Sean Worrall -

The taking back of old walls, new leaves, fresh marks, old surfaces, always growing, new marks over old marks, new layers, new leaves, fresh leaves, new growth over old, new paint over old, new leaves, the covering up, the taking back. 

New graffiti, Kensal Green, grown over, new leaves growing under, new marks on old marks, rain marks, rain drops, new leaves over old leaves, new graff marks obscuring old marks, green shoots, blue spray paint, red shoes, green rain, Montana Gold, To Her....

New leaves, fresh graffiti over old graffiti, fresh leaves over old leaves, cardboard boxes, old beat boxes – ever evolving, there today, covered tomorrow - old walls growing, new leaves, fresh layers, hiding the old, revealing the new - 

New leaves, revealing the old, evolving, regenerating, the taking back, plant life, street art, plants as street art, plant shape as pop art, organic graffiti, found things painted on, grown on, green shoots taking back