THE OTHER ROCKSHOW and THE ORGAN SHOW @ RESONANCE 104.4fm with MARINA ORGAN one week and SEAN O the next. 9.00pm every Sunday night...


The Other Rock Show is presented by Marina O, The Other Rock Show is about exploring 'other' time signatures within structures of rock and filtering out the conventions of the 4/4 time easy option in favour of something a little more challenging.

Meanwhile on the ORGAN RADIO SHOW Sean Owill be bringing you an eclectic mix of diverse left-field things from all points in between and beyond - the best new releases and demos that are circulating around the underground fanzine channels and landing here in the Organ office, along with news of forthcoming events and general alternative music news and goings on in and around London. 

Expect an hour of challenging alternative music each week, the kind you don’t often get on ‘normal’ music radio shows and stations, expect special guests, expect who knows what... expect to find links and details so you can explore all that you hear on after each show 

Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday July 12th 2009, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

ART, POETRY, BALTIMORE CORNERS, MIDDLE AGES PUNKS and smartarse excuses for playing tracks...

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: PETER HAMMILL – Stumbled (FIE)
3: PRE – Haircutticus (Skin Graft)
4: MARNIE STERN – Don’t Stop Belivin’ (demo) 
5: WIRE – Three Girl Rumba (EMI)
6: JAZZKAMMER – Freemix Norwave – Thurston Moore Remix (Smalltown Superjazzz) 
7: D.M STITH – Issac’s Song (Asthmatic Ktty)
8: THE STUPIDS – Middle Aged Punk (Boss Tuneage)
9: ORIGINAL SILENCE – Argument Left Hanging, Rubber Cement (Smalltown Superjazzz)
10: SLAB – Gutterbusting (Vinyl Ink)
11: D.M.STITH – SPIRIT PARADE (Asthmatic Ktty)
12: MICHAEL J SHEEHY - Fight For Your Right To Fight (Glitterhouse)
13: C.R. AVERY –  The Boxer Who Just Returned From London (Bongo Beat)
14: GREYMACHINE -  Vultures Descend (Hydra Head)
15: MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND – Sinfonia Agridulce (Cooking Vinyl)
16: WILLIAM BLAKE – London (download)
17: ANTHRAX (UK) – One Last Drop (Happy Release)
18: SHEARWATER – On The Death Of The Waters (Matador)
19: ONEIDA –  The Story Of O (Jagjagiwar/Brah)
20: THE STUPIDS – Drumshop Arsehole (Boss Tuneage)
21: HEIRS – Plague Asphyx (Denovali)

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: PETER HAMMILL –  Stumbled (FIE) – Peter Hammill has a new solo album out, as good as anything the Van Der Graaf Generator frontman has been involved in over his what must be forty years of making very fine, very different, always challenging, provoking music. Thin Air is out now of Peter Hammill’s own label FIE – find out more via his website or explore some VdGG/PH treasure via the download page at

3: PRE – Haircutticus (Skin Graft) – Pre have a new album finished and ready to go, the beautifully noisy thing is called Hope Freaks, once more, the bits we’ve heard, are a screaming hardboiled screamathon delight. You can download this very track for free and get an early taste of the album via

4: MARNIE STERN – Don’t Stop Belivin’ (demo) – Marnie is from New York, she was once a nice polite singer songwriter and we politely passed by her early releases, then she discovered math rock and things like Hella and got all experimental with her guitar and these days she makes thrilling records and we were all excited about seeing her in London last month. Alas she cancelled. But she’s back this July for a full UK tour including a London date in Kilburn at the Luminaire on July 23rd. This is a demo recording of the other American national anthem, the absolute AOR classic from Journey done Marnie Stern style, them US radio classics reworked Resonance style, there’s a whole show in that idea  –

5: WIRE – Three Girl Rumba (EMI) – A classic minute and twenty three seconds of Wire from their classic debut 1977 album Pink Flag... And the excuse for playing Wire (you know we always like to have a reason right?), tonight’s excuse is one of the main writers/creators of The Wire is in town... GEORGE PELLECANOS is in London on July 23rd to talk about the ground breaking piece of art that is the TV Show (yes, we’ve got as hooked as everyone else eventually does). Catch the talk, along with a performance from Spider Stacy And Friends – he of The Pogues... Does that mean it might tune in to one of those Baltimore detective wake nights with McNulty and Bunk?) See for more information.  There’s only two types of people in the world, those already hooked on TheWire and those yet to be hooked, Omar has us eating nothing Honey Nut here... Old news we know but everything is right, the look, the compelling sound, the space, the pace, the way you can invest time and emotion in every single one of the people, the dirt it digs... perfect TV. 
        As for Wire the band, they’re still making great records, tune in to their website and explore, loads on that site, no middle age punks here...

