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Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: EYES –  Stonehenge (Seed)
3: LYDIA LUNCH –  Another Man Comin’ (Sartorial)
4: EXTRA LIFE – I’ll Burn (LoAf)
5: EYES – There You Go (Seed)
6: EXTRA LIFE – The Refrain (LoAf)
7: MARNIE STERN – Don’t Stop Belivin’ (demo)
8: DUNCAN REDMONDS / HARD SKIN – That’s Bollocks Mate (BossTuneage)
9: ZARBOTH – Addict (Head/Discorporate)
10: SPINAL TAP – Saucy Jack (Demo)
11: BUSHMAN’S REVENGE – Belehagda Rock City (Rune Grammofon)
12: BLACK SABBATH in a riot in 1982...
13: ANNALOGUE –  Eve’s Drop (Ankst)
14: GUNS ‘N WANKERS –  Might Just See You later (Boss Tuneage)
14: PETER HAMMILL – The Old School Tie (Virgin)
15: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR –  Man Erg (Charisma)
16: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (ExGratia)
17: WILD DOGS IN WINTER – Good Ol’ Burnt Eyes (demo)
18: FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL – Untitled (demo)

The details, links and...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: EYES –  Stonehenge (Seed) -  Open track from the US band’s forthcoming debut (they’re from East Moline, wherever that is). This is seriously different, this is seriously good.  Studio experiments, lumpg of funk/soul/rock, field noise, “a chaotic kids disco wrapped in day-glo”? Bits of Dan Deacon, a “butt-naked Bach with a peacock’s feather stuffed up his...” (offers the press release), no not really chaotic, just different and instantly good in a stop and listen to this kind of way... Dance and funk and no-wave lo-fi electronics and just experiments and textures and most importantly tunes...   The album is called Night Eyes, out on June 1st - or

3: LYDIA LUNCH –  Another Man Comin’ (Sartorial) – Lydia Lunch has a new album out on June 1st, the album is called Big Sexy Noise and it is indeed a big sexy noise (just as long as you don’t mind the bed being warm from the last body). This time she’s joined by Terry Edwards, James Johnston and Ian White – that’s right, three slices of Gallon Drunk – a whole set of primaevil bumps and brutal bits of organ driven soul, sax attacks and Lydia’s “take no prisoner” style vocal/lyrical delivery. The six track vinyl/download only release is divided in to the sexy side and the noisy side, all sounds like a very sexy noise to us, feel the need to wash my hands now... Out on June 1st – or

4: EXTRA LIFE – I’ll Burn (LoAf) – Track from the new album Secular Works, an album that’s full of all kinds of colour and different flavours that are never obvious. Angular math rock, acerbic viola work, medieval folk music, musical references to The Smiths or King Crimson, a dense labyrinth of otherness from a New York led by guitarist/vocalist/composer Charlie Looker. Looker is also a part of noise/chamber group Zs as well as part of Dirty Projectors as well as a collaborator of John Zorn, Glenn Branca and more... This was part on a nine minute track. Extra Life play a show in London on a bill with Deerhunter at the Scala, Kings Cross, this Monday May 18th   - or

5: EYES – There You Go (Seed) -  See track two, we had to have more than one helping...

6: EXTRA LIFE – The Refrain (LoAf) – Another three minutes from that new Extra Life album because one song really does not explain the colour here... See track four. 

7: MARNIE STERN – Don’t Stop Belivin’ (demo) – Marnie is from New York, she was once a nice polite singer songwriter and we politely passed by her early releases, then she discovered math rock and things like Hella and got all experimental with her guitar and these days she makes thrilling records and we were all excited about seeing her in London last week. Alas she cancelled. Back in June or July so we’re told. This is a demo recording of the other American national anthem, the absolute AOR classic from Journey done Marnie Stern style, them US radio classics reworked Resonance style, there’s a whole show in that idea  –

8: DUNCAN REDMONDS / HARD SKIN – That’s Bollocks Mate (BossTuneage) – He of Snuff, the legendary London punk pop pioneers, make no mistake here, whe nit comes to tuneful punk pop Snuff wrote the blueprint, an no one else got near – that touch of soul they have in there with the dirt. Anyway, Duncan had a new album called Bubble And Squeak, a collection of collaborations recorded in the last five years. Tracks recorded with various people from Leatherface, Snuff, NoFx and more... 22 tracks and all of them worth your time... This particular piece of punk rock pub talk of eels and who knows what was recorded with that no messing bunch of South London (Millwall) Oi makers Hard Skin –

