THE OTHER ROCKSHOW and THE ORGAN SHOW @ RESONANCE 104.4fm with MARINA ORGAN one week and SEAN O the next. 9.00pm every Sunday night...


The Other Rock Show is presented by Marina O, The Other Rock Show is about exploring 'other' time signatures within structures of rock and filtering out the conventions of the 4/4 time easy option in favour of something a little more challenging.

Meanwhile on the ORGAN RADIO SHOW Sean Owill be bringing you an eclectic mix of diverse left-field things from all points in between and beyond - the best new releases and demos that are circulating around the underground fanzine channels and landing here in the Organ office, along with news of forthcoming events and general alternative music news and goings on in and around London. 

Expect an hour of challenging alternative music each week, the kind you don’t often get on ‘normal’ music radio shows and stations, expect special guests, expect who knows what... expect to find links and details so you can explore all that you hear on after each show 

Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday July 26th 2009, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: GABLÉ – Debut (Loaf)
3: ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES – Hooves (Parlour)
4: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluid (Ex Gratia)
5: PERHAPS CONTRAPTION – The Old Dispensary (demo)
6: ANARCHISTWOOD – Don’t Bullshit The Artist (Ex-Gratia)
7: LIME HEADED DOG – Bobby Fischer (Volcano Attack)
8: THE ORB – Raven’s Reprise (Malicious Damage)
9: KONG - Gwant (Brew)
10: WILD BEASTS – When I’m Sleepy (Domino)
11: THE THING – Hidegen Fujnaka Szelek (Smalltown Superjazzz)
12: STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB – The Squeeze (Cooking Vinyl)
13: HYSTERICA – Girls Made Of Heavy Metal (Crong)
14: RUINS – Zajyu (Ipecac)
15: GG ELVIS AND THE TCP BAND –  Suspicious Mind (Mental)
17: THE STUPIDS – Drumshop Arsehole (Boss Tuneage)
18: RUINS - Mennevuogth (Ipecac)
19: JON HOPKINS  - Light Through The Veins (Double Six)

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) - our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over at

2: GABLÉ – Debut (Loaf) – From the rather intriguingly good album I’m OK, “Gablé’s work is in constant dialogue with DIY sensibility and aesthetic, sometimes literally”; the album’s tittle is in reply to the question posed by Daniel Johnson and his album “Hi, How Are You”. Gablé are a three piece from Normandy, France, they craft lo-fi experimental left-field pop songs, they deal with alternative textures, different inventions, the positive oddball feel of early Beck, Beat Happening, lo-fi alternative folk flavoured pop and bits of electronica and.... or

3: ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES – Hooves (Parlour) – The not so scratchy as they were but still a bit scratchy really London band have a new six track single out on Monday July 27th. Here’s the Organ review again: We are very impressed, we will watch over your sleep, horse breath on necks, they should be proud, arms and legs used well, this is good for you, they’ll make you proud...  Why would a band you’ve never heard or don’t really know make you proud? Don’t ask such awkward questions, just be thankful for the electricity and bands who have something a little more to them... It isn’t like nothing like this has happened before, still feels good when it does though. Don’t you want to (follow)?. Six tracks from the London band, all trustingly thrustingly discordant and rushing about and full of life and simultaneously inharmoniously good, so good that cup of tea that I was making went all cold and stewed and cold tea and scenes from the life of a double mattress and hooves and a glorious musical tension in their message of joy. The Message Of Joy here is that we have a fine fine record from a rather good band and would you like to try mine on...? Effortlessly edgy, good and going off and things to say...Other pop post-punk, wrong pop – wrong pop? That’s the term I was trying to remember, whatever happened to all that wrong pop energy? Here it is... Good! A fluid sound this time, well less scratchy that previous encounters, they’re evolving well... This is great, we’re very impressed with you, all horse breath and perfectly pleased...

4: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (Ex Gratia) – A revisit to the one of our favourite bands and their recent single on Anarchistwood’s label Ex Gratia. Miss Roberts and her symbiotic musical slaves and big dresses and bigger hair and musical contradictions and left-field performance and alien tube mice and they say they’ll have the recordings for the next album done any moment now. Our excuse for playing this again, and we shouldn’t really need an excuse should we? They are Resonance FM all rolled up and captured in one band aren’t they? The Excuse, they’re playing the George Tavern, East London (on a Moose Factory bill). Next Sunday August 2nd (but you’ll be busy listening to the radio next Sunday won’t you) –

5: PERHAPS CONTRAPTION – The Old Dispensary (demo) – From the demos of the soon to be released album from the London band. They have a whole album ready to go... Bits of Gong, bits of 70’s Genesis, strange horse contraptions, strange hats.... and playing with Anarchistwood in West London this coming Friday -

6: ANARCHISTWOOD – Don’t Bullshit The Artist (Ex-Gratia) – The London art-punk band’s recent single, released on their own label (these people are in their bands, put on art shows, make cutting edge films, run a rather good label, put on always interesting gigs...) . Played tonight in anticipation of Friday’s “MUSIC FOR NON-THINKERS SHOW  “ Ex-Gratia/Punkvert show at the Inn On The Green on july 31st. Find it underneath the Westway flyover, in Portobello, the bill also features Perhaps Contraption, Handsum Pete, The Doomed Birds Of Paradise, Total Decent and more...