6: JAZZKAMMER – Freemix Norwave – Thurston Moore Remix (Smalltown Superjazzz) – Smalltown Superjazzz is one of those great record labels you can really trust, a label to always check out. They’re essentially a jazz label, hang on though, the challenging hard-boiled end of jazz, the jazz-noise end where you find a bit of experimental punk attitude and slabs of discordant challenge from outfits like THE THING, ORIGINAL SILENCE, OFFONOFF, DISKAHOLICS ANONYMOUS TRIO, LASSE MARHAUG... The label has a new compilation sampler out right now called THE BLASTING CONCEPT – comes with excellent sleeve notes from SST Records man Ray Farrell – that’s right, no accident that this album has the same name as that legendary green and red covered compilation of the 80’s. Jazzkammer are on the album, and we love a slice or two of Jazzkammer here on the Organ show, we love lots of Smalltown stuff here, one of the labels that gets most attention on the show... I like investing trust in good old school style labels, Smalltown, Cunieform, Skin Graft...

7: D.M STITH – Issac’s Song (Asthmatic Ktty) – A track from the recently released Heavy Ghost album from Brooklyn’s rather magical D.M. Stith. He’s over here in the UK to open for Bat For Lashes at Somerset House this coming Thursday 16th July, should be a rather good open air place to enjoy his soul-drenched uniqueness. He’s also at the Hoxton Bar And Grill on 20th July if you don’t have a ticket for the already sold out Somerset House show – or
         The Somerset House series of shows is on now and continues this Monday July 13th with MARS VOLTA down by the River Thames in the open air in the square inside the house Full details:

8: THE STUPIDS – Middle Aged Punk (Boss Tuneage) – The Stupids are back and not sounding anything like the tired old middle ages punks that they really should sound like. Nothing worse than born again ageing punk bands, who needs ‘em? Ipswich hardcore punk skateboarding legends The Stupids are a  sounding better than ever, first album in something like twenty years and they’re sounding fresher then ever. I don’t know, didn’t really rate them back there, they were good but hey, sounding refreshingly great now. The new album, out this Monday July 13th, is called The Kids Don’t Like It. Serious speed-metal-thrashing bloody-knee skateboarding wholesomeness punk rawk goodness for yer – or

9: ORIGINAL SILENCE – Argument Left Hanging, Rubber Cement (Smalltown Superjazzz) – Another track from the just released Blasting Concept album, see track six.

10: SLAB – Gutterbusting (Vinyl Ink) Got a new CD from a band called Slab this week, it wasn’t that good and they can’t be called Slab, there seems to be a million bands called Slab out there, there’s only one Slab! This originally came out in 1987 on an album called Descension - and when John Peel played it back then, it stopped me completely, rushed out to get it the very next day, still sounds as powerful today. I don’t know if you can find any of  their albums these days (playing this off a compilation of their singles called Ship Of Fools that came out in ’91 that I found in a local charity shop a couple of years ago). They are still out there, or so I just discovered with a quick web-search –

11: D.M.STITH – SPIRIT PARADE (Asthmatic Ktty) – Well his beautiful songs are rather short and he deserves two plays ahead of his London shows. See track seven for more details. 

12: MICHAEL J SHEEHY –  Fight For Your Right To Fight (Glitterhouse) – Mr Sheehy has yet another fine album on the way, out on July 6th. His sixth album – is that six solo albums or are we counting his work with Dream City Film Club here? Whatever the score, every single record the man has ever been involved in is worth checking out, Michael makes records that matter and why he isn’t big big news is beyond us. This time some kind of soul-drenched bad-ass collection of noir-blues and some sort of concept album about boxing and taking a dive and more of his barroom stories and East End Irishness and more of that Catholic guilt and ... He’s joined this time by his band The Hired Mourners. Catch Michael J Sheehy at the Lexington, here in London, on July 16th, find out more via or

13: C.R. AVERY –  The Boxer Who Just Returned From London (Bongo Beat) - And seeing as Michael J has got us on to boxing, another play for one of our favourite tracks from last year. C.R Avery is an American performance poet and this piece of beat-box flavoured poetry is really something special – you’ll find it on his 2008 album called Magic Hour Sailor Songs – or

14: GREYMACHINE -  Vultures Descend (Hydra Head)  - Jesu and Godflesh's Justin Broadrick and Diarmuid Dalton, Isis frontman Aaron Turner and Head Of David's Dave Cochrane have teamed up to form a new band, Greymachine. The results, as you would  expect, are heavy. Very, very heavy. You can check out, 'Vultures Descend', a track from their forthcoming debut album, 'Disconnected', which is due out via Hydra Head on 4 Aug, here:

15: MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND – Sinfonia Agridulce (Cooking Vinyl) – One more play because so many of you ask us about this. The track is from an album called Soy Sauce that came out in May of this year. And yes that is a very Mexican sounding Bitter Sweet Symphony -