9: ZARBOTH – Addict (Head/Discorporate) – They’re from Paris, this is from their just released self-titled debut album. An agressive punky mathy two piece with a clever Hella flavour or two. “A whole feast of discordant time-signature playing and free-noise-jazz-metal shape-shifting, oh yes, let this  one boil away and peck at you and somewhere along the way there will be a sudden  dawning and you’ll work out Zarboth are actually rather brilliant...” said the Organ album review last week - or or

10: SPINAL TAP – Saucy Jack (Demo) - Well it seems, after all these years, they’re finished their much talked of prog rock opera Saucy Jack. Now don’t be asking us where we got this, a man called Ian, armed with cricket bat, told us to play it or not to play it or something, he was yelling lots of things at the time, said something about us being people who took them seriously and thanked us for past coverage. Best thing since the Shark Sandwich album is you ask us, right up there with Uriah Heep in terms of prog flavoured hard rock in our book... 

11: BUSHMAN’S REVENGE – Belehagda Rock City (Rune Grammofon) -  Track from the Norwegian band’s second album You Lost Me At Hello. The album came out this week. Bushman’s Revenge are a youthful trio who combine a jazz/improv style with a rock/metal background and come out sounding like some electric blend of Ornette Coleman, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Faith no More and John Coltrane. Tight, muscular jazz metal with a smoothly refined blues edge – or

12: BLACK SABBATH in a riot – well how about some Resonance FM found sound and field noise Organ show style - ah, the art of listening... Recordings from the infamous 1982 Milwaukee riot that roadie really didn’t help much with his bringing up of 1776 did he. Next Time: Jefferson Airplane vs the Hells Angels at Altermont – we got recordings of all the best rock concert fights and riots... 

13: ANNALOGUE –  Eve’s Drop (Ankst) – From the new album Broken Spectre, released this Beltaine. Annalogue is the solo project from Ann Matthews, she of Welsh experimental band Ectogram (and previous to that post-punk noise makers Fflaps). “Something very different here, rather magical, sprinkled dust and glowing tunes that slowly uncoil in a very experimental, delightfully different, very welcoming soothing inviting way.. Delicate textures, fragile layers, primitive recordings that are so so rich in sound and form (if it is primitive then very positively so), genuinely avant and experimental yet so easy and inviting - nothing hard boiled or awkward”. A magical beautiful treat of a highly recommended album and a perfect Beltaine release for this first warm day of a new summer (and the first time I’ve been on air since then so... or

14: GUNS ‘N WANKERS –  Might Just See You later (Boss Tuneage) – Another slice from that Duncan Redmonds collaborations album – see track seven for more details 

15: PETER HAMMILL – The Old School Tie (Virgin) – A timely track from Peter Hammill’s eight solo album PH7 releeased back in 1979... Tales of Pinocchio nosed politicians in the trough with their expenses and well, they need their moats cleaning don’t they? Peter Hammill’s latest solo album, Thin Air, is out very soon, we’ll play something as soon as we get out hands on it, we already know it will be good... links with the next track... 

16: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR –  Man Erg (Charisma) – And if we’re going to talk about Peter Hammill then let us be self indulgent for ten minutes and twenty seven seconds and play a classic slice of 1971 prog rock from the Pawn Hearts album and a typical piece of Van Der Graaf epicness from probably the greatest rock band ever (well them or Cardiacs is)  Explore more over at – there’s a great page of downloadable live tracks and poetry pieces there or for Peter Hammill solo news at or the best door to go through, even if you don’t know the nature, is

17: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (ExGratia) – Recent single from the rather different London band and more of their twitching jazz and body fluids and strange contradictions, alien mice and clever theatrics and the real art of performance and Miss Roberts and her wonderful band. And they play an ExGracia night at The Inn On TheGreen, under the Westway, Portobello, West London on May 30th. The venue is currently hosting an exhibition of ExGracia related artwork. Explore Rude Mechanicals via, find out about the art and such over at – they call it HardART. 

18: WILD DOGS IN WINTER – Good Ol’ Burnt Eyes (demo) – A track from the Maidstone band’s beautiful hand packaged three track demo. Three slices of quietly refined and rather different post-rock flavoured beauty and one of the very best demo recordings that have landed here in recent times. The band are on tour with Flies Are Spies right now, see next track for full details –

19: FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL – Untitled (demo) – Track from one of the handful of demos that the Chichester based prog/post-rock outfit have sent us. They’re not the greatest band in terms of information or indeed putting song tittles on covers but they do make some rather delicate imaginative post rock. They’re out on a self-promoted self-organised tour with the like-minded Wild Dogs In Winter.  They play the Good Ship in London’s Killburn this Wednesday May 20th along side Wild Dogs, Maybeshewill and And So I Watch You From Afar. They’re also involved in the organising and running of the I Am Joy music and art festival in Chichester as well as the rather inspiring I Am Joy art gallery - or or

Next week Marina will be in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

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