7: LIME HEADED DOG – Bobby Fischer (Volcano Attack) – Track from the forthcoming debut album KFUM KFUK (out on 3rd August) and a genuinely different band, awkwardly fluid other pop and seriously hyperactive energy, different and so easy to go with, why aren’t all bands like this? You can  be different... different, good, busy...  good good good...

8: THE ORB – Raven’s Reprise (Malicious Damage) – New album from The Orb, the album goes by the name of Baghdad Batteries and comes out, on the malicious Damage label, on September 7th. The album is another classic set of mellow electronic Orbscapes, sounding as fine as ever. The Orb play a low-key gig over in Clapham, at Arch 635. The venue only holds something like 250 people so grabbing a ticket quick is advised. Dr. Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann AKA The Orb “are still  going strong after over 20 years, still producing great new material and gigging, The Orb are a living, breathing band. This is not a reunion and not a nostalgia gig”. More from

9: KONG - Gwant (Brew) – Manchester’s Kong (not to be confused with the Kong who were on Peaceville a few years ago) with a track from their much anticipated debut full length album Snake Magnet . “Scratching and poking and prodding away, agitating, buzzing around your head, flying at your face, taught, wired, never letting up.... Kong are different, and like we’ve said before, they’re one of the best bands in the UK right now... boundary pushing, tripping up over their own boundaries, taking risks, challenging themselves, challenging us, clever, never ever obvious, still can’t predict where they’re going... one unholy row, metal? Not really, beyond that, falling upstairs, falling up mountains... disjointed... fluid, angular... screaming... crashing... or

10: WILD BEASTS – When I’m Sleepy (Domino) – Track from the Leeds band’s forthcoming Two Dancers album (out on August 3rd). Two dancers is an intoxicating set of pleasurable possibilities and the band play a one off show at Hoxton Hall on August 6th. Played tonight in anticipation of their appearance at next Saturday’s FIELD DAY festival at Victoria Park, London that’s packed with fine bands and interesting sounding stages, alternative art, tea rooms and more –
       You’ll find full Field Day line up details and more on the current Organ page. Field day happens on Saturday August 1st, at Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London, E3. More from

And The Thing are also playing Field Day....

11: THE THING – Hidegen Fujnaka Szelek (Smalltown Superjazzz) – A new album from the glorious free form jazz-noise thrillers (and regulars here on our Resonance radio show...)  What needs to be said about The Thing? New Albini produced album of challenging hardboiled jazz noise and another album that’s as essential as all the others they’ve made. Jazz for rockheads who like to be challenged, brilliant again! Bag It is out now on the consistently excellent Smalltown Superjazzz label. The  Thing play a rare UK show at the Field Day festival in London next weekend, see above with the Wild Beast track  –

12: STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB – The Squeeze (Cooking Vinyl) – Tom Morello, guitarist from Rage Against The Machine, Boots Riley, leader of seminal Oakland hip-hop outfit The Coup with a new band and a self titled debut album (out August 3rd) and raging against those machines more than ever and... We still love ‘em and this is a good ‘un, seriously crafted riffs, clever lyrics, cross pollinating rage and still out there pushing – or

13: HYSTERICA – Girls Made Of Heavy Metal (Crong) – They’re the girls made of heavy metal, they’re going to force you to rock! No messing in your face proper fist-pumping heavy metal, Manowar-scaring serious real deal, five giant leather-clad girls from Sweden here to force you to rock... What more do I need to say! Debut album Metalwar out now and how much more metal could it be? None, none more metal, metal album of the year without a doubt, we mean it maaan, god save (wonder if we’ll still be on air next week?).. Here's some links  - or