16: WILLIAM BLAKE – London (download) – A reading or William Blake’s poem London that you can download from (thank you BBC!). Played tonight because we should have more poetry (I got these great Lilith Payne recordings here you have to hear soon) and because over at Housmans rather fine bookshop in Kings Cross (radical since 1945) there’s a talk from Peter Marshall called BLAKE: London’s Visionary Anarchist... Here’s the blurb from the book shop (well worth getting on their mailing list, always lots of interesting events.... 
       BLAKE: London’s Visionary Anarchist - Philosopher, historian, biographer, travel writer and poet, Peter Marshall recounts the life of one of London’s finest artists, William Blake. Marshall offers a lively and perceptive account of his thought, ranging from his philosophy, his critique of existing society and culture, to his vision of a free world.
                        “Come along to find out why Blake can be understood as a forerunner of modern anarchism and social ecology, and discover the light which shines behind his symbolism and mythology. This event celebrates the reprinting of Peter Marshall’s book ‘William Blake: Visionary Anarchist’ published by Freedom Press”. The event is part of Housmans’ ‘London’s Burning’ series (Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945) see Event information: Wednesday 15th July – 7pm to 8.30pm, Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Rd, King's Cross, London. Free entry -

17: ANTHRAX (UK) – One Last Drop (Happy Release) – The one and only Anthrax, oh alright, the original Anthrax, the anarcho punk band Anthrax from back there, the days of Crass and all that. They’re back (another born again punk band, we love ‘em around here, Stupids, Anthrax....) first time in a recording studio for twenty years so they say – sounding as good as ever to us, and don’t we need some proper political punk rock with a bit of thought behind it right now. Two track CD single released on their own Happy Release label, played the other side last time, played this side this time – or

18: SHEARWATER – On The Death Of The Waters (Matador) – A Revisit to last year’s rather beautiful album Rook and one of the very best bands out there right now.  Played tonight for two reasons... Reason one: the band have just announced a one off show at the Luminaire in London’s Kilburn on September 14th as part of a UK tour, surely the last time you’ll get to see them in a small intimate venue, surely the bigger halls are calling them. Grab a ticket quick we say... or
           And reason two: Shearwater may come from Austin Texas, but a shearwater is one of the most beautiful of British birds and....
        Great Birds of the British Isles is the first ever collaborative show from artists called Milk, Dora, K148 and Amour. The four formed this collective after meeting via underground graffiti circles, painting walls and photographing the evolution of the artform. “Print, paint and photography have brought these four birds together. After finding each other’s passions they are determined to take a step forward and create something totally fresh and unique. Expect to peer into a boudoir of colour texture and design with solo and collaborative pieces spilling from wall to canvas and back again, exploring an intoxicating mix of juiced up logos, great birds, female forms and a spoon full of graffiti... seen through a very different eye. Now sit back and watch them spread there wings and fly!” 
        Oblong is at 69 Southgate Road, London N1 (nearest tube is Angel, quite a walk though, grab a bus, 141 stops outside the gallery). The show opened on Friday 10th July and runs until August 9th – we went along to the opening night, we’ll have some photos and words on the Organ website in a bit - more details from or

19: ONEIDA –  The Story Of O (Jagjagiwar/Brah) – Oneida have a new triple album on the way, their second rather experimental instalment of their Thank Your Parents triptych of releases, our of the 13th of July according to sticker on the back, goes by the name of Rated O. The Brooklyn band are at the Garage over here in London on August 18th as part of a European tour, the record label would rather us not tell you any of this though, so we didn’t alright – or

20: THE STUPIDS – Drumshop Arsehole (Boss Tuneage) – See track eight

21: HEIRS – Plague Asphyx (Denovali) – The rather epic Australian band have a new album called Alchera and some giant slabs of oppressive monolithic goodness that tastes of things like Swans, Neurosis, Godflesh, Minsk – intense low-end instrumental post-postsomething-or-other boulder pushing up a hill, a lurching delight and a band with an edge of their own, perfect way to close tonight’s show, thanks for listening (if indeed you did, if not here’s all the links to what you missed) – or

Next week Marina will be in the chair once more with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

Resonance104.4fm is London's first radio art station. Its brief? To provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting. It features programmes made by musicians, artists and critics who represent the diversity of London's arts scene,

Resonance104.4fm is bringing a multitude of experimental sound, new music, radio art and interaction to the capital's airwaves. Resonance104.4fm broadcasts from the heart of London and is simultaneously streamed on the web at where you can also check out our full programme listings.  Resonance104.4fm is the only station of its kind in the UK, providing access radio for London's arts community.

Imagine a radio station like no other. A radio station that makes public those artworks that have no place in traditional broadcasting. A radio station that is an archive of the new, the undiscovered, the forgotten, the impossible. That is an invisible gallery, a virtual arts centre whose location is at once local, global and timeless. And that is itself a work of art. Imagine a radio station that responds rapidly to new initiatives, has time to draw breath and reflect. A laboratory for experimentation, that by virtue of its uniqueness brings into being a new audience of listeners and creators. All this and more,  Resonance104.4fm aims to make London's airwaves available to the widest possible range of practitioners of contemporary art.

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