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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: EXTRA LIFE – The Refrain (Loaf)
3: LAKE OF DRACULA –  Biografier Av Det Gloende Rod Druglords (Sinraft)
4: THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Demonic Velcities.20,000,000 Volts (Skingraft)
5: PSYOPUS – Kill Us (Metalblade)
6: YOWIE – Trina (Skingraft)
7: APE SCHOOL –  Wail To God (Counter)
8: COMUS –  Diana (Dawn)
9: STONEPHACE –  Contextual Meaning (Tru Thoughts)
10: ANGEL WITCH –  Angel Witch (Bronze)
11: MI AMI –  Pressure (Quarterstick)
12: ANARCHISTWOOD – Don’t Bulshit The Artist (Ex-Gratia)
13: GUANTANAMO BABES –  Paint It Beige (demo)
14: HARVEY MILK – Death Goes To The Winner (Hydra Head)
15: MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND – Sinfonia Agridulce (Cooking Vinyl)
16: SHANA TOVA – Ants (Viann And Violet)
17: VESSELS – Fully Altered Beast – Lee J. Malcomn remix (Cuckundoo)

The details, links and...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: EXTRA LIFE – The Refrain (Loaf) – Track from the new Secular Works album that came out this April. Extra Life are a New York based band led by guitarist/vocalist/composer Charlie Looker, a core member of noise/chamber group Zs and Dirty Projectors/John Zorn collaborator. Extra Life are different, modern classical takes on medieval vocal music that come laced with dark romantic pop and challenging math rock – uniquely different and one of the finest things we’ve heard this year... or Catch them in London at the Scala on May 18th opening for Deerhunter. 

3: LAKE OF DRACULA –  Biografier Av Det Gloende Rod Druglords (Sinraft) – From the album Sinraft Live 1996. Sinraft is Skingraft’s alter ego label and this alnum appears to have been re-issued with sixteen bonus tracks making it a twenty slice onslaught of violent experimentation. The bonus tracks are from the Live At The Fireside Bowl bootleg. Dissonant minimalistic no-wave punk rock cleverness and our old ‘friend’ Weasel Walter. The band formed in 95 with an anti-rock manifesto and what they called a “terse guitar cacophony, evocative vocal assaults and powerful hard-edged surealism”, just the kind of radio friendly thing we like to feature on the Organ hour – or

4: THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Demonic Velcities.20,000,000 Volts (Skingraft) – And seeing as we’re talking Weasel Walter and Skingraft records (surely the best label in the world), here’s a delightful slice from the classic Luttenbackers album Destroy All Music. The album was re-issued in 2007 with eight bonus tracks. Serious front line no-wave other jazz noise and driving sax-fuelled punk way beyond mere math rock - one of the finest bands ever, we feel duty-bound to dig out a Luttenbachers track every now and again, our mission is never terminated - or And we note in passing that Weasel Walter in on his way over to play a couple of shows in London alongside Even Parker, Peter Evens and John Evans – one show at the Tufnell Park Dome on May 22nd is confirmed so far. Updates at

5: PSYOPUS – Kill Us (Metalblade) – A track from the US extreme math/noise/prog metal outfit’s 2007 album Our Puzzling Encounters Considered.  The Rochester band have a new album out now called Odd Senses, not heard it yet, besides a few on slices that sound as intense as ever. The band are busy on line begging for donations to get them over to Europe –

6: YOWIE – Trina (Skingraft) – Shaari Sue wanted us to play some Bowie, we nearly did, one letter out. A track from Yowie’s 2004 Crytooology album. The St Louis, Missouri band deal in bouncy angular obtuseness. Seriously hardboiled tunes that will bounce you all over the place. Another release on Skingraft – we need to do a Skingraft special don’t you think. or – if you haven’t explored Skingraft yet, they’ve got a great page of free and legal download tracks that will give you a more than tasty introduction – remember though, record labels like Skingraft need your support to keep on putting dangerous challenging alternatives like this, buy a thing or two off them once you’ve explored the freebies. 

7: APE SCHOOL – Wail To God (Counter) – Rather fine four track single (due out on May 4th) from Michael Johnson – think Clouddead, Lilys, Holopaw Daedelus collaborations and experiments. Ape School bizarre left field North American progressive pop tastes of refined things like Bobby Conn, Fleet foxes, a taste of sunshine and touch of alternative glam, fine tunes, delicious harmonies, twists that pull you to other places, fine fine pop. Out on the 4th May on Ninja Tune offshoot Counter Records – or

8: COMUS –  Diana (Dawn) - A track from the English Pagan flavoured prog/folk band’s 1971 album. Comus were a cult band who existed in the early 70’s. Name dropped by band like Opeth, covered by Current 93, Comus have this legendary work of mouth status... and now they’re back and playing again. The rather unique band play as part of the forthcoming Equinox Festival. The festival happens between June 12-14th in London: “The Equinox Festival, a 3 day media arts festival dedicated to spiritual discovery and mystical tradition” The line up looks like this: Friday (June 12) taking place at Camden Centre - John Zornm Z'EV, James Ferraro, Hati... Saturday (June 13) taking place at Conway Hall – Comus, Burial Hex, Kinit Her, K11 / Pietro Riparbelli, Yan-gant-y-tan... Sunday (June 14) taking place at Conway Hall - Threshold House Boys Choir, Aethenor, T.A.G.C, Deiter Muh, Pestrepeller. More from, explore Comus via

