Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 10th MAY 2009

Intro: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  MARNIE STERN Prime (Kill Rock Stars)
2:  EXTRA LIFE  - Blackmail Blues (LoAF)
3:  CHEER ACCIDENT - Humanizing the Distance (Cuneiform)
4:  DEVO - Jocko Homo (Virgin)
5:  CARDIACS - Visiting Hours (Live) (Alphabet)
6:  CALLE DEBAUCHE - Panspermia (Egg Helmet)
7:  MARNIE STERN - Roads? Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads (Kill Rock Stars)
8:  KOENJIHYAKKEI - Maschtervoz (Skingraft)
9:  HEY! TONAL - Smarmy Faulkner (African Tape)
10:  GORGE TRIO - Intimate Addition (Skingraft)
11:  CASTROVALVA - We Don't Go To Ravenholm (Brew Records)
12:  WILD DOGS IN WINTER - Em-In-Or (demo)
13: ZAG AND THE COLOURED BEADS Ekim Bey (self release)

MARNIE STERN is from New York; rumours are that she was a pretty good singer/songwriter until she fell in with a bad crowd eg Hella - good news for the likes of us, as these two fine tracks show...

... several US musicians mentioned EXTRA LIFE in hushed tones over the last year; their glorious, jaw-droppingly beautiful and original album 'Secular Works' was released in the States last year, and just been released in the UK last month. Extra Life is led by composer/vocalist/guitarist Charlie Looker, a founder member of Zs; they are in the UK next week, find out more from

Chicago underground legends, pranksters and all round undefinables CHEER ACCIDENT, from their recently released acclaimed album 'Fear Draws Misfortune' - go to to download lots of full mp3s of forthcoming and recent releases , touring Europe soon (but no UK dates confirmed!) 

...DEVO's packed out gig at the Kentish Town Forum last week was a performance of their greatest early works, including this track, to general mass hysteria; many were seen wearing CARDIACS tshirts, so...  Originally released on their tape album 'The Obvious Identity' (under their original name of Cardiac Arrest) around 1980, this is the live recording from  'Garage Concerts 2003 Vol2; 'the finest band to walk the face of the planet' as someone once said, sadly brought low by illness last year in the midst of tour plans and creativity. 

...the delightful CALLE DEBAUCHE have sent us their self-titled new album, all the way from Tuscon, Arizona. An instrumental 5-piece with Zappa, Eastern European (and possibly Cardiacs?!) influences, formed 2006; album is available from them at

CASTROVALVA are from Leeds, they're a bass/drums/noise manipulation duo with a distinctively heavy sound, this was from their debut self-titled mini album (out 4th May as d/load and limited edition CD) - they're gigging now 
From Japan, and singing in their own invented language similar to Magma's Kobaian dialect, 

KOENJIHYAKKEI is the full-on avant-progressive band headed by Ruin's Tatsuya Yoshida. This is from their new, remastered  re-issue of their 2001 album 'Nivraym" just released on Skin Graft Records with extra added sax, clarinet, keyboards and vocals!

Oakland California's GORGE TRIO recently released album 'Open Mouth, O Wisp' is also on Chicago's Skin Graft label, spectacular tiny avant epics with the detail and originality you'd expect a Deerhoof, Flying Luttenbachers and Sicbay (ie 3/4 of Colossamite) pedigree.

HEY! TONAL are a bit of a math/avant rock supergroup, including people from Rumah Sakit, Species Being, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Sleeping People and Storm & Stress, composed over long distances by layered re-working of the musicians: or ...

a hidden gem, on Kent band WILD DOGS IN WINTER's hand crafted first EP, contact via

...finally UK band ZAG AND THE COLOURED BEADS play a gig soon, I do believe; this was from their 1988 tape album 'Sawtooth Gripmaster' - available on CD from

-  Marina Organ

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