Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW  with Marina Organ - June 25th 2006 

1:  PHANTOMSMASHER  - Bishop Hopping  (Ipecac)
2:  MR BUNGLE  - Ars Moriendi  (Ipecac)
3:  MAGMA  - Mekanik Kammondoh (Seventh)
4:  AGASKODO TELIVEREK -  Bodega Bay (Adaadat) 
5:  AOTEA – Redboat, I Don't Wanna... (Sound Devastation) 
6:  BOB DRAKE compilation of short tracks from The Staircase (Cuneiform) 
7:  PLAID - I Citizen The Loathsome (Warp)
8:  CARDIACS - The Breakfast Line (Alphabet) 
9:  TANGAROA - Vietnamese Killing Queens (Anticulture) 
10:  NICHOLAS DOBSON - The Lunar Pull 
11:  IMMERSION COMPOSITION SOCIETY  - Why I Didn't Go To Public School  (Steve Lew?)
12: EGG  - a slightly unknown (because we’ve got no details) track from Civil Surface or Polite Force...
13:  IMAGINATION SCHOOL  - Downsland Drinking Song  (download)
14:  PELICAN - Ran Amber (Kemado) 
15:  EFTUS SPECTUN  - Speckled Nesbit/Bucksfug at the Thermary/Hewl Thabet
16:  HUNTING LODGE  - Arkensas Pine Bluff Golden Lions (FarmGirl)
17  RUSSIAN CIRCLES – Enter (Flameshovel)

This week's Other Rock Show band information and links and ....

Walked in to find the everyone running around in horror because the outro pop compilation disc left running at the end of the play (I think it was in context with the plot) had suddenly turned into Ar**c M*nk*ys - oh, the shame! So I started two minutes early with the full glorious PHANTOMSMASHER track I use as an intro/theme tune every show. It's called Bishop Hopping and it's from the self-titled Phantomshmasher album available on Ipecac. Phantomsmasher is a James Plotkin project with drums by Dave Witte and collaboration with DJ Speedranch. The rest of the album is just as stunningly original.

Where can you find more? 

A MR BUNGLE classic; should have played The Air-Conditioned Nightmare on account of the sauna-like studio, but Ars Moriendi might be their best moment... the height of their powers. From Mekanik Destructiv Kommandoh... still stupendous live, wish they'd play outside France a bit more (or I could afford to go see them there!).  Intense, legendary, and actually very accessible.

AGASKODO TELIVEREK we just discovered... they claim to be 'an ordinary bunch of Hungarian accountants'. Accountants with a hideous seething pit of weirdness just below the surface of their sensible day-to-day exteriors, then

AOTEA are new, inspiringly imaginative and this is a track from thier fine new album -

BOB DRAKE is a large chunk of  Thinking Plague, one of the finest bands on the planet. This is a mini-compilation of shortest tracks from one of his solo albums -

PLAID & BOB JAROC album/DVD Greedy Baby is breathtaking, both aurally and visually – new album and DVD out very soon. Read JG Ballard whilst listening to Greedy Baby. 

CARDIACS are our fuel, they cam be found at or

TANGAROA are making the music that Dillinger Escape Plan promised to before they spectacularly lunched out, this is a track from the Leeds band’s new five track RP -

NICHOLAS DOBSON semi-accidentally (with Michael Mellender, now in Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) created the phenomenum known as the Immersion Composition Society. You get up on a certain day, and attempt to compose (not improvise! It must be repeatable) up to twenty peices of music in time for an evening show-and-tell with your fellow ICS Lodge-mates. At last count there were around 25 ICS Lodges across the world, mainly the US... google for Wig Lodge, Bullet Lodge, Origin Lodge etc

EGG were a great seventies prog/Canterbury Scene outfit... 

IMAGINATION SCHOOL may be making music right now, currently based in Brighton, email us and we'll pass your love/encouragement on... 

The deservedly respected PELICAN appear as the post-rock Godspeedy option on that great Invaders heavy rock compilation -

Bristol based  EFTUS SPECTUN have compiled and remastered their work into an album, available from 

Leeds band HUNTING LODGE have a great album out, Energy Czar, on Superfi/Farm-Girl Records...

RUSSIAN CIRCLES  from Chicago finish with a track from their fine new album Enter on Flameshovel Records... drummer from Riddle Of Steel

- Marina Organ



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