG back in 2005, they have a new album out now, haven’t heard it yet, guess I could if I went to their My Space page? Band,, music, the way most of you think, you’ve all been annoying me this week, why do we bother doing all we do, 99% of you really don’t deserve it, I hate music... no, I love music, how good was this single, real old school hardcore punk. People who’ve done time in bands like Christ On Parade, Neurosis and such with a righteous slice 

16: ART BRUT – Slap Dash For Cash (Cooking Vinyl) - They have a new album called Art Brut Vs Satan out on April 20th. This is a second taste from us of our ResFM show. This time a celebration of bands being just a little different and lo-fi aesthetics and why do bands all want to sound like U2 anyway? We like Art Brut, we like their art, we like their thinking, we like this new album lots, Art Brut back on top form –

17: STUPIDS –  Feel The Suck (Boss Tuneage) - First new recordings for a million years, alright  then, first for twenty – and run me over with a skateboard and take me to meet Jesus if the born again thrash-punkers aren’t sounding as fresh and alive as ever. A limited edition coloured vinyl three track 7” (don’t ask me what colour it is, they only sent in a CDr, it is Organ single of the week this week though), We’re talking some old school chugga-chugga hardcore punk rock speed-skating heads down race you to the end from originals Tommy Stupid and Marty Tuff alongside new boy Rossi O’Schmitt. That feeling you had before, no, not the suck... feels good and we like almost everything and no hate hate here. Three alive and speeding new tracks, who’d have thought it! Some bands can do the come back thing right and  be as good as ever then, is this a first? All three tracks rule  Last time we saw them they were ripping things up at the long pulled down Hammersmith Clarendon, they were playing tonight at the Camden Underworld, we were in thestudio missing them just so you could hear all this fine music that no one else ever plays on the radio -

18 MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND – Sinfonia Agridulce (Cooking Vinyl) – What’s this? Certainly cause you listeners to ask straight away. M.I.S or Mexican Institute Of Sound in Carmilo Lara and this is from the new album Soy Sauce (out in 4th May this year). Central American plunderphonics, electronica, hip-hop, and a whole different pallet. And yes that was a very (very) Mexican sounding Bitter Sweet Symphony –

Next week Marina will be in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW  and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time  

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