9: STONEPHACE –  Contextual Meaning (Tru Thoughts) – A track from the new Stonephace album that’s due out on May 4th. This particular track was one of the shorter more experimental pieces on the rather fine album. Here’s the Organ album review....
So you have one of the UK’s most celebrated jazz  saxophonists and frontline musical innovators and some really warm jazzy fusion that comes with a bit of an experimental edge. You’ve got a rave producer, from Cornwall and a time when raves really were raves  (remember that time at... and did someone really throw a dead sheep in the water that time and make everyone ill and man you were lost in that field in Devon for weeks...).  A jazzy 70’s fusion sax player and a rave head, they’re going to clash right? Wrong - what you have here is a really flowing set of mellow sax led progressive (in the real sense) instrumentals with a cutting caressing undercurrent, a set of stimulating tunes that never ever drift off in to mere background music (unless you want it to). You’ve got veteran jazz dissident Larry Stabbins on sax, you’ve got Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley alongside bassist Jim Barr, you got a guest contribution from Dizzy Gillespie collaborator Guy Barker on trumpet and you’ve got the whole thing stitched together by aforementioned Cornish sonic alchemist Krysztof Oktalski. You’ve got one beautifully refreshing album. Things are cleansing, “brainwashing” (as someone else said), things just flow in such a welcoming way  A mellow fusion of inviting easy on the ear jazz that moves forward with such clever dexterity. These people don’t need to show off, they don’t need to prove anything, no muso ego look at us here, just a whole load of rewarding mellow jazz, soul, fusion and pulled together by the subtle beats, the sublime cutting-edge electronica - a glow, a warm glow... That experimental feel you get from the more rewarding early 60’s/70’s film soundtracks – Bullet, Lalo Schiffrin... Just a fine fine refreshingly different album that works in all the right ways. Stonephace is out this week on Tru Thoughts - or

10: ANGEL WITCH –  Angel Witch (Bronze) – A classic piece of raw London metal from 1980. The legendary N.W.O.B.H,M band Angel Witch are back in action again with more of their demonic riffs and things blacker than an old 70’s Sabbath, you can catch them in London at the Camden Underworld on April 30th..

11: MI AMI –  Pressure (Quarterstick) – From the recently released Watersports album. Mi Ami have made authenticity their mission. Comprised of two key members of Dischord’s hyper-percussive Black Eyes – Daniel Martin-McCormick on vocals and Jacob Long on bass) and well as the rather excellent Damon Palermo on drums. The San Francisco trio are a really different experience, rhythms that go to other places, multidimensional physical noise. The band are on a UK tour right now that includes another London show at The Macbeth this coming April 30th.

12: ANARCHISTWOOD – Don’t Bulshit The Artist (Ex-Gratia) – London’s Anarchistwood are busy doing things their way, the do it yourself proper creative punk rock way. This is a slice of low slung new wave punk that you van download for free via their website. They’re involved in all kinds of alternative gig/art/label/film making activities as part of the Ex-Gratia label/collective. Ex-Gratia are celebrating one year with an exhibition called JUST 'CAUSE ITS LOUD, DON'T MEAN IT'S FUNNY: An exhibition of Ex Gratia Recordings artwork. View it daily - 11am - 11pm from Sunday 10th to Sunday 31st May 2009 free Inn on the Green, 3 - 5 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5XL. More from: explore Anarchistwood via

13: GUANTANAMO BABES –  Paint It Beige (demo) – From a rather punky eight track disc that landed here and grabbed us instantly with that spiky pointy onslaught of energy and that threatening sax – kind of Dead Kens vibe if you ask us –

14: HARVEY MILK – Death Goes To The Winner (Hydra Head) - A revisit to last year’s rather excellent Life... The Best Game In Town album played in lip-smacking anticipation of their show with Jesus Lizard at the London Forum on May 11th. The Athens (GA) band deal in life affirming good ot be alive dirges. They made two albums in the 90’s and then split, but word of mouth and a groundswell of demand  wouldn’t let them die, Harvey Milk are one of those rare things in these overcrowded times – a band we really do need out there playing and making records. The Best Game is easily as good as anything they did in the 90’s and in a live state is anyone better? Certainly going to give the mighty Jesus Lizard a run for their money, inspired bill indeed and that’s before we mention Grails are on the bill as well – or

15: MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND – Sinfonia Agridulce (Cooking Vinyl) – What’s this? Certainly caused you listeners to ask when we first played it a few weeks ago. M.I.S or Mexican Institute Of Sound is Carmilo Lara and this is from the new album Soy Sauce (out in 4th May this year). Central American plunderphonics, electronica, hip-hop, and a whole different pallet. And yes that was a very (very) Mexican sounding Bitter Sweet Symphony –

16: SHANA TOVA – Ants (Viann And Violet) – Track from the Birmingham band’s forthcoming debut four track EP. Only just landed here, released on May 4th, tasty set of alternative contemporary indie songs with a clever poppy post-hardcore twist and insects are just as important and if emo wasn’t such a dirty word we’d tell you about the real in flight emotion here.

17: VESSELS – Fully Altered Beast – Lee J. Malcolm remix (Cuckundoo) – One of the b-side remix experiments that can be found on the Leeds post/prog rock band’s forthcoming single Retreat. Another quality release when it would be so easy to get stuck in to a post/math rock rut. Find out more via or  The single is released on May 4th. The band are most of the way through a UK tour right now and they’ve just added a new one off London date at Bardens Boudoir on May 15th

Next week no Organ show, Resonance FM is celebrating something  Marina will be in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW ther week after with the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

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