14: RUINS – Zajyu (Ipecac) – A classic slice of Ruins from the excellent album Tzomborgha and some serious avant other rock, played tonight because... Because TATSUYA YOSHIDA (RUINS - ALONE) will be here in London at Cafe Oto on Saturday and Sunday August 8th and 9th, this is exciting; “Tatsuya Yoshida is one of the most innovative drummer/composer/improvisers in the Japanese avant-garde music scene. Born in 1961 Yoshida began playing professionally in early '80's and formed his own drums and bass duo group Ruins in 1985. Ruins play very unique high energy music that is mixture of contemporary music, hard core and progressive rock. Yoshida has led many other groups including, KOENJIHYAKKEI, RUINS, ZUBIZUVA, AKATEN,  KOREKYOJIN. He has collaborated with JOHN ZORN, FRED FRITH, DEREK BAILEY, KEIJI HAINO, YOSHIHIDE OTOMO, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE etc...
                  Tatsuya Yoshida will also perform one night at the Serpentine Gallery alongside Charles Hayward, an event organized by OTO Projects in association with Cafe Oto on Friday August 7th. Full details can be found here LINKS, MUST HAVE THOSE LINKS!: or

15: GG ELVIS AND THE TCP BAND –  Suspicious Mind (Mental) – That’s right, the real king is alive and well and he’s been inhabited by the spirit of GG Allin! GG Elvis leads an Elvis tribute band, they do it GG Allin extreme punk rock style and the good news (oh yes, it is good news!) is that they’re on the way over here for an August UK tout that includes a date here in London, at the Camden Underworld, on August 5th. More from

16: NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA / STRAVINSKY – Rite Of Spring (Apex) – A small slice of the beauty that is The Rite Of Spring in lip-smacking anticipation of some Stravinsky action at the Proms this come Tuesday. Tuesday is Firebird, we have to wait until August for Rite of Spring.  Stravinsky is serious Other Rock and if you’re in London then you really should try the Proms at least once, forget all that last night flag waving nonsense, don’t let that put you off... Just get down there, get in the line and pay jut five pound to stand in the pit . I love the formality of it all, the disapproving looks if you wear a Motorhead shirt or breath a little too loud, I love the highbrow delight (and I hate the way the BBC are doing their best to dumb it all down) and most of all I love the idea of live thrilling classical music at an affordable accessible price for all, See in the line on Tuesday, if you’ve never taken the time to explore Stravinsky then you really should, serious other rock, up there with Cardiacs in our book – Check out some YouTube here

17: THE STUPIDS – Drumshop Arsehole (Boss Tuneage)  – The Stupids are back and (like we said last week) not sounding anything like the tired old middle ages punks that they really should sound like. Nothing worse than born again ageing punk bands, who needs ‘em? Ipswich hardcore punk skateboarding legends The Stupids are a  sounding better than ever, first album in something like twenty years and they’re sounding fresher then ever. I don’t know, didn’t really rate them back there, they were good but hey, sounding refreshingly great now. The new album, (it came out on July 13th), is called The Kids Don’t Like It. Serious set of short sharp speed-metal-thrashing bloody-knee skateboarding wholesomeness punk rawk slices for yer – or

18: RUINS - Mennevuogth (Ipecac) – See track 14. We needed another slice tonight, going to be something special next week... We;; we're excited anyway....

19: JON HOPKINS - Light Through The Veins (Double Six) – A soothing end after all of tonight excessive noise and airwave shaking and a slice of Jon Hopkins recent beautiful nine minute single that you can also find on his highly recommended album Inside. Beautiful post-rock flavoured soothing instrumental uplifting come-down warmth and glow and one of the best albums 2009 has delivered so far... Jon is also playing the Field Day festival this coming Saturday, see the main Organ pages or the Wild Beasdt track up above for details of that –

Next week Marina will be in the chair once more with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

Next week Marina will be in the chair once more with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and the continued exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention on mere 4/4 time 

Resonance104.4fm is London's first radio art station. Its brief? To provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting. It features programmes made by musicians, artists and critics who represent the diversity of London's arts scene,

Resonance104.4fm is bringing a multitude of experimental sound, new music, radio art and interaction to the capital's airwaves. Resonance104.4fm broadcasts from the heart of London and is simultaneously streamed on the web at where you can also check out our full programme listings.  Resonance104.4fm is the only station of its kind in the UK, providing access radio for London's arts community.

Imagine a radio station like no other. A radio station that makes public those artworks that have no place in traditional broadcasting. A radio station that is an archive of the new, the undiscovered, the forgotten, the impossible. That is an invisible gallery, a virtual arts centre whose location is at once local, global and timeless. And that is itself a work of art. Imagine a radio station that responds rapidly to new initiatives, has time to draw breath and reflect. A laboratory for experimentation, that by virtue of its uniqueness brings into being a new audience of listeners and creators. All this and more,  Resonance104.4fm aims to make London's airwaves available to the widest possible range of practitioners of contemporary art